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Waiting for Glod

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Well I am 52 will be 53 in a cupla months and yes I look like pretty average. I was married for 29 looooooog years and my wife was a career professional patient. She had diabetes, Scoliosis (Bent spine), Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, a
cupla metal knees and many many other issues. The last 10 years of my perfect marriage were spent visiting mental homes or looking after her myself. Suffice to say I was celibate and had not had sex for about 5 years before she died.

Six months after her death I went to Thailand for a 1 week get away. I was pretty depressed I can tell you. My daughters practically carried me to the plane and threw me on. Of course I was hoping to getting the plumbing serviced but I was
not sure of my chances. A good friend directed me towards a place called Pattaya and off I went.

He Clinic Bangkok

This trip blew my mind. I had a life changing experience and came home feeling a lot more human and a lot less the victim. (A long time looking after a mentally sick person can be very emotionally stunting to a person) I had got so used to
thinking that my sole purpose on this planet was to wait for Glod (Or whatever you call him/her).

I walked down Walking Street and saw many a pretty young lady. I even saw some pretty obvious ladyboys and man, they really are very something. I stopped outside the "Hot Tuna" bar and saw a vision of beauty. I just walked over
and asked the young lady if she would not come to dinner with me.

I need to jump back here. When I was a kid of 18-28 I was conscripted in South Africa to the Army. I was a commando. Part of this gleeful activity was the shooting of guns and the throwing of hand grenades. This apparently useless waste of
lead and copper caused me to lose my hearing above 8000 Hz. So sitting in bars trying to discuss anything is irritating and useless to me. Hence I needed to get the girl out of the bar straight away.

CBD bangkok

So off we went and we had a candle lit dinner overlooking the sea and ate and talked. Food is really cheap in Thailand so I had no qualms having the best.

Afterwards we retired to my hotel and the young lady called Juk handed over her ID to the hotel's reception. (Man the Thais know how to treat each other like crap sometimes)

Anyway I had a great night and decided to kept Juk around for the rest of the week. You must understand that I was really moved having company and a person to share my holiday with. We went to the bar and I bar fined her out for the week
and I could see the mamasan was not pleased. Essentially I had just removed her best girl. (By a wide margin, she was stunning)

The rest of the week was spent swimming, going to shows, visiting various temples and generally having a great time.

wonderland clinic

On the Saturday that I left I handed the young lady her well earned fare of 1000 Baht per day and added another 5000 to boot. I felt she had earned every bit of it and had certainly changed my life view.

I sat on the plane (cattle class) for the 6 hours back and pondered my experience. I knew I no longer wanted to wait for Glod. In fact he could just sod off as far as was concerned. Life was about to START !

OK now I digress again. In Australia (Where I now live) they have about three layers of condom on the supply of visas to Asian ladies. This is designed to protect arseholes like me from their penis doing all the thinking and from an Immigration
Department's perception that they all will become illegal immigrants. Thus the best you will ever be able to get a visa for a person coming to visit Australia from this region is about 3 months. Then they have to return. Thereafter if you
bring a lady into OZ to marry her (On a prospective spouse visa) it takes 6 months to process and she then gets a 9 month visa. In this period if you don't marry her it is tickets. She has to go back. If you marry her and she is not living
with you 2 years later and you agree she don't get her permanent visa and it is tickets. She has to go back.

I went to one of these visa agents and asked him to get Juk in for me for the 3 month on a "Try before you buy" visitors visa.

Juk is now back in Buriam getting her passport.

So this is part one. I have a feeling this is going to be a long and interesting story. In fact I am sure of it.

But I gotta tell you. It sure beats waiting for Glod.

Stickman's thoughts:

Good luck getting the visa issued.

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