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Thai Woman Do What They Want 2

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My name is Fon and I was a bar girl in Thailand for many years. I write before and I very happy to see my words at this web site, my husband show me. I have learn English very good and write very good now for 6 years, I 32 years old now.
But my husband will read and change some of my words for me, I do make mistake. It is because of him that I write again here. Some of the story I read here are sad and I know the foreign man lost his money from bar lady he met. So I would like
to you to understand how a bar lady think and that we not want to hurt you, but money mean a lot to us.

We need money for family, nothing is more to us. We are told at young age that we must take care of family and it start at a young age when we told this. We take care brother, sister because mom and dad work in farm. Most Thai lady have no
school and today young Thai girl know they will one day work bar there is no other job for us. Before mom, dad would beat a Thai girl for work bar. Hurting their heart to know money come to them from work at bar and they lose face. But today family
not lose face, they happy for money, most family want bigger house or car so they can have better then other family in village because of their daughter work bar. The only shame now is that their daughter can not give more money then some of the
more beauty Thai girl in village This mean more work for bar girl, it mean more to give to many foreign man.

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We all have many men, to many to remember, I have slept with so many maybe a thousand men since age 17 to 26. Do you think we remember you, when you return to us for a vacation? No we do not, but you will never know because we scream happy
and hold you. The only men we do remember is the man who send us money from bank. For sure he is number one and we will not miss him when he come Thailand. Even if other foreign man is with us, we will find away to be with the man who send money,
he is first for us and we must show him so he will give us more money.

Most foreign man say Thai bar girl lie and have no heart if we do wrong to them. But is not all ways that way when we first start work at bar. When I first start work bar, I fall in love many time the first year. I hope what foreign man say
was true when he say thing like he want marry me and he send money for family. He say not to worry he come back and I no have work bar. But he never send money, he never come back for me to stop bar and he never marry me. A man I fall love with
forget me, I see him maybe one year later drink in my bar kissing, holding one of my friends at bar. When I say hello him, he just smile at me and no remember my name. Year before he say how much he love me, how soon he come back to marry me and
take care family. But now he no remember my name. But I remember him, I think before I love him, but now just hurt my heart.

That is when I learn never trust the young foreign man. We Thai lady love the young man more to are age but we sleep with old for money. Some bar lady no waste time with handsome young man, they stop believe the lie they tell and most time
they take are money. But other bar girl still hope that a young foreign man will keep promise and marry them. It is not a true thing that we like older man better, we would like man close to our age. But most of us end up with old man to take
care, I have done this, but he good man. I know he get mad me but I still dream of young man. I hope you see that we are lie too by many men. So we just learn to do the same and most of time it mean more money for us. I sorry to say are love maybe
not strong for you if you old, but if you meet good bar girl, then she will take care you until you die, that is what we are told to do since young and we do care for life if we respect you.

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Now for old man that come Thailand. To us 35 year old is old man since most of us are young that start bar. If you meet bar lady 30 to 40 then maybe you lucky because close to age. But if you think lady 25 and younger would be better for
you, then I say good luck. Most old man come to Thailand are older like 45 to 65 and they hope to marry Thai lady 20 to 30. Most Thai bar girl will marry you but as you read the many story here you find that most marriage do not work out. Sad
some story, but do you really think 15 to 25 years different is going to work. Most of foreign man loss everything from lies and money stole from them.

So I say to you now, enjoy Thailand have much fun, if you old man then enjoy each day, their will all ways be a Thai lady close to help you. You need not try to keep one for your self. Help her and her family; her friendship could mean more
to you as you get older. Kindness is repaid back from most of Thailand's people and you would all ways have friends to help you. Do not waste your money or time to hang on to a beautiful young Thai lady from bar. Thai lady need lot of trust
to believe you are that good in your heart and that take time. Time that most you foreign man do not have when you come Thailand. Do not be foolish to think that a week or two, we can believe in you. We do not fall in love as fast as foreign man,
most of us have been in love before so you must earn are love, trust and devotion to you and maybe you foreign men can start by not lying to us.

I hope to write more story for you, my husband want me to write more of my bar life and what I went through, but I would need his help for that. My husband is older then me very much, but he is honest, funny and kind a very generous man but
I wish him younger.

Just kidding Diego my love.

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