Stickman Readers' Submissions February 19th, 2007

The New Girls For Me

by Cosa

I have been to Thailand 3 times now and I am 24 and fairly good looking and respectful to the Thais. The first couple of times I did all the bar girl stuff, but I became totally disillusioned with that. I really don't know what I was
thinking back then, the reality was how could I think I could have a real relationship with what actually was a prostitute! When you go back to your home country and back to reality with time to think away from Thailand you can realize how foolish
you were. I think many farangs get sucked in to the illusion in Thailand and you can not think straight. I never got burned or scammed for money but I just never could take all the lies and I could not have a proper relationship with 1 of those
girls. At those times I remember there was many times when I was very drunk and I would take home 1 of these girls just because I could and when I woke the next morning I would think man she is ugly (a case of bad beer goggles I suspect) that
dark brown skin really is not attractive to me now. I prefer tanned but not those dark brown girls who I now find ugly. It's funny how time changes your opinion on some things. Now I look and I see all the farangs walking with what you could
call nearly black bar girls. The Thais really think these girls are so ugly and can't understand why all these farangs like them.

He Clinic Bangkok

When I came here the first time I was so naive and believed all the lies that the girls would spring on me. One of the first girls I was with in Thailand I met in a nightclub and being a newbie I believed what she told me. I never had to
pay her any money and lots of times she paid for me. It was because she had a business which was a go go bar! This was a little lie and later I found out she was engaged to a farang in Europe who was back home at the time and she was looking after
the business for him as a partner. She had a top quality hotel room (which he paid for of course) and when I asked her why she rented this expensive room when she could get a room like other Thai people for 5,000 baht per month she said she did
not know the area and didn't know who to ask for a cheap room so she rented a hotel room per month which was better than my hotel. It's funny how this girl had everything from this farang – money, motorbike, hotel, business etc and she
was still willing to go with me for free and risk losing everything! She brought me to the bar on several occasions and the staff would see and know that she was hanging around with a 'younger boy' while her rich farang boyfriend was
away in Europe.

At the time I did not know any of this. I only found out later when I rang her phone and the boyfriend answered. He was back in Thailand and was about to kick her out when he found out about me. I explained to him I was just a friend and she got away
with it, luckily for her, but I had to stop contact with her or she would have lost everything from him so that was cool with me. I didn't want her to lose her high income from her stupid farang boyfriend.

I have had many more incidents like this and I now know that most of these girls lie as it is their job so I try to stay well clear of them. But I still pity those new farangs who come here and lose everything. I really think they should read all the
submissions on Stickman to educate themselves about these girls. My only problem now is I don't trust any Thai girls. I really have to get to know them first so I watch them very carefully to see if I suspect anything. This really is not
the way to form a relationship with any girl because a relationship is built on trust. <This is symptomatic of the dangers of spending time with women of questionable and seeing what they get up toStick>

CBD bangkok

Now I have moved on and I am doing the internet, thing chatting with many BKK girls online, all of them having jobs or degrees in Bangkok, the so called 'GOOD GIRLS'. (Many of them lie about themselves on the net but I probe them
with questions to find the truthful good girls.) I never realized how many of them were actually interested in farangs but there are! (Maybe they are interested in only money to? Time will tell.) If only I new these middle class women were interested
in us farangs two years ago I would have stayed away from the bar girls.

So I am back in Bangkok in a month and I have about 25 different women, all good looking with good jobs in BKK interested in meeting me. The only problem is I have too many to choose from! I think Thailand does change us farangs, the availability
of so many willing beautiful women makes it very hard to stay faithful with the one girl. That's why we get labelled the 'butterfly' farangs by so many Thai girls.

My advice to newbies is that the bar girls are for fun for the night. Pay them to get out of your hotel in the morning and get a new one the next day if you want. I have passed that stage and the novelty has worn off. Now I am only interested
in a relationship with a 'good girl' who has a proper job. I will stay away from those cute students because they have no money and expect to much from me. I ain't looking for a gold digger.

I don't know if this is going to work with the so called 'good girl' but it's worth a try. Time will tell if they are interested in me or they like money to much. If it's the latter they will be sown the door of my
apartment and I will go find another. It's not like they are hard to find now in BKK is it. To be continued…?

wonderland clinic

Stickman's thoughts:

I would question the idea that women easily met online and willing to meet you quickly and "good girls" are the same thing. Be careful with the internet as it is so easy for women to meet men, and vice versa, on there. This can make for some fairly interesting characters out there…

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