Stickman Readers' Submissions February 28th, 2007

Fighting The Dragon Part One

Floating 100 meters off-shore in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand I glanced at the tritium illuminated dial of my battered Luminox dive watch issued years before on what I thought was my last mission, I saw it was 2330, 30 minutes past the time
our mark normally stopped by the Mom Tri’s Boathouse where his affection for their ‘Seafood Ravioli’ was well known. The five of us had opted to not wear wetsuits but instead the specially blended grey lycra diving skins designed
to blend in better with the dark than black does by itself. Integral BC vests attached to our Draeger rebreathers kept us afloat while our 30kg wet sacks were ‘floating’ two meters below us buoyancy compensated via special air chambers
sewn into the top of the sack and filled by compressed air in tiny one time use tanks. Two hours ago the team been dropped off a luxury yacht two kilometers offshore. To my immediate left was Marco, a trusted friend from another life and 50 meters
further out our three ‘hires’ provided by our employers at BlackWater USA. 2 meters below my own wet sack was a special waterproof Starlight hard card case that held the special tool I was once infamous for inside the small community
of special force operators.

He Clinic Bangkok

From a waist sack I pulled a small pair of mil-spec Steiner 10×30 binoculars and checked out the parking lot as two black SUV’s turned in, pulled to the far right side of the parking area and backed in with the rear lift back door
facing us. I was hoping these were the vehicles I’d arranged for with our in-country contact code named “Plato.” She was a CIA communication specialist working out of the JUSMAGTHAI (Joint US Military Advisory Group Thailand)
compound where her cover as the retired members medical services advisor gave her lots of freedom and time when she needed it.

Originally she had offered black embassy registered Land Cruisers that would have stood out like a sore thumb, but once she found out who I was working for she said she’d rent us two Toyota Fortuner SUV’s using quality fake
ID’s obtained locally from a quality forger near Khao-San road. This particular model was relatively rare a year ago, but now every doctor, dentist, and salaried company executive had one, most of them black. Perfect! These two were black
and backed in as expected. The drivers exited and walked to the rear where they popped the back hatch just enough to put the keys inside and then quickly walked down the soi and disappeared. At least this part of the plan was going well.

Two days ago while lounging about my condo in Bangkok I received an encrypted email that contained only a place and time and a lone number, number 33v. I was to meet my contact at the Champagne Massage off Sukhumvit Soi 1 at 2300. I smiled
as I remembered going inside the massage parlor at about 2230 so I could scope out the place. I took a seat facing the front door where I could see the fishbowl at the same time and ordered a coke with ice. Right at 2300 the rear door to the fishbowl
opened and a lady entered who drew the gaze of every man in the place. She was obviously Amerasian and about 25 years old, tall with long legs and a very ample bust well displayed in her white tank top with long straight black hair that fell past
her black mini-skirt. The makeup was overdone but you couldn’t miss her unusual beauty. It took me a moment to notice her number tag. 33v! I called the floor manager over and asked for 33v and was asked for 3500 baht! As I arranged payment
she came out and took my arm and led me to the elevator and a room upstairs. Inside the room she knelt down to remove my shoes and without looking at me whispered softly in perfect English “this room and most others are videotaped and bugged”
as she removed a shoe. A waitress came in the room and I ordered another coke and ice and she ordered water. She continued to remove my shoes as a housekeeper brought towels and started the bath and then brought her “basket” containing
soaps, lotions, ky jelly and condoms. By then our drinks were brought to us and I gave the lady a 100 baht note and told her to keep the change and she closed and locked the door behind her.

CBD bangkok

Having removed my shoes and socks she asked for my shirt and hung it on the provided hanger. Taking a tissue from the basket she wiped the lipstick from her lips and came over and leaned in close and kissed me, her long hair hiding our faces
from the cameras as she told me the first part of what I needed to know. I was being hired by BlackWater USA a company owned and operated by ex-special force operators and whose stock value had grown considerably since landing many important VIP
protection contracts in Iraq. As she kissed her way down my chest she unbuckled my belt and pants. Sliding them off she walked over to hang them up and then turning to me slipped down her skirt revealing a very brief g-string. Folding it carefully
she then removed her tank top revealing a white lace under wire bra filled to the bursting point.

Both bra and g-string had the bluish glow to them you get from the blacklights which set against her alabaster skin was truly erotic. After folding her top and adding it to the pile she reached behind and unclasped her bra revealing delicious
C cup breasts with erect nipples that certainly didn’t need an under wire! By now the big whirlpool tub was full and she took my hand and led me over to it removing my t-shirt and underwear on the way. I got in the tub and she slipped out
of her g-string and joined me. I couldn’t help but notice that her abdomen rippled with muscle and her legs were tightly toned, this lady was in excellent shape. She slipped in close and started lathering me with soap and explained the
rest of the contract in whispers between caresses and kisses.

Later as we lay sweating on the single sheet that covered the bed I thought about the contract and what I would require. I’d need to give her the information before I left. She was massaging my legs and stomach and not saying anything
so I could think. The daughter of a major defense contractor on vacation had been picked up by the local police acting on a tip from a local informant in a bar on Walking Street in Pattaya with over 100 yaba tablets. She claimed someone planted
them there but she was quickly sentenced to a death sentence and she was being kept at the Lard Yao women’s prison until the next Friday when the sentence would be carried out. This happened so fast that it was obvious that someone in the
government was pulling the strings.

To be continued…

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A good start.

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