Stickman Readers' Submissions January 15th, 2007

10 Commandments For Having Fun


Just read your 10 Commandments for Bargirls and I was wondering WHY you always emphasise the negative about Farang men in Thailand, yet rarely discuss the positive? Or better yet, explain to these farang guys who come to Thailand, and want
to have FUN with the beautiful Thai girls, how to do that, and not go crazy, lose all their money or marry a bargirl.

Also, regarding the sidebox that English men in England are not staring at local guys who brought back a bargirl, out of envy. Well, they SHOULD be. If any Western country on the Planet, has less attractive, more low class women than England,
I'd like to know where it is.

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I'm from California, and WHEN I lived in Sweden, we used to LAUGH at how ugly the English Women were. Even English movie stars are not that beautiful.

I would NEVER even think of marrying a cargirl, but I have seen those English guys wives, and I would be downright EMBARRASSED to be walking down the street with a fat, bossy, unattractive thing like that. Have you no self esteem, good god
man! And you are actually paying her bills, buying her a house, a car, unbelievable! Now THAT is pure DESPERATION!

All these Western guys who put Farang men in Thailand down, I only have "one thing" to say.

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I know what your wives look like? Is that the best you can do? Nowhere are the STANDARDS for girlfriends / wives lower than in England! Here are My Ten Commandments for having fun with



1- Never forget this rule, as it supersedes all others. Bargirls are for FUN, not for girlfriends or wives. Period! If you only follow that one rule, you are WAY AHEAD of The game!!!

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2- Learn a little Thai, read up about Thai customs, try to be polite, and even bargirls will treat you differently.

3- NEVER, ever kiss your little honey in public. You are embarrassing her no end in Thai "eyes"!

4- All bargirls have low class Thai boyfriends/ who take their money. Accept it, get over it. They can't get a middle class Thai guy.

5- When they say do you want to know about my family, politely say "NO", I have my own family problems, even if you don't. It works like a charm.

6- If you send them money from abroad, and I would implore you NEVER to do this. Don't think for a second, they are not still working in the bar. WHY should they wait all year, for the one or two weeks you come to visit Thailand? That's
where all their friends are. WHY should they give that up "just for you"?

7- Don't be SO DAMN CHEAP. Every now & then, buy a girl a drink "even if you don't want to take her". They can be your friends, even if you are their customer. It will pay dividends in lots of other ways. They will
say nice things to their friends, maybe even tell you what really goes on in Thailand, that you don't see!

8- Never tell them what to do, who to go with, what they need to change in their lives. They won't LISTEN and will really RESENT you for it.

9- Bargirls are HUMAN. Some guys seem not to have noticed, don't think you are nay Better than them just because you have MONEY, and come from a country with unlimited opportunities. They don't have those benefits.

10-BARGIRLS are less the 1% of the girls in Thailand. But if you want to get to the other working girls, it is not as difficult as you may think, but, you must do the following.

Dress nice, shave, shower, be patient, smile and say hello, learn some Thai, don't raise your voice, and this is "the most important rule for office girls, hotel girls, hi so, lo so, and all other types of Thai girls", is to

Money, looks & age are not the most important criteria in Asia. Nice guys actually do get a lot of credit in Thailand, whereas in the West they are just CHUMPS who buy the girls drinks, drive them around, and listen to their stories about
crazy boyfriends, WHILE they use you to take them around "looking for the next crazy boyfriend"!

Hope this Helps. Lord knows some guys NEED it!

Stickman's thoughts:

The embarrassment point you bring up is a big one, and makes for good advice.

I would disagree about all bargirls having boyfriends, but then if one thinks that they all do, then one won't consider entering into relationships with them.

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