Stickman Readers' Submissions October 26th, 2006

US Customs, Feminist Agenda, Lies & NGOs

As a law abiding citizen, I get the sweats about going through customs upon returning to the USA. I do nothing illegal, but I do not appreciate the scrutiny under which I am subjected.

Customs has searched me 2 out of 11 trips to Thailand. The last time was most unpleasant. The customs officers were "asking" questions through casual conversation that they could not ask directly as questions. Even though I was
on guard I felt violated as they pried into my personal life, and recorded information about me.

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Question #1 asked by customs: "Do you have a business card?" I figured that my business card was public information so it was OK to give it to them. Little did I know that they would make notes from it later.

They then asked lots of questions about money, and how I spent money in Thailand. I really did not understand the logic of their questions as I simply used credit cards and ATMs for nominal travel expenses and carried some pocket money.

The worst was how customs "asked" questions through casual conversation. Some of which they may not have been able to ask directly. Examples: "You carry a lot of luggage for 2 weeks?" "You go to Thailand a lot?"
"Make your money in the US & spend it in Thailand?" "So when are you going to Thailand again". After such chat they now proceed to record an awful lot of information in the computer.

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I really felt like they were leading me to provide information to flag me in their computer on issues that were totally irrelevant.


My personal advice to dealing with customs, which are just my personal opinions:

#1) Avoid showing them anything questionable. My Thai girlfriend of 2 years (now-fiancee) is 25 years old with a Bachelor's degree and a good job, but she can look VERY young, even to Thai people. I do not make it easy for them to find
affectionate photos of us together, even though there is no wrong doing.

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#2) Make it easy for them to search and find nothing of great interest. I log my computer in to a different user and have my "tourist photo gallery" open on the desktop.

#3) Time your entry to to the customs' booth to the customs officer that just sent someone else to be searched.

#4) Do NOT small talk with the customs officers. This is an inquisition, not a social hour. They are not your friends.

#5) Do not answer any comment that is not a direct question. Answer any direct questions with a minimal amount of words, "Yes", "No", and "I do not recall?"

#6) If they really start prying with personal questions ask them "Why do you ask?" Be careful as this could make you appear difficult subjecting you to further search.

In the wake of the Jon Karr / Jon Benet Ramsey fiasco, let us join Thai society in combating unrealistic, sensationalized feminist propaganda. Take one look at the feminist attitudes in the USA and we all thank God, Buddha, the His Majesty
the King, and everyone else for Thailand.


All tourists, even sex tourists, are NOT pedophiles. If individuals want to go to Thailand or any other country for consensual relations with persons over 18 years of age that is their free personal
choice. Tourist, Sex Tourist, Pedophile, and Pedophile Sex Tourist are a different terms. The media uses these terms interchangeably making it appear that all Thailand tourists are pedophiles.


Customs officials are already invading the privacy of law-abiding US citizens & visitors. US Customs are asking more questions, searching more personal items, and pry into the
private lives of its citizens & visitors. Just because they have a noble cause of combating pedophiles should not give them the right to violate your privacy with NO probable cause whatsoever. They are searching photos, computers, email, and
making "casual conversation" to ask questions about subjects that they are not allowed to ask you about directly. They are playing games and take advantage of people whose minds are not that sharp after 15 hours on an airplane, searching
every male Thailand tourist as if he is a pedophile! Why is this happening? The NGOs! Read on.


The NGOs need funding. They need money for their feminist purposes and also to pay their fat salaries. Some NGO heads are extreme feminists. At least one prominent NGO is
headed by a lesbian. They can not say, "Stop these men from going to foreign countries for sex with skinny beautiful women that we wish we were" and "Please give us money to stop men from having a playboy social life overseas"
or "Congressman/Senator, would you please support our feminist agenda". So they scream "Save the Children!" Then people listen and send money.


One thing you will notice is that the NGOs love to quote sensational statistics about child prostitution. The truth is they have no real statistics so they simply make up big numbers. One NGO
quotes the other as fact. Ask them for real statistics and they draw a blank.

There was a photo on TV titled "Tsunami Orphans" depicting them as a sex tourist risk… but underneath the text you could see a date. The video from which the still image came was actually from Cambodia several years before and
had noting to do with Thailand or the Tsunami.

Then there was an article about the NGOs in Cambodia. The NGOs "saved" a group of girls from working in a hotel (alleging prostitution). Basically, the NGOs held the girls against their will and tried to bribe them for false confessions.
It all got quite messy for the NGOs when the girls' families complained for holding the girls hostage.


"Jessica Neuwirth, Equality Now president (a non-profit WOMEN'S rights group), said "even traveling abroad for the purpose of adult sex should be stopped because
it helps fuel the larger sex trade and trafficking."

Really now?

"We actually know that there are children involved, but we can't prove it," Neuwirth said. quote from here.

So it's not really about children after all. It is about feminists trying to tell you what you can and can not do in your personal life… in another country… to serve their own beliefs and feminist adgena.


Then how many articles do you read about a pedophile arrest that goes something like this, "John Doe arrested in (country)….. for sexual conduct with a minors…. over several years ….. minor was
found….. said relationship with the minors….. blah, blah, blah….. " then in the LAST paragraph you find out that the minor was a BOY! Many incidents of pedophila are perpetrated by gay pedophiles. You don't here the man-hating
feminists talking about gay pedophiles. Oh no! Feminists want to attack the straight male.

The fact is that most heterosexual men want women (maybe young women) but not little girls.


Make no mistake about it… saving the children is not the the NGO's final objective. Their goal is to promote their feminist views by whatever means necessary.

Save the children. Fine.

Leave the consenting adults alone, ditch the feminist agenda, and stay out of people's private lives unless you have probable cause.

Stickman's thoughts:

If I had read this before I came to Thailand I would have called you a conspiracy theorist. But having lived here for some time now, and having become familiar with what goes on – and worst of all, having chatted with some people from NGOs locally, they shock with me with their broad generalisations (at best) about what is going on. They might be well-meaning, but so many of the people working for NGOs are aloof, and have no idea of what is going on, and just make up so much of it – just as you say.

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