Stickman Readers' Submissions October 27th, 2006

True Love Found

I would like to add my story to your list as I have only just begun reading the articles sent by men and their experiences there in Thailand. It seems that most are very unfortunate and I do feel somewhat sad by what I have heard. But I guess these things
should be voiced in one way or another and many western men should know the dangers of falling for the wrong girl in Thailand. But I think saying that you should also remember that any woman is capable of such things whether she be Thai or Western.
In fact I think western women are worse but that's just my own personal opinion. I do not expect all to agree with me.

Anyway to my story! It has been 11 years since my last trip to Thailand and I must say that I do miss it still to this day and I will be returning in the new year! But I'd like to tell all about my friends and my own experiences there.
It was January 1994 the first time I ever stepped into the world of Thailand and I must say it was an experience I will never forget.

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We headed straight for Pattaya from the airport not really knowing what to expect. Two of my good friends and myself. We spent 11 days there and it was to say the wildest time of my life! A real eye opener and an experience every man should
have at some time or another in his life. I honestly think it's a part of the world like no other and has to be seen to be appreciated and it will most definitely change your views on women in your own country and women from Thailand! By
the way if you're married and take your wife or girlfriend with you, then I'm sure you would regret it! If you're a full-blooded male then you need to experience it for yourself. It's funny to think of it now but I still remember
the look on most men's faces with their farang girlfriend or wife walking down the streets of Pattaya. So sad so sad. They honestly looked like they were in hell because they couldn't experience what they desired the most. The Thai women!
And the women were everywhere.

Back to my story…we all met Thai girls there and we all had sad faces when it was time to leave. And of course like you read in the other emails from other men there were plenty of tears from Thai girls on our departure (we were only there
for 11 days!). By the way some girls called one of my friends a helicopter? I think that's worse than a butterfly. I think because he barfined nearly every women he met from the same bar in those 11 days!

Before I continue with my story I would just like to add out of the articles I did read so far in Stickman's forum that all I believe to be true. What I'm trying to say is that I have also heard many of the things that have been
told here as being in Thailand gives you an insight to all this and practical experience is the best knowledge one can receive. So be cautious, be weary and don't believe everything a beautiful woman is whispering in your ear. Especially
a bar girl in Thailand.

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But not all are bad! And this is where my story continues. Our second trip in the same year of march we returned to Thailand because of course we missed the attention from the Thai girls! I must admit to never meeting a western woman that
could treat a man so good as Thai women do even if they where bar girls.

Anyway this trip started off the same as before. Some really wild times. But all of a sudden both my friends met bar girls that I would say.

They liked very much at the time. One of my friends was 31 at the time and the girl he met was 24. The other was 41 and divorced and the girl he met was only 19! I have to admit they were both very beautiful. I myself also met what I thought
was a really nice girl. Fresh from the village at the time! But I did not take things too seriously with her as I was 26 at the time and was not ready for commitment. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened with her if I took her seriously.
Would I have been fooled? Or would I have found true love? I guess I will never know that now. But anyway that's all part of life and the experience was a good one.

To cut a long story short. Both my good friends MARRIED these girls and brought them back to Australia and are still married today! And both couples have 2 children each. Do you believe that! Well its very true and I am really happy for them
both to this day. And yes they are very happy to this very day. Unbelievable and very true.

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So I guess not all Thai bar girls are bad after all. Maybe my friends just got lucky? I really do not know but I thought I would like to add my friends experiences and help put a smile on a few sad faces that believe there is no good in Thai
women in Thailand. I've known my friends wife's for all this time now and I can honestly say that no matter what they were in their past, they are good women and have stuck to their husbands like glue. What man could ask for more?

Lastly I would like to say concerning any woman, before you think with your heart and your mind how much you love a girl and how much she loves you. Stop and think with your natural primitive instinct (the feeling in your guts!). If that
feeling doesn't feel right. Then run!

Good luck to all here and hope you all find exactly what you are searching for in Thailand.:-)

Stickman's thoughts:

So why didn't you marry one of the Thai women yourself? To me, that is the interesting part of the story….your mates did, but you didn't.

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