Stickman Readers' Submissions October 17th, 2006

Ten Weeks With Non-Bargirls Part 2

III. Hey Love

Day 16: One of the nice touches of Thai ladies. They ask permission to give you a blow job. Just as if there was a bowl of candy on the table, and they desired some. Even the stunners are just as polite. Another observation is that hang-ups about their
bodies or about sexual pleasures are rare – they are far more comfortable with love and sex. They are therefore far more liberated than the west. Also, in public places, most women can be observed to be free of male domination. Really free. Not
when the husband is within sight I suspect, but life for most in urban areas seems to proceed without husbands in sight. Women are much more free to initiate interactions with strangers, as they seem to carry this open question around with them:
"Are you interested in me?" They are certainly more liberated to pursue sex quicker, more often, and with a greater number of partners. If I had to sum it up, I'd say Thai ladies are every bit as liberated as western men. And that
doesn't quite do the ladies justice, because lots of western men have hang-ups, inadequacies, fears, depravities and reality-disconnects (That's why we need to go to Thailand!)

So why in the world would I pay for sex, pay barfines, pay the alcohol tabs, just to get a less intelligent, more disease-ridden, less loyal creature for a shorter time? Given that some large percentage of single females in the country: students, shopkeepers,
and corporate types are open-minded, isn't it upside down to pay more to get less? Given that this below-average male can line up 150 partners, many interacting at a deep enough level to carry on heart-felt correspondences for 3 months prior
and years after. Given that these are not commercial transactions, so the actual money involved is trivial (food and transport), its becoming clear to me that tens of millions of westerners have completely missed the "good stuff". Lucky

He Clinic Bangkok

Let's add to that the frequently noted futility of trying to make a bar girl into a wife, while there are a million real wives available without barnacles, bad habits or laziness? Oh well. They'll learn.

Observation: Why so many women? Why not pick the best one, and enjoy a steady relationship with just her? Good question. Well, practically, I need help in translation and transportation almost everyday. But all the ladies I like and admire are busy hard-working
people, that can only give me a little time here, a little time there. The more honest reason is I love the attention. I love to be in demand by pretty doting ladies, who are beautiful, intelligent, charming, and sexy. This is a male paradise.
How to enjoy it to the fullest may be open for debate, but no doubt about it – I am REALLY enjoying this! Two weeks in Thailand pretty much outweighs all of my previous life's happiness combined.

Day 17: Back in BKK, I have a date to meet yet another head nurse, but at 6am (for coffee) at a southern suburb private hospital. Strange enough to get up at 4:30am for a date? By 8am she has paraded me to meet all the hospital staff (bragging rights)..
Many photographs were taken as proof that each one individually has at one time in her life stood right next to a farang! Then the 2 of us are on our way to the floating market. We end up taking a long-tail tour boat all the way to the gulf (an
8 hour excursion that I had misinterpreted as a 1 hour local water market tour when I signed up). We witnessed a Buddhist monk initiation ceremony, monkey and parrot preserves, and rain that forced us to use two umbrellas like clam shells, within
which the kissing began. On the coast, we all ate out on pole platforms over the water – no land within site. Laying on bamboo mats, and the lady's tummy as a pillow for an afternoon nap (again, too public for much touching, but extremely
romantic as it heightened the anticipation of what was to come.) And more kissing that afternoon than all my prior life combined. By 5pm I was already late for another date with Virgin, so was trying to extricate myself politely. But the look
in her eyes – no words spoken – said we were not going to part. She was pure love. Copious amounts of love. I've Never known anything like it.

CBD bangkok

Downside: Some of the canals we traverse are literally sewers – not romantic stuff. A Thai would respond: Silly, they are ALL sewers, as in Venice. But as we boat away from the city the water turns from black to green to brackish ocean. So it does get

Miss Love is quite hot as we arrive at the condo. So undressing each other starts immediately. She allows me to remove her slacks and panties, but not her top. I paused – you are allowing me complete access to your bottom half but not to your breasts
– what's up? Well, she is embarrassed her breasts are too small. She says apologetically she will get implants very soon. I almost laughed. Almost. – but of course, I gave my most sincere lines: Natural is better. And small breasts are very
healthy, and beautiful, and absolutely fine with me. Her poise and confidence returned and she lets me take off her top. Her breasts are fine. She must be responding to rumours that farangs only like huge roll-em-up-at-night breasts. I try to
give her breasts extra attention in ways to say they are beautiful, and well appreciated. My pleasure. Her body is knock-out beautiful, tight, healthy, stunning. Her scalp is healthy too. Hyperactive, even. She produces hair like no other person
I've known. After she left it took me hours to find all the hair floating around. Hundreds and hundreds of strands, everywhere. I need extra clean-up time with her, before letting any other women into the condo.

Well there are other anatomical aspects of note. She's a nurse, so we can be frank about matters of biology, no problem. Her vagina is as hyperactive as her scalp. When she is most excited I cannot get in at all. Strong muscles! But after some relaxing
massage, then its OK, and wow, the fun begins. Its all a bit dangerous though, cus at the climaxes, that vagina can really squeeze. Yikes. Blood blisters on my penis head! How will I explain this to the others?? That I slammed the drawer on it???
From then on, I pull out for a few seconds at each of her many climaxes. Damn – she takes it too the limit and beyond. "Tight pussy" is no longer defined by me as a good thing. I'll settle for "snug", but please, not crushing.
Anyway, her pussy is a pretty good indicator of the intensity she is feeling at the moment. Every guy likes to think he is pleasing his woman. But how far do you want to go with this? If intensity is a good thing, then do you want to take it to
a tissue-ripping vice grip?? Wow. Note to self: Intensity has a much wider range than previously thought possible. She says: "Yeah, went I'm really happy, she's so strong!"

Banana puree, anyone?

wonderland clinic

OK, back to what's really important here. Twelve hours after meeting this lady for the first time, I have learned a whole new meaning of love. Every thought and act is driven by love, as though no other emotions exist. So precious. Nobody back home
rises to even 10% of her loving nature. She deserves a book written just to tell her story, but there ain't gonna be words for that sort of thing. there just ain't! You will have to try to imagine for yourself love-squared. Imagine a
girl giving so much love that you cannot possibly take in as much as she radiates out. That this is just a small taste of all she really has inside, and that there is such a reservoir within her that it will last 100 lifetimes, growing every day
of that 100 years.

Love instituted many niceties at my condo: the naked breakfast, very long soapy showers, new food preparation ideas for man and woman cooking together, a comfortably knotted sleeping position. And I fear, if she wanted to she could clamp down on my penis
and lock me in. Wow, things happen fast in Thailand! You cannot even erase the chalkboard fast enough – it will be filled with new intense experiences even faster.

Downside of the day: I have stood up Virgin. She is PISSED. I lie to her about where I was. She is still PISSED. Call


Observation: Why so many women? [revisited] Some guys say they are able to choose during the early email phase. But I find so many of them fascinating. Each has certain valued traits. Yet none has the perfect combination of all. I want to explore their
goodness in a real relationship to discover if it will outweigh the weak spots. I cannot tell from just emails how this will play out.

[to be continued]

Stickman's thoughts:

You have been a very busy boy!

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