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Crime Suppression Unit Part 3

Jake slapped Rick hard on the face. Shut up. We are going to play show and tell. I'm going to show you what real pain is and you are going to tell me what you know.

He yanked a large wicked looking knife from its sheath. It was curved and had a dark satin finish. He pressed the tip of the knife slowly into Ricks chest.

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It felt like it went in an inch or two. Rick gasped involuntary. Ha. We haven't started yet, Jake smiled. Who are you and why are you here?

Rick gritted his teeth and spit the words out. Were here to get information on the drug trade. No sense in lying to this maniac, he thought.

You guys are civilians, you have no business being involved in this.

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Vincent shook his head. Another amateur he thought. Ordinary people get mixed up in dramas like this all the time. That's why they call them dramas. That's why were here. Don't you know that either? But what about you? How
did you know we were coming?

I was on my way back to Burma when I got the phone call. A favor for a friend. They wanted to see if anyone would come up here.

You mean Johnny Wou called, don't you?

My turn for questions now. Is anyone else coming?


Jake ripped Ricks shirt and slowly drew the knife across his chest. A bright red line appeared and grew larger as the blood welled out. The knife was so sharp that Rick hardly felt any pain at all. He wondered how far this was going to go
and how much it would hurt.

Jake was smiling at Rick, showing perfect white teeth. It seemed to be an intimate smile, as if he were communicating with a lover.

Jesus, this guy is completely bonkers; he likes this stuff, Rick thought.

Jake smiled and raised the knife again.

Are you going to take time out to put on your leather mask and lace panties, or may be a black leather bra, you big f**king closet case?

Vincent spoke up. Hey, were all Americans here, aren't we? Cant we come to some kind of agreement? Speaking of a black leather bra, do you know this guy Dana from Boston?

Okay big mouth. Your turn. Jake grabbed Vincent's ear and placed the razor sharp blade on the side of his face.

A voice called out. Hi boys, breakfast is ready. Soopies walked in with a large clear plastic bag in front of her filled with white Styrofoam containers. She was grinning from ear to ear.

You have the wrong place. We did not order any food. Get out of here, Rick said.

No come in. I've been wondering about you. Jake put the knife back in its sheath and yanked the Glock from his waist.

Sonia stood still, momentarily in shock. Did you cut Rick like that? Get over here bitch.

Me? You know- you're not a very nice man.

Sonia walked towards him.

Put the food down and come over here before I give you a good beating.

Sonia was right in front of the man now. If you say so.

She let the package fall from her hands and the food splattered on the floor at his feet. The bag split open, steaming noodles and rice porridge spilled out and ran over his polished boots. He glanced down at the wet food and then started
to swing the pistol around. He looked like he was about to knock out her brains with it but he suddenly stopped halfway there. She had been holding the Colt automatic behind the package and now Soopies was pressing the muzzle of the substantial
weapon against his chest. Everything stopped. No one moved. Complete silence. Sonia pulled the trigger. An explosion of flame blasted out along with a fat lead slug. The sound was deafening. White smoke and the smell of cordite filled the air.

Jake flew backwards like he was hit with a sledgehammer. His shirt was smoldering; there was a circle of embers burning where the bullet had entered. Jake was completely still with a slight look of disbelief on his face.

Jeeze Sonia, thanks, Rick said. Wanted to make sure you hit him did you?

Mai pen rai, I didn't want to take any chances. I wanted to be positive I got the bastard. I heard you guys talking and then I remembered the gun in the glove compartment. Lets eat some of the food now. I'm starving. Sonia untied
the men.

Sure, just let me check outside to see if he had any friends. Rick picked up Jakes automatic rifle.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Soopies screamed at the top of her lungs. Don't go out there.

Rick was almost to the door when Soopies screamed. He hit the floor. Vincent paid no attention and started to pick up some of the food packages that had not split apart.

Sonia, what is it? Who's out there?

Rick, you cant go outside. There's a ghost out in the pick-up truck. Hell get you for sure.

Come on Sonia. What ghost? What pick-up truck? This is no time to fool around.

The truck must belong to the guy that I shot and he had a ghost with him to protect him and do his bidding. Please don't go out there.

I am sure he is guarding the truck and bullets cant kill him.

Sonia, there is no such thing as ghosts or mummies guarding trucks.

No? What is the matter with you? You no see all those movies on TV. The Mummy. Ghost-busters.

Please just be quiet and tell me where the truck is. Which is it? I can be quiet or I can tell you where the truck is. Make up your mind.

Sonia, in one minute I am going to come over there and give you the beating Jake promised you.

Oh yeah? You didn't see what happened to him?

Sonia, for Gods sakes, please.

Alright, its off to the left near the trees. Be careful. Only a wooden stake can hurt him.

Yeah right. Rick slowly pushed the door open and edged out. I know the Thais believe in spirits and ghosts but I sure don't.

Vincent had his Glock and was right in back of Rick. There was a pick-up truck off in the distance and it did look like there was something white in the front seat.

They carefully walked towards the truck in a half-crouched down position trying to keep behind bushes or trees. The closer they got, the more it looked like there was a mummy in the front seat of the truck. What a strange damn country this
is, Rick thought as he approached the cab of the truck from the rear and slowly raised his head up a bit.

Yes. There was a mummy in the front seat. It looked like a man completely encased in a plaster cast sitting silently with his hands out and his plaster encased wrists resting on his plaster wrapped legs. He was totally wrapped except for
his fingers and his face. And that face looked familiar. He was obviously in no position to hurt anyone. Rick stood up and looked him in the eye. It was Andrew Campbell, the Drug Enforcement Agency guy from Bangkok.

Gee wizz, Andrew. What happened to you? What kind of accident did you have?

I had an accident alright. That lunatic Jake from the Embassy got me. Get me out of here will you. He's around here someplace. I'm fine so far but he says he's going to slice off my fingers one by one. What is it with these

Is he a tall guy, looks like Lee Marvin?

That's him. He is assigned to the United States Embassy as a clerk typist. That's a laugh-that f**king psychopath. He's a spook for sure.

There's no rush. He's not coming back anytime soon. Soopies killed him. He's pretty dead right now.

So that was the shot that I heard?

Yup, she put a bullet right through his chest, point blank. Speaking of which, did you ever see that old movie with Lee Marvin?

Vincent, can you help me out of this mess? Carry me inside?

Vincent smiled. And then you're going to arrest us, right?

The boys were taking their time as Andrew Campbell was a bit hot under the collar the last time that they saw him.

So why are you dressed like that anyway? Is it a new style in America?

I'm in gauze bandages filled with plaster of Paris. They just wet it and wrap you up. Its used for broken legs and body casts by hospitals but its an easy way to keep someone contained.

Vincent and Rick eased him out of the truck and carried him to the bungalow. They set him on the ground to open the door and it was odd to see him sitting on the ground like he had a chair. Rick opened the door and called out. Sonia, its
okay. Its only Andrew Campbell all wrapped up like a ghost. They set Andrew on the edge of the bed.

Will you guys cut me out of here. I'm starting to itch like crazy. Vincent, Sonia and Rick sat on the opposite bed. Now that we have your undivided attention. How did you get up here?

Easy. I just followed you from the hotel. You went to Vincent's house and I waited outside and followed you here. Then that nutcase grabbed me. Soopies grabbed Rick by the arm. I need to speak to you in private for a minute.

She walked into the bathroom. Rick followed her. She closed the door and started to unbuckle his belt. Rick that was so exciting. I bet that man was going to kill you.

I never shot anyone before. Did you see all that blood? That was like, so thrilling. You owe me a big favor and I want it right now.

Rick didn't have a problem with that. She was the most exciting woman that he had ever been with. She had this innocent and almost humble smile which was so different than what she really was. Her personality was electric, mesmerizing,
almost tangible.

Lets start in the shower, Rick said.

Authors note Sorry but we have to skip two paragraphs here and you've heard it all before anyway.

They must have been in the bathroom for some time because when they came out Andrew was completely free of his cast.

Took me an hour of hard work to cut him out with this knife while you were playing around in there, Vincent said.

And he didn't slice into me more that four or five times. Listen Andrew, were going to raid Johnny Wou's offices here. Collect information against him and shut him down. Are you with us?

We cant go. We have a more important task to accomplish.

Vincent grabbed Andrew by the shirt. There is nothing in the world more important for me than avenging my friends death.

This might be. Did you know that Jake was heading for Myanmar? Yeah, he mentioned it.

Do you know what he does for a living? He kills people and he's good at it. But he was just back up. We have to get to Yangon. In exactly four days Aung San Suu Kyi will be murdered. We have to warn her.'

Why would anyone want to kill her?

You don't know anything about Burma, do you? She's holding everything up. We have to get a move on. Ill tell you the whole story on the way to Myanmar.

Vincent still had a grip on Andrews shirt. How do you know about this and who ordered the hit?

Its a long story and you wouldn't believe me in a million years.

Try Me.

Okay. How about The President of The United States of America.

Stickman's thoughts:

Ok Frank, it looks like you're the new star of the show with Dana's premature retirement from the Saturday slot…