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Thailand…Sigh Part 2

  • Written by Lecter
  • August 3rd, 2006
  • 7 min read

I had arranged to go out again in Manila. I am dog tired from the night before, but fortunately I hadn’t been too drunk, and the conference calls only started at 7:30am (which I could do from the hotel room), giving me about 3-4 hours sleep. I
could then catch another hour or so before heading into the office.

Tonight's' episode is with a Thai friend and colleague of mine. Yes, I have Thai friends that are male. No he’s not gay. In fact this night was going to be very interesting. We’ve had a lot of nights out in Bangkok,
with work colleagues, but this was going to be the first night just the two of us were going to hit bars and have a good old chin wag (chat) and get some JD Cokes down our throats. We had previously had a night out in Manila with another colleague
from NZ, but that night I did the old interactive side slip on them and let them get molested quite heinously. But they enjoyed it, and it was a relatively calm (for Manila) P15,000 or P5,000 each. We did a few bar hops that night with a disaster
in Jools (that’s the subject of about 25 Stick submissions if you want my life story.. haha) which then ended up as a nice night of beautiful abuse from the girls. (Are you picking up here that I am not an English teacher?? Hehe).

billboard bangkok

So my friend is quite keen to get out and about. I am tired, but I promised and I feel I want a nicer evening that the last one. So at 9pm, he fronts over to the hotel and we grab a hotel car and head out. The traffic is worse than the previous
night. How can this be? But we make it to Burgous in a reasonable time. Not wanting to go to Dimples, Bottoms or Jools (haha) I chose the “Ringside” bar. Lots of reasonable, smaller ladies hanging about outside with “gym”
clothes on (or off depending on perspective) so we chanced our arm and went with something different. Inside we have a ring (boxing) with six girls doing some choreographed dancing to some awful music. (That was the theme in this place.. bad,
bad music) and they continued to do this all through our first JD Coke. They went from enthusiastic dancers, to bored rope-a-dopers and we couldn’t fathom the idea. We toyed with leaving after the drink but they got the bell, thank god,
and a new crew stepped in. Four this time and I sensed something weird. Two of them barely looked 14 years old. Worried now I looked at the sharks who were hovering around us whenever the techno dribble got mixed with the strobes (so we couldn’t
see them well) and at least two of them looked seriously young. There were, after close ups now, only about two nice lookers in the place (first impressions were wrong) and they seemed very snooty and aloof. The young ones hanging about were pretty,
but pretty dangerous too. I don’t fancy my picture on an international newspaper with “pedophile” stamped all over it. So we left for more familiar pastures. The night went according to script really, but what was interesting
was the chat I had with my Thai pal. So we leave the denizens of manila for a while and we’ll move to Bangkok and the provinces.

My Friend, we’ll call him Boon, went to school in the province. I forget which one. At around the age of 16, he and his friends started to frequent some of the Bars, karaoke and other dens of lust. “It was only B45, we were
skipping class and heading across the road” and a life of Thailand sexual adventure begun. His high school years were a mass of flings with young waifs who were there to cater for the testosterone laden “soon to be men” of
the local high schools. Hard to imagine this, coming from a time and a place where sexual experimentation was a playboy and a furious yet unrewarding masturbation session while dreaming of the girl from school who lives down the road. At 16 in
NZ, a brothel? I would have asked what you meant. Massage parlor? Why, my back is fine. Most blokes in western countries (and there are exceptions) would stare myopically at the local maidens with a head full of mist, doing dopey things to impress
them. Getting into their pants was an impossible dream. Back to Thailand now where the average hi school Joe was off at lunch time, banging some tart for fun, then heading back to gym class with a crusty crotch. Sigh . . . Now I’ve had
a few of these conversations before with Thai men, and it’s not uncommon. Thai men and boys have sex set up for them as soon as they are ready for it. In the west, it was deemed as dirty and repulsive. The brothels and massage places are
really for dirty old men who couldn’t find a woman in 1000 years. Going to a brothel would be a social stigma. Not in LOS, it’s perfectly normal.

Back into the bar now. One Waitress / Mama has decided to have a chat to us. For some reason the bints have seen we’re there to chat, so we’re not in for any sexual abuse yet. She asks about the scene in Thailand. She’s
been to Phuket and wonders what it’s like (the bar scene). Boon tells her of the school based places, the soapy places, Poseidon where they have huge suits catering for up to 20 guest and their “fish bowl girls” , drive in
short time hotels, Pat Pong, Cowboy and Nana for Foreigners, and the huge established Rachadapisek which is a Thai centric sex industry centre along a “Las Vegas” style strip (I know, it includes Poseidon). It’s everywhere
in Thailand. She was amazed. Philippines has nothing like any of that. There’s the Roxas Blvd Strip (See part one) and P. Burgous. Even the old red light districts of manila are now almost gone, Olongapo (near Subic) is closed down, and
Angeles city is a bargain basement sea of diseased sperm, which is not even close to Pattaya in the amount of “entertainment” it serves up. She was agog to hear of Boy’s Soi’s catering for gay men. (I must admit I was
too, when I learned of them, and could fill another submission about a night when we inadvertently ended up in a Pattaya bar on one of these Soi’s). She was surprised to find out how expensive they are there. But in the Philippines, the
Mafia is real, the police corruption is far more endemic. They have to be expensive to survive. It was an eye opener all round.

butterflies bangkok

Anyway, I guess I am glad to be back in Bangkok today. I go to Manila regularly although I wish I didn’t have to. Business is business, however…..

Apologies if a lot of this tells you how to suck eggs. I am inspired by a meeting I had with a fellow in the Thai lounge in Manila a few months ago. He was tossing up between a girl in Manila or a girl in Bangkok. He wasn’t too discrete
in the lounge, so I wasn’t in the best mood to elucidate as to what was best for him, but I did say that part of the decision should be based around where you’d rather live. I also pointed out that he needn’t be desperate,
and that the fact that he was choosing the first “gut hoser” he’d come into in each country, was, by laws of statistics, Murphy’s and Stickman’s 3000 submissions, a bit

of a mistake waiting to happen.

Now I know Japan’s sex industry is massive, the Netherlands is famous, Hong Kong has it’s own but none are a patch on Thailand. I have heard great things about South America, but have not had the time or inclination to go there.
Would be glad to get some education.


Thailand…. Sigh . . . I am home


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