Stickman Readers' Submissions July 4th, 2006

Random Observations Of The Clinically Sick

I've arrived in Bangkok again for my annual business visit, this time on the way back to Australia from Eastern Europe. Connected in Copenhagen for the SAS flight, and as the coach passengers walked thru business into the back, it was easy to pick
out the "sex tourists" – many were already hammered (liquor being an essential tool in the repertoire). Flight had Boeing Internet access, and as always a breeze thru Stickman is a necessary part of the preparations for the visit, in
order to get a "sense" of what's going on in Thailand. I was very impressed with the story by Korski, "Men Who Fall In Love With Thai Hookers are Clinically Sick", which describes the Thai Bargirl Girlfriend phenomena
as a mental illness. After rereading this well thought-out analysis, and more carefully observing the goings-on around me in Bangkok, I've grown to agree totally with his analysis. Some examples from just this week.

Today I was entering the Paragon Shopping Center at Siam, and heard a loud screaming coming from the front of the department store, which I assumed was either a small child or someone strangling a cat. It was however a young mongerette with
her aging, balding, mouth-breathing Australian boyfriend (which was an easy ID as his every third word was "mate"), who was throwing a temper tantrum because he wouldn't buy her some item of overpriced slutty clothing from one of
the shops. He was trying to quiet her, and was saying "I don't have much money left" and she kept yelling "you have credit card you don't lub me anymore". Stupid Australian having his balls handed to him in a sack.
Nice job, mate.

He Clinic Bangkok

I live in a medium-size town in Australia, where the mall is packed on Saturday and Sunday with these aging, balding former boyfriends, now husbands, walking meekly along with their Thai and Filipino emasculators. Nary a smile to be seen.
Australians are an extremely tolerant people, especially to other Australians. This doesn't stop people in the community from referring to these girls as "rentals".

I also discovered that a close friend of mine from Japan, who we'll call "Mr. Gotoh", is now shacking up with an amazingly homely, poorly educated Isaan girl he met while working for his family in Bangkok. I should mention
that his family is one of the wealthiest families in Japan, owning department stores, a railroad, and hotels around the world. He is now separated and soon to be divorced from his wonderful, creative, talented and nice-looking Japanese / American
wife, who is mostly puzzled as to what magic force has taken over her soon-to-be-ex-husband (at likely terrific financial cost to him).

I've spent more time noting the clinically sick clowns leading their surrogate daughter / girlfriends around the malls and streets, and have made the following observations:

CBD bangkok

1. The youngish to middle-aged clowns generally seem to be disproportionately Australian / British / German. They act as if they've just won the lotto, beaming and grinning with their bargirl trophy. I've also noticed that these
clowns quite often have picked the ugliest specimens available from the throngs of good looking women available, apparently because most of them are no prize hogs themselves.

2. The truly elderly clowns are disproportionately American. They seem the most likely to have the youngest of the bargirls at their side, as they waddle around making a pathetic spectacle of themselves.

3. The biggest bunch of losers are the ones that are "still looking" for their true love. You can see it in their dead eyes, darting to and fro looking for the faintest glimmer of acknowledgment from any of the women around them on the Skytrain,
in a restaurant, or walking down the street. They're like pathetic wildebeest on a hunt, one of a pack of wildebeest on their love hunt, not realizing that all of the females looking at them aren't wildebeest, but in fact hungry lions
in disguise. These suckers don't have a clue, and don't have a chance. Hence the rest of the buzzards circling the Nana area.

While I have engaged in a little "sex tourism" while here, I've confined it to the soapies which I find engaging and humanistic, and at least brutally honest in what they're providing. I've previously written about
these experiences to Stickman, which have usually taken place while in the company of my 16 year Taiwanese / American girlfriend, who loves a good orgasm given by a nice looking Thai girl as much as the next guy. I've never had the inclination
to even take a look in the whirlpool called Nana Plaza, or Soi Cowboy – I know that what's going on there results in the human wreckage I've observed during the day around Bangkok. Take a bunch of relationship losers, clinically sick
to a man, pump

wonderland clinic

them full of alcohol, and set a pack of wily wolves on them and the results are easily predictable.

Getting on the Skytrain at about 8 PM tonight I overheard two 40+ year old Kiwis, just arrived in Bangkok, talking about "getting lucky tonight" at Nana Plaza. Funny, but they didn't even see the targets pinned to their shirts.

Stickman's thoughts:

Oooooh, that is harsh! But in principle I agree. It is one thing for someone to seek fun, and when both parties are adults and a fair exchange is made, then so be it. But for the poor guys who parade women around Bangkok, it can be no fun. I won't include Pattaya here because that is an altogether different environment where anything goes.

nana plaza