Stickman Readers' Submissions July 8th, 2006

More Rain In Rawai

It’s been raining every day for four weeks. At night it really pours down. Rawai is all but closed in the evenings and a quick trip to Kata and Karon reveal the same lack of activity. If there are any tourists here, they sure aren’t coming
out on their rented Honda Dreams in this weather. After my last experience driving to Patong I was not too anxious to give it another go but I’m getting cabin fever sitting around day after day so off I went for another try. I arrived at
Soi Bangla around ten at night. A bit early but I really don’t like to stay out too late. Not much doing there either. A bunch of just average women in the bars and not many at that.

Most of the pretty girls beat it home weeks ago. The bars under the Tiger Disco still seem to have the most attractive girls and I found a beauty, twenty years old, not much English, but you could see that she was hip to the scene even if
she was a new arrival. Okay, we agreed on two thousand baht for the night and back to Rawai we go. All went well and she was really nice. Maybe my luck was changing for the better.

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I was driving her back to Patong the next day and had an idea. Since I was so bored and did not want to drive back and forth I asked if she wanted to stay for a few days. We settled on two thousand a night for the first two nights and fifteen
hundred for each of the following two nights. I was to pick her up that same evening.

When I called on the way over, she said to meet her in front of Ocean Shopping Plaza on Soi Bangla.

Let’s go inside. I want to show you something.’ She said when I arrived.

Off we go to the women's department where she tries on a fancy fifteen-hundred baht pair of shoes covered with rhinestones.

Do you like them?’

Chok dee.’ I said. (If she thinks I’m springing for those shoes, she’s crazy)

She came back to reality and settled for a two-hundred baht pair. Of course it’s a given if you go shopping with a Thai girl- you pay.

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We were driving back to my house and I mentioned that I was flying to Bangkok at the end of the week and would stay for four days.

Can I go with you?’

Sure you can but since the airfare is 8,400 baht round trip. It’s a wash. I will take you- but not pay you for those nights.’

Alright but I need one day off to see my friends.’

Fine. I will go see my friends then also. (Pretty Lady here I come)

Can my girlfriend come to Bangkok with us?’

At eight thousand baht, I have no intention of taking another person but I said, Is your girlfriend going to make me boom-boom every night?’

No, just friend.’

Santa Claus comes at Christmas time. She will have to wait.’ Now, I don’t know if they understand the concept of this as they can hardly speak English but I like to say it and they get the idea anyway.

We have not even spent the first of our four nights together and she’s already shooting at me with both barrels, which I find annoying.

We stop at Don’s Restaurant in Rawai for a bite to eat, run into a few people I know and then go to my house and spend a very pleasant evening together.

We wake up the next morning and start to dress as I am going to take her to the Thai Airways office in Phuket and buy her a round trip ticket.

She says to me, If you are not going to pay me in Bangkok, can you take me shopping when we go there?’

No thank you.’ Another one of my favorite sayings. I’m thinking that this girl is becoming more and more annoying as time goes on. As it is, she’s getting seven-thousand baht for four days and then another eight-thousand
for airfare, so that's fifteen-thousand baht in a week. I’m not complaining but just saying- it ain’t hay either. If only they could relax a bit and not go all out for the kill they might get further. But who knows? I doubt
you could explain that to them anyway.

Can we go to Patong first. I want my girlfriend to come with us to Phuket.’

Why?’ I did not take this girl for four days to drive back and forth to Patong every day. I wanted to avoid that.

We can do some shopping together in Phuket.’ (Wait! She thinks that she is going to get me to take both of them shopping?)

And how will she get back to Patong?

You can drive her.’

No thank you.’

Okay, she take bus back.’

I drive my girl to Patong and on the way give her two-thousand baht. I will pay you every day.’ I said.

I dropped her off to run in and pick up her girlfriend and then drove away. I’m thinking that I will quit while I’m ahead or at least not too far behind.

She called me on my mobile phone. I told her the deal was off. She sounded sad, upset and confused all at the same time.

I guess she thought that she had captured a willing victim. My Thai is not good enough to tell her that she is a scheming little b**ch.

The next day I’m having lunch at Dons’ and I run into my two friends again- well, more like acquaintances. One of them, Randy Worthless has been coming twice a year for a few years and he has brought a friend with him, Roger-a
first timer.

Now Randy is not the brightest boy on the block and after all those trips is still a bit naive.
He picked up his present girl in Long Gun, Soi Cowboy. He bar fined her right out even though she said she was only a waitress and never went
with men. It’s only because she found him so attractive.

He went back a few times and mostly she was out, picking up soda for the bar.’ Is what they told him.

Anyway, he wants to bring her to Phuket. She tells him that he must buy her out of the bar to the tune of twenty-thousand baht and since she is a good girl he must send her mother another twenty-thousand.

Randy goes for the whole bunch of nonsense so I’m thinking that he is not exactly the right person to show the new guy around. But, okay, none of my business.

The two of them sat down at my table and made small talk for a few minutes and then got right to the point.

That girl you were with yesterday is a real knockout.’

I nodded my head.

Where is she? Is she still with you?’ Roger was drooling at the mouth.

I took her back.’

Would you mind if I went out with her?’

I shrugged my shoulders. I could care less.

Under the Tiger in Patong. Third bar on the left. Her name is Nuite.’

I saw Randy a week later. Roger had gone back to Hawaii. Randy usually stays for a few months.

Roger had a great time with that girl, really fell in love-kept her all week.’

I nodded my head. I could care less.

Randy continued, Roger is such a great guy. You know what he did?’

I shrugged my shoulders. I could care less.

He found out that Nuite has breast cancer and it will kill her if she doesn’t have an

operation. She can’t afford it so she was going back to Khorat to die with her family. My friend only knows her for a week and what does he do?

He gives her two thousand dollars for the operation just before he leaves. Saves her life. Is he a great guy or what?’

I nodded my head.

Stickman's thoughts:

I don't know what I dislike more, the stories the girls spin of loving their boyfriend, "I lub only you" or the stories of girls who claim to be ill or have some ailment. As it happens, I have done a few jobs verifying girls who claim to need a major operation. A few do check out and the girl really does need medical help.

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