Stickman Readers' Submissions July 10th, 2006

Never Ending Story

By Daddy

Hello to everyone.

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So it goes on and on and never ends. I’m supposed to be leaving the life I shared with my girl, and I am, but you see things just keep happening and I just don’t want to completely let go. This sub is just a little gossip for
you to read.

I left her in Thailand after we had lived in Farangland (1 year) and Thailand (1 year). I have written my story on this site, and this has helped to rid me of the bad memories and pain. I hold on to all the good memories, I don’t ever
want to let them go.

Today I am happy and I will be happy tomorrow. The cloudy grey skies in my head have gone and now I see clearly. I can look back and see for sure that what happened was a good thing being tainted by greed and fear. I can tell you that some
of the working girls in England were very jealous of my girl because she had no need to accumulate wealth by seeing many, many men.

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I have mentioned a woman called Pom previously and I will tell you something she said to my girl’s mother. I know it is true because I talk to my girl on the phone. So want to tell you about the matter to expose the myth about Thais
saving other people's face and avoiding confrontation. Judge for yourself.

Firstly what Pom said is true, and this is the fact that I did hit my girl. Ok, fine, I do not have a problem with the truth and if I could have told mum myself I would have sure done so already (I don't speak Laos). In fact I have asked
my girl on many occasions to inform her mother of what I am capable of. But my little darling will not hear of it because this will only serve to bring up the reason for her punishment. So what purpose was served by revealing the fact?

The result was that my little darling had to fervently deny the accusation (truth) to her mother and father. I don’t care because I live 10,000 km away from Issan but what baffles me is why Pom would choose to create such discord for
her cousin. She didn’t go as far as to reveal what the girls are up to in England or even confess to the fact that she regularly cheats on her husband, be she in Asia or Europe! Good because little darling and Pom (cousins) are no longer
friends. Who needs friends like this!

So I think we can agree that Pom didn’t score any merits on this occasion but why did little darling defend my reputation so vigorously? Could it be that she is a genuinely decent person? Don’t worry I know all the answers because
I do see very clearly now.

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A long time ago I told little darling that she had no Thai friends in England and one by one her associates have all let her down. It is a little sad really but she has learned a lesson in life, much like the rest of us, ha ha!

The funny thing is that on hearing this tale it makes me want to help little darling come back to Farangland so she could achieve her dreams and show off to Pom! What a fun game this is, oh I want my team to win. So I will endeavour to help
her with a visa and I will not give Pom to the authorities, yet!

Next a tale about a sweet girl that works as a helper to a food stall in Bangkok. I met her on a few occasions at her work as waitress and went back to the room she shared with the proprietor and his family on a few occasions and also shared
a couple of days out with the crowd.

We had a lovely day out at the seaside too and I must admit that when we all fell off that banana boat I was very happy when she asked me to assist her back on because it entailed me grasping (oh please do not read groping) her bottom with
both hands and pushing her upwards. Sorry, my mind is wandering.

So we have a 17 year old girl, pretty, well mannered and a very good worker to boot. Young and innocent and pure.

Do you know what she did last week?

She ran off with a great amount of money that an ugly Farang gave to marry her! I am surprised and I laugh and although I know this is dishonest I feel happy for her. I hear myself say stupid Farang, two months money gone west and you didn’t
even sleep with

her! The Thai people say she is very bad and no good to do like this and scold her name. I say good luck to her and leave working 10 hours per day for 100 baht, at least until the money runs out. I like her and have fond memories of the journey home from
the beach in the back of the pick-up.

I would like to finish by saying that it is a great shame that the young girl has taken her first steps to becoming like Pom. But hey! That’s the way it is.

Stickman's thoughts:

Sorry to be so blunt, but this girl of yours sounds like a right tramp.

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