Stickman Readers' Submissions June 27th, 2006

We Mally In Village Me

To make a long story short, she turned out to be a clever con artist. In total I lost about 700,000 baht to her, half of that (350,000 = the wedding gift / sin sod) she has stolen from me. But more important some emotional stress, because I really was crazy about her and about to marry her.

We has a welcoming party with her family and an engagement party at her home in December last year.

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That is when I found out she was deceiving me.

How did I find out?

During last year I decided to go learn the Thai language. But I wanted to learn to read Thai first of all. So, as I could only speak a few words, I could already read Thai. So, I could read her home address off her ID card, and already look on the map where the village was.

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In December, she took me to her home (Ban Bow, part of Ban Chan, a small village close to Phutthaisong, Buriram)……

Wrong !!!! She took me to a completely different village, in Surin !!!!

Everything turned out to be fake. The whole engagement party turned out to be fake, the
people were not her family, at her real home (I took a tuktuk there the next day) they already started building a new house with my money (or with the money from other boyfriends). And behind my back she used very degrading language when she talked about me (A friend overheard her talking about me with her father).

Later I found out she was chatting (with other men) for some months, and maybe already had other boyfriends. She could play pool as a really good professional (she only worked in the bar 3 months?, yeah right), among other surprises.

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Some other things I found out:

One of her friends (I forgot her name), worked in Black and White at Soi Cowboy. She was a recruiter. There are a lot of recruiters that search for new girls, guide them in to the business, and teach them the tricks. I guess a lot of bargirls are in debt to these women.

The internet. One of her friends, a Chinese woman, has a small computer shop / internet cafe (I think at Sukhumvit soi 13 or in that area). She helped my girlfriend (and other girls), with e-mail, translations, chatting, etc. Fake chat, where I would see my girlfriend on cam, but her friend was typing. Further, I was e-mailing with the Chinese girl for months, and not know it.

She also broke into my Hotmail contact list, while chatting. Later after I broke up with my girlfriend, everybody on the contact list of my Hotmail account received about 5 virus emails a day with my Hotmail address as sender. This went on for about two weeks.

A few months ago, she contacted me again and tried everything she could to get me back. Begged me to take her back. But I can not trust her again. And I am sure she works in a bar, maybe some of her other boyfriends dumped her.

I think she was mad, a disturbed and crazy woman. She was a show-off, and lazy. It was a shock to me that her family are very rude and arrogant people who have no respect for anything or anybody.

However, no matter what she did, I always kept my cool. No matter how she would yell at me, I never lost my temper and always kept polite.

She would lie to everybody about everything, the tricky part was that she mixed truth with lies. So you could never put your finger on it.

She would lie to her friends, to her parents, to translators, to anybody. And lie some more to save face.

However, after everything turned out wrong, I found some good people too, and made some good friends.

I heard some stories from Thai men that made me look in a completely different way to Thailand, and to Thai women. "Amazing Thailand". And having some Thai (male) friends, opened some doors to the decent women of the country.

Now I understand that in Thailand nothing is what it seems, and that everybody is "dancing with illusions". Maybe the Buddhist way ….

Anyway, just sitting by the road, just walking there (and not as a typical tourist), I believe it is still a beautiful country with beautiful people. I turn my back on the people who think I know too much, because I think there are also a
lot of decent people too who are warm and welcoming, with no hidden agenda.

I'll be back …..

Stick, thanks for your time. I am not a sex tourist and don't go to hookers. I came to Thailand with a tourist group, not knowing anything about bargirls. I went to the bar because I have been a musician for some years, and wanted to
see a live band playing there.

She is the only bargirl I have been with, and was an exception. I loved her as a woman,

and not as a bargirl. She took advantage of that, but that is up to her. I was thinking, maybe in a next live she will come back as some parasite, but then I thought … she already is a parasite in this life.

p.s. By the way, do you know how many men visited their Thai girlfriends home, but it wasn't her home, …. and they never found out?

Stickman's thoughts:

This is yet another shocking story.

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