Stickman Readers' Submissions June 8th, 2006

The Stickman 666 Da Vinci Code

The year is 2506

If only we had known… If only we had seen the clues Stickman had left us.

He Clinic Bangkok

If only we had listened to him.

Stickman, you tried to help us with your wisdom but we were too stupid to understand your warnings.

The oil reserves have long ago been used up, the barren earth raped of all its goodness.

CBD bangkok

A new order has been formed and the only currency is gold, and without it you cannot survive. Gold is the new God.

And who controls all the Gold of the new God.

“World superpowers”… … No…

They too have long been destroyed. They were no match for the dark forces.

wonderland clinic

We are now controlled by a race of stunning dark-skinned women with wasp like perfect bodies yet unusually wide feet, originally thought to be from the north eastern quadrant of a long forgotten land in Asia, they alone now control everything
that is left of worth.

Just like the Arabs in the late part of the 21st century, they now own just about everything that could be bought.

All knowledge is banned by them on planet earth and the past truth is deeply hidden away.

But there remain a few brave men who continually search for the truth of what happened and how it went so wrong. These men are our only hope, our last remaining light in a darkening world.

What has been handed down in folk law from mouth to mouth throughout the years is that alien forces from a far off distant solar system had been watching since the early part of 1950s and had first visited earth in the latter part of that

But these aliens had a weakness in that they were academically of higher intelligence than we earthlings could ever understand. But physically they were not as strong as the men on earth. Watching over the years they saw how well the earthlings
could fight if it came to war and that they would never get the gold that they wanted in that way.

So a new plan was formed, a long term yet simple plan to infiltrate and breed with the earthling men, to take everything that they owned and destroy their inner will to live.

And so began the earth goddess’s task with ease and relentless effort they bred with man. And with it they built up bit by bit their gold reserves “for the good of the cause”. Often these trophies of victories won were
kept by the elders of the Goddesses.

Oh Stickman if only we had listened to you in those early years of the fight, this could have been so different now.

How do we know of this now? Why are we so sure of our past and the warnings given by the great Stick of events to come?

A computer server, one of the ancient gateways of all information was found almost intact amongst the ruins of planet earth. Amongst its scriptures the fragmented remains of the Stickman site from the early part of the 21st centenary has
been found.

The great Stick's scriptures contained many of the answers we had long been searching for. We needed to look no further now we had his prophases.

Every word written by Stick in the old scribe was read over and over again. We looked at the hints Stickman was giving to us and the discoveries of the true meaning they contained. We now know the great Stick intentionally obscured his writings
through the use of symbolism and metaphor, as well as by making changes to proper names by swapping, adding or removing letters and often mixed Thai with English.

The codes the great Stick gave us in his writings and prophesies in the early 21st were there now clearly to see, but mere mortals were too ignorant to understand at that time.

Clearly above all else in all his prophesies the great Stick tell us about his life.

Stickman Investigations, if we look closely at the word investigations, Stick clearly time and time again tells us of his services, and for God's sake what more did we need? He even posted it in a picture advert form at the top of every
submission page.

If the letters of INVESTIGATIONS are jumbled around it gives us the following
GAVE IT IN SIN SOT. Stickman GAVE IT IN SIN SOT and what does he tell us time and time again has to be given in Sin Sot… Gold of course. He was warning about
the giving of gold.

The great Stick time and time again told us he was just a humble teacher who taught the poor. If we once again look at what he is telling us in his writings teaching in Bangkok. We again look at the word that the great Stick wants us to look
at, and for the love of God he put it on his home page for us all to see every time we logged on to his site. Once again the letters TEACHING are jumbled around, it gives us the following A ETCHING in Bangkok.

Stickman Weekly if these letters are jumbled up we get My ten weak links.

What were the 10 weak links what was the clue he was giving us.

Etchings in Bangkok. Where was Stick guiding us and what was he warning us? Dali, Renoir and Goya were renowned for being the best Etchers of their time and we looked at ancient maps Stick had outlined for us and there it was in front of
our eyes. There could be but one place, Soi 33, painter street.

On much closer inspection we could see a pattern emerging and carefully we linked up all 3 bars Stick was focusing us onto in his writings.

What we got was a perfect 180 degree triangulation. But where was Stick leading us? It had to be more than this. We then took the mid center of the longest line of the triangulation and from the triangulation point at Renoir we ran a line
through. What we saw shocked us as it directly ran through Livingstone's!

This confirmed that we now had, a centre point to work with and we then used this point to create a circle. The circle exactly hit all 4 corners of the temples.

But could this all just be coincidence? What was the Stickman trying to warn us? What veiled secret was he trying to reveal?

After many months we finally got it. Stick's true revelation.

We placed 2 small circles where the lines hit Livingstone’s and Goya and once again from the centre point we were able to make an arch that perfectly followed the outer circle and hit the highest 2 points of Dali and Renoir.

From these last points we finally got what the great Stick was cryptically telling us to be aware of.

Stick's message although complex was quite simple. Beware of smiling faces in these places and never under any circumstances give them gold.

Further investigation found nine more sites that showed areas that could be made into a smiley.

Nana Plaza one on all 3 floors total 3 smileys.

Soi Cowboy 3 smileys in total.

Patpong 3 smileys in total.

We now understood that this was his Ten weak links where the goddesses would smile and take our gold.

Many other questions still remain unanswered… Why did so many people flock from the 4 corners of the known world traveling days at a time to these temples, and readily give all their worldly possessions to the Goddesses?

Ancient excavation some 2 centuries earlier has unearthed the remains of silver poles mounted on what we have to presume were the alters of worship with old neon spotlights trained upon them.

But there are still so many questions unanswered that only Stickman could have told us about. But from what we can tell, although unconfirmed, due to many of Stick's scriptures not surviving, the goddesses split them selves into mamasung
(the Queens) and collectors the (workers) who worked to collect our DNA. Once they had this they had devised a method to obtain our every personal banking detail. Personal accounts, company funds, off shore accounts, the kids' college fund.
They got the lot.

The collectors had a quite simple method of collecting. Every ejaculation we made they collected as we happily lay there. Oh, how sweet and helpful we thought they were being as they tided up our mess.

Once the mamasung colony had enough information they quite simply in one day worldwide sucked out every fund mankind had. We had no chance.

And the day they did this was 6th June 2006, or better know to man as 666, the day mankind lost its battle against the Goddesses.

I can hear you all asking what happened to Stickman, the prophet of what would befall mankind…

We can tell by later scriptures found from the year 2009. That despite being Bangkok’s best investigator he was in fact being constantly tracked by the Alien Goddess via the bar coded fillings in his teeth. It got to the stage where
every time the great Stick passed neon lighting in the bars of Bangkok he would be convinced they were scanning him. The obsession that he was being followed eventually caused him to lose his mind.

A sorry sight of his former self, Stick was last seen wearing a tin foil lined baseball cap in front of Nana Plaza holding a large placard around his neck with the words THE END IS NIGH.

If only we had listened to you Stick it could have all been so different.

Stickman's thoughts:

A very amusing and nicely written story!

nana plaza