Stickman Readers' Submissions June 7th, 2006

Foreign Teachers, Thailand and

By Nio

I have had an opportunity to read many of the posts of the Stickman site including many of the most recent stories. It occurred to me that many of the posters and readers of this website are probably foreign teachers living and working in Thailand.

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One recent post from a foreign teacher from America stated he had never been a teacher in America, and went on and on about the school system in Thailand, how the second term was a waste, etc., etc., etc. It reminds me of that guy you see
on the television, I think his name is <editedStick> and he teaches <editedStick>.

Well, one day I was at the school <editedStick> teaches at. I actually met him and he seemed to be a likeable chap who is well liked by his students and makes <editedStick>
a fun class for the Thai students trying to learn English.

I happened upon a bulletin board at the school where all the CVs of the teachers were posted. I have to ask the question how the HELL does a guy whose only experience is as a restaurant worker end up in Thailand as a teacher teaching anything?
Is it because you can speak English and flip hamburgers? This is in an international school to boot.

So after reading some of the other CVs for the western teachers, I realized that probably 99% of them are not qualified to teach anything, most have never had a job of any substance and most have limited education that is not even in the
teaching field.

But somehow these people make their way to Thailand and because they are native speakers of English and probably hold a certificate from McDonald’s (just joking), a certificate that says they attended an 8 hour class and now are certified
to be a teacher.

I say bullshit to that, however, in Thailand that is very prevalent, even at some of the more expensive International Schools. In my own defense, I have a foreign teacher that lives on my street that teaches at <editedStick>.
He has been in Thailand for 15 years, is a likeable enough guy, but I honestly would not let this guy teach my kid anything. Why? The guy is a fruit loop and if this was the UK or US, this guy would have got the heave ho from the school the first
couple of days he was there. But once again, this is Thailand, a shortage of native English speakers, so even though you are a fruit loop, we will give you a job and enough money to survive in the LOS. You cannot be a math teacher, a science teacher,
then an English teacher armed with your certificate? But hey we won’t fire you because you can speak English.

Where is all this leading to? These same teacher wannabes write many of the stories on and claim to be experts in everything from bargirls, to psychology. I say bullshit to all of this. You guys are not experts in anything,
especially teaching. Grab a Webster’s Dictionary and look up the definition of expert.

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Just because you have lived in Thailand for a few years, hung out at the bars a few 100 times, banged a few dozen bar girls, you are still not an expert in anything. “How to Fall in Love with a Bargirl and Survive? Is this the world
news, the national enquirer, star magazine? No this is bullshit as well.

Sorry for choosing this story for an example and I do not know the guy that wrote this and he may be a hell of a nice guy to boot. Just read the damn title “How to Fall in Love With a Bargirl and Survive? Sounds like this expert has
a GUARANTEED plan to let you, a 65 year old, fat, bald slob with bad breath, fall in love with any bargirl and have her love you. Give me a break because this is such bullshit that if you believe any of it, let me know and I will sell you some
swamp land in the Sahara desert.

Is there anyone on this site at all, even any readers that have some bona fide pedigree credentials that can really make a claim to be an expert in something? Because I would damn sure like to read something from someone that has some credentials
and credibility.

This site is becoming worse than the worse supermarket tabloid rag. I can see it now on the World News rag, some gross, fat slob’s photo with a beautiful sexy bargirl and all his secrets on he gets her to love him forever.

Are you people that starved for entertainment or do you actually believe some of this nonsense people write here? Thailand is a pretty damn big country and it is hard to believe over 90% of the stories here are about bar girls. I guess no
one on this site has a life or maybe that is why the supermarket tabloid rags make millions of dollars a month?

If you are going to bullshit yourself into believing you are a bona fide school teacher, then convincing yourself that you are an expert to write about bargirls should be the next stop. Hey I just got an idea? Maybe Stickman can offer an
8 hour course and upon completion you get a certificate stating you are qualified to write bullshit stories to get bargirls to love you.

Categorizing bar girls or anything else in Thailand is the same as claiming all people are the exact same. Simply not true. Every bar girl in this country is different in some unique and distinct way. So all these stories of plans to get
bar girls to love you are bullshit as well.

I met an American here who is married to a former bar girl. He has been here 15 years and has 3 kids with her. They own quite a few <editedStick> in Bangkok and Pattaya. When I met her, I would NEVER have
guessed she was a former bar girl.

Unlike some comments that you cannot take the bar out of the girl, this is another case that is false. She is pretty sharp and a good business woman to boot. But after reading all the posts on this site, this would seem to be deemed impossible
by all the so called quasi experts that write on here.

This site has become a BLAME forum for everything that has gone wrong to all these experts that mis-represent themselves, their education, their social status, their financial situation and what happens when they come up against a real expert
bar girl and lose all their money and delve into infinite sadness because they lost the love of their life.

How about waking up and finding something interesting to write about? Must be something interesting going on in your life and getting smoked by a bar girl and how that totally ruined your life is about as worn out as an old shoe.

I really want one of these experts, armed with a teaching certificate and now a stickman bar girl expert certificate teaching my kid in one of these fine international schools that I pay $5,000 dollars a month for. NOT!

Stickman should make it mandatory for a week, no bar girl stories, no bullshit expert plans to guarantee bar girls with love you forever and then see how many stories are actually posted. is living proof that “If You Build It They Will Come”. Build a forum where all the losers that landed in Thailand can write bullshit stories and feel like they are someone important to validate their meager
existence in Thailand. Stickman is the only smart guy on here, realizing an opportunity to corral all of these expert wannabes in Thailand on one website, then pollute the site with every imaginable advertisement to take advantage of all the web
traffic to supplement his income. The dillweed over at <editedStick> is even worse. Belly aching as soon as Google shut his Adword revenue down.

In any civilized western world like the UK, US, Australia, any teacher that spent this much time in a go-go bar would be found out in a hurry and given the axe. However, I also feel that maybe in the west, the teaching certificate and the
Stickman Bar Girl Expert Certificate would probably land you a job making French Fries at McDonald’s and not teaching in ANY school.

It would be nice if all this energy people spent writing the majority of these foolish posts was put to good use actually helping people in Thailand that really need it and doing something meaningful like volunteering, donating, or anything
that could really make a difference to someone that needs it.

I am curious to know if any of these fine educational institutions in Thailand have any rules and regulations about foreign teachers getting drunk and spending the majority of their time in the bars?

Someone I am sure the international schools would not want this word spreading around.

Stickman's thoughts:

It is kind of hard to respond to this rant because you jump from one issue, to another, and then back to the first again, but I'll do my best.

Readers of this site: The readership is far more diverse than you seem to think and teachers do not make up a significant percentage of contributors.

Contributors to this site: There are a number of talented writers who produce quality, original content every week. No-one claims to be an expert, but many writers do provide worthwhile advice and interesting stories about their experiences.

Teachers in Thailand: International schools tend to get qualified teachers with credentials, but the schools which pay mediocre salaries will always struggle to get quality teachers. Therefore, a number of Thai schools are get native speaking English teachers at a cheap price…surely this is a good thing? That some of these guys go to gogo bars is the price these schools pay for only offering a mediocre salary. Most schools do know what their teachers are up to, but simply turn a blind eye. It is NOT easy to get good foreign teachers due to the huge demand for such teachers in Thailand these days. The better schools have specific rules in place which may prevent teachers from venturing to certain types of establishment.

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