Stickman Readers' Submissions June 3rd, 2006

Rainy Rawai

It's been raining all week. You could roll up the streets at night. Songkhran is long over and Visakha Puja Day has passed.

My last name had an 'h' in it but my grandfather took it out to Americanize it when he came over from Middle Europe. If it was still there all you would have to do would be to add a 'y' at the end of the holiday and I would be part
of it. My wise guy friend-another Dana- keeps telling me that I am part Indian.)

He Clinic Bangkok

If I want to go out for a drink or pick up a girl I have to go to Kata and Karon. There is nothing happening in sleepy Rawai. So I drove over the hill to check out the scene.

Not much happening there either; half of the bars were closed and most of the bar girls had gone home- at least all the good looking ones that had made some money during high season. Nothing left but girls or should I say women that were average and below

If there was a better than average girl there she acted like she was a beauty queen. Not really much to choose from. However after searching I found a real cutie and asked her the four standard questions.

CBD bangkok

We take shower together?

You can smoke?

You can stay all night?

Are you afraid of dogs?

wonderland clinic

These are all important especially the last one as I had one girl that started to quiver and shake when she got to my house and ran into a German Shepard that was much bigger than she was. I had to take her back to the bar.

We made a deal at one thousand for the night and I took her home. When we arrived she said she did not want to take a shower.

I am trying to be more patient so I let it go.

We were almost into bed when she said she had to go back in an hour and could not stay.

That’s it. I picked up her clothes and threw them to her. Get dressed. Get out.’

What? What’s the matter?’

They lie to you, make up their own rules and then don’t understand when you become angry.

I took her back. I lost the 200 bar fine but she did not get a thousand from me so we’re more than even.

I stopped the car a block from the bar so she had to walk a bit and threw her out.

Now I hate going to Patong. It's just too far to drive. I don't like to do short time there as I would rather be home in my own bed and be comfortable so I pay a little more and take the girl home for the whole night to avoid going back and
forth twice in one night. The one thing that I have to say is that you can always find a beauty or two in Patong.

I have to also say that the girls -as pretty as they are -have been in the business a while and are all wise guys or close to it. No shy newcomers there.

So I bit the bullet and off I went. Right now, the bars under the Tiger Disco have all the attractive girls. But this changes- for years it was Soi Eric.

I made a deal with a beautiful girl; two thousand for the whole night and off we went but she said she had to go back and give her girlfriend the motorcycle key.

It took a while to get to Rawai and we made boom-boom after taking a shower. We were about to step into the shower again when her phone rang.

She answered it and then handed it to me. It’s for you.’

Her girlfriend shouted, Sai must come right back. Have big problem at the bar.’

I gave Sai her phone so she could get the news first hand. They sure have the timing down I thought.

Of course she had told her friend to call. She did not need to give her a motorcycle key.

Sai apologized as she was getting dressed.

No problem’ I said, even though Patong was a long way off and I had just come from there.

When we were about to leave I handed her a thousand baht.

‘What’s this?’ She exclaimed.

My darling, I’m sorry you can do only short time so I can not pay you for all night.’

Not my fault. Pay me two thousand.’

Funny how they can understand doing only half a job and can’t understand not getting paid for the whole job.

Sorry, not my fault either. You want to stay, I will pay you two thousand.’

No, I have to go back.’

I walked her to the front gate and closed and locked the gate behind her.

What are you doing? Your’e going to drive me back aren’t you?’

No my darling. I am too tired now. If you want to sleep here I will drive you back tomorrow.’

But I have to go back,’

Yes, you do -but I don’t. I said that I would take you back tomorrow and I will but not tonight.’

How will I get back to Patong?’

I pointed to some bar lights off in the distance. Motorcycle taxi there-you take back.’

I don’t know if there was a motorbike there or not but I wanted to get rid of her.

Give me money for cab.’

Just to make her nuts I said, You have one thousand all ready -you have enough money.’

But then I relented and gave her two hundred baht and she stormed off while I headed to bed. I’m sure they charged her more than two hundred for a trip to Patong.

No, I was not harsh with the girl.

Next time- don’t lie if you don’t want to do short time. Just tell me. She wanted to have her cake and eat it too so to speak.

Let her learn a lesson and only screw with the two-weekers.

Stickman's thoughts:

These frustrations of long time becoming short time and short time being a few minutes seem to a recent thing.

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