Stickman Readers' Submissions June 27th, 2006

My First Go-Go Girl

The Stick site – “Readers’ Submissions” area is a wonderful place that offers a space for us to share experiences, advice, entertain or complain. While some submissions seem to have no purpose in the world other than to piss
me off – (invariably submitted by “anonymous” making it impossible for me to personally tell them what I think of their input / submissions / opinions), the vast majority are well written and useful! I read the submissions
pretty much every day.

I arrive to work; offer salutations around the office grab my cup of coffee, fire up the computer and read the three or (sometimes) four new daily submissions. I look forward to it and it is how I start my day. I have been doing this over the past six
months, I have begun to see and really appreciate the value of this section. It is not a soapbox, (although it is sometimes used as one), it is a place to share, inform and entertain. More than anything else, (and I doubt that Stick knew this
when it started) it is used as therapy by the people providing submissions (as evidence the very first letter ever submitted, the one that started this section was therapeutic). The fact that hundreds of people read it daily is a testament to
its viability.

He Clinic Bangkok

Unbelievable that such an innocuous section of the website is so popular. I applaud the Stick Man for establishing and working so hard on the section. Additional to Stick's diligence, partial credit for the popularity of the section is due to the
high quality of most submissions. If you are new to this site, I implore you to peruse some of the previous submissions by any of the following; Frank Visakay (renown author), Union Hill, Korski, Chiang Mai Kelly, Casanundra, Dana or many other
regular contributors that provide often useful and almost ALWAYS entertaining submissions, it will be worth the time spent. <Let me also give mention here to Thai Ties, Statler & Waldorf, Pothole, Sick Water Buffalo, BKKSW and Marc Holt, to name just a fewStick>

My favorite submissions are the ones that share experiences and have a message. Like this one…

As I was reliving and writing my recent submission; “An Orangutan, Snake, Girl Fight and Elephant Shit”, I had a FLOOD of memories of that trip. This submission
expands on one of the memories; it was my first time on Walking Street and “My First Go-Go Girl!”

CBD bangkok

I had been “in-country” (thanks Kelly), for a couple of weeks and it was my first time to Thailand (there as part of the “Cobra Gold” military exercise in 1990). Up to this point I had not been off the compound/site and was
working 12-18 hour days and filling the rest of my time with sleep; Work – Sweat – Eat – Shower – Sweat – Sleep – Work – Sweat – Eat – Shower – Sleep – ad nauseam… It was
all I had known for the past 14 days. It was hard work, but I was with a great bunch of guys; we were all having a new experience, it was fun! Its May, in Thailand, we were working outside, it was damn hot and we were sweating profusely!

Finally, I had a 3-day break, and I was headed to Pattaya! I had heard the stories about the party life, the Go-Go bars, and how easy the girls were, but I wasn’t interested in that (or so I thought…). For the past two weeks I had been eating
MREs (Meals-Ready-to-Eat, which really aren’t that bad, for prepackage military to eat-on-the-go food – contract awarded to the lowest bidder) and T-rats, (Temporary Rations – ‘reheated’ prepackaged cafeteria style military food, which were AWFUL!).
I had a mission.

I was after some good old American comfort food. Specifically, I wanted a Chili Dog and Root Beer float from A&W Root Beer. Unbelievably, I had heard that an A&W was located about an hour or so from our camp, in Pattaya, where we were headed.
The other guys could do whatever the hell they wanted, they had a different agenda than I had. I was going to have me a chili dog, find me a couple of cold beers, maybe watch a stripper or two, catch up on some baseball scores / standings and
lay down and sleep on a NICE SOFT MATTRESS! A U.S. government issued military cot with air mattress would suffice after an 18-hour workday, but for the next three days, I was on “VACATION” and I was going to sleep on a NICE SOFT

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” (Robert Burns –“To a Mouse”)

wonderland clinic

I promise those were my honest and absolute intentions! Here is what really happened!

Several of us pitched in together and hired a baht bus to take us to Pattaya, (we were on break). When we got to Pattaya; true to my word, and still determined to find the A&W Root beer place. I wanted a DAMN Chili Dog and Root Beer float!

You might ask why a chili dog? It is a good question. I’m not sure? I can honestly say that I’d never had a craving for one before nor have I since? I don’t eat them often, probably have not had one in the past year or two. But at
that moment in time, it is all I wanted, nothing else would suffice! The night before I had dreamt about it; I had awoke with the flavors in my mouth, I could taste it. I wanted one worse than I wanted a blowjob, (and if you knew anything about
me, you would know that I am basically ALWAYS wanting one of those!) The thought of a chili dog made my mouth water, the last time I had visited an A&W (in the states); I had had the best chili dog ever! It was a HUGE, all-beef dog, floating
in a sea of chili that was fresh and plentiful, dripping over the bun. It had onions and pickles, a little ketchup and mustard — it was majestic! After a couple of weeks of MREs and T-Rats I was desperate for something else and for whatever reason,
I was horny for a chili dog.

No one else in the group had my dream the night before nor did they have a care in the world about A&W Root Beer, they were on a totally different mission. The baht bus had dropped me off and the driver pointed in that direction looking back on it, I am not sure if he even knew what A&W was? I really didn’t care, because my nose would lead me there –“BY GAWD I was on a mission!” Up one street down another – it was not in the direction that the baht bus driver — “Homer Thammawattaanasuraporn” (I made that name up) had sent me. I had been in search of A&W for about 30 minutes – asking anyone/everyone on the street… FINALLY – EUREKA – there it was, found it! That shining palace of HOTDOG HEAVEN A&W Root Beer. I have a “woody” with expectation!

I go in and order up what my mouth was watering for – it is delivered. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? A tiny straw sized dog, in an old, hard, bun with a splattering of this blackish/brown stuff (you call that Chili?) on top. They had no onions and no
pickles to garnish it with – the Root Beer float was a tiny little thing and the ice cream was already melted. BUMMER! This is NOT anything like what I had pictured in my mind. Click your heels Dorothy – you are not in Kansas PAL!
A very ominous start to what would be “the best night of my life”

As I am leaving A&W, shoulders slumped and terribly dissatisfied, I am approached by a VERY attractive girl, she was dressed to the nines; mini skirt, high heels, make up, (you know the one), she was just cruising along the sidewalk? I am checking
her out and she knows it; we make eye contact and she gives me the most fantastic, pearly white SMILE. She really liked me, I could tell – I think I coulda had her, she was cute, but something just wasn’t right… Things are looking
up! (Man, was I ever naïve!)

My next mission is to find an ICE COLD Kloster (Heineken was not available in 1990) with my name on it – at about that time I hear my name yelled in the distance; it is the pack of guys that had been on the baht bus with me. One of the Been There
Did That (BTDT) veterans of our unit is leading them; they are headed to Walking Street and invite me to join them. I thought “what the hell?” I will tag along and watch the young kids get taken advantage of… I run and catch up
with them…

The BTDT veteran – takes us to his favorite Go-Go, (for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the place). Anyway, when we walk in, I am absolutely AMAZED! The women are STUNNING, and they are all NAKED and running around the place, bells are going
off, lights are flashing, a definite “JOLT” to the receiving stimuli and I LIKE IT! I am thinking “WE HAVE HIT THE MUTHER LOAD!” I cannot take my eyes off the beautiful women. The waitress comes up and I order a Kloster,
I sit down on the outer ring – watching the most beautiful women in the world run around naked!!! We don’t get this BACK HOME! DO NOT “click your heels Dorothy” this is AWESOME, and they don’t have this in Kansas!
YEEEE HAAA! I have a new mission!

DIGRESSION: Do any of you guys that were around Thailand in the early nineties remember when the belly necklace was all the rage. Most of the girls in this Go-Go had that necklace/chain thing around their flat beautiful abdomen / waists, right below/above their navels. It was all they had on too, well that and high heels — were those things sexy or WHAT? Maybe it’s just me…?

The BTDT veteran comes over and sits down beside me and explains the “bar fine” process and what the short time and long time fees are. I am dumbfounded, are you kidding me? I can have “any” one of these beauties? How to choose?
Fortunately, I was chosen! I was selected by the one of the most beautiful of the herd (like it mattered) LUCKY ME! Naiveté good bye! Let’s just say I am a quick learner…

The rest of the story is what makes it the greatest night of my life (for starters, it lasted three days!). After Ms. (or Mrs.) Beautiful and I had introduced ourselves as “happily marrieds” (to other people) – we proceeded to the short
time room and after that it just got better and BETTER! With her as a guide we went to dinner; Steak and Lobster $6, what the hell was wrong with me? Chili Dog for chrissakes???

We finished three days later at the ‘renowned island of tranquility’ (UHs’ words) Penthouse Hotel. For the next three days in no certain order I/we enjoyed sleep, sex, food, sex, beer, sex, showers, sex, baths sex, and massages and
more sex? She was a Tiger and I was a willing Tigress and vice versa! When we were done we started over again – FOR THREE FRIGGIN DAYS! It was just a little better than FANTASTIC!!!

I feel a need to add this – if anyone is reading this and doesn’t understand why so many men fall in-love with Bar Girls in Thailand, this is one of the reasons – over those three days; Lek and I were not ‘client and prostitute’
– “WE WERE LOVERS!” I did not know her family or history and she had not a clue about mine, I did not know if she left the top on the toothpaste or not and did not care. It was not important; we shared affection, gentleness,
tenderness and kindness and we gave in to primal, animalistic, carnal desires. She catered to my wants, needs, desires and I reciprocated. It was AWESOME; we laughed and joked – WE HAD FUN! It was a magical three days. If you could have an entire
life equivalent to those three days you would be the happiest person on the entire earth. Many naïve men go to Thailand, have that experience, and think it will be like that the rest of their lives – reality does NOT work like that!
As for me, I appreciated it for what it was, occasionally; I revisit those memories with great fondness!

I have never been the same! I can honestly say she was my first bar girl and my introduction was ONE FOR THE AGES! I have tried to find that magic again to no avail; but I have come close SEVERAL TIMES! Can’t wait to give it another whirl!

I consider myself a very lucky man! Some men never get to enjoy the fruits of Thailand; oftentimes it is because of that little guy that sits on your shoulder – you know the one – he sits on your shoulder and reminds you of your moral fortitude
and keeps you on the

path of righteousness and goodness. Sometimes he keeps you from doing those fun things that you REALLY WANT TO DO! It’s your conscience helping you make good decisions and keeps you from doing things you shouldn’t do. Well, the one that
sits on my shoulder has great restraint, is well mannered, and for the most part, keeps me in check. Fortunately, he has a weakness; he likes petite, lustful, nymphomaniacs just as much as I do. God / Buddha / Allah – Please Bless Him!

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