Stickman Readers' Submissions April 20th, 2006

Why Thai Men Despise Foreigners

Times are fast changing in the LOS.

And we not just talking watered down beer prices at NEP or the Japanese pushing prices up in Soi 33.

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The changes that worry me the most are in the Thai male.

Over the past years we have witnessed an explosion of the male gay Thai community which is becoming deeply alarming and now almost at epidemic proportions. And we are not just talking about the average Thai male who likes to mince a little
while out with his buddies on a Saturday evening.

We are talking here about full on 'Kratoeys' of the once Thai male population. You only have to walk down the Sukumvit road any evening of the week to see them hunting in packs for the first time tourists to the kingdom, or those
stupid enough to want a walk on the wild side.

It is becoming quite common seeing older western men with their young Thai rent boy lovers walking hand in hand in many a Bangkok shopping mall.

As from the beginning of April 2006 even the Thai military undergoing its annual military conscription has scrapped its 52-year-old practice of branding transvestites as having a ''mental disorder''. The label which has
been used since the military conscription law was first enforced in 1954 to exempt men from entering the army with feminine manners or those who underwent breast enlargement or sex change surgery.

For the average Thai male conscription can be likened to a lottery with a one in three chance of entrance if the wrong colour ticket is drawn.

Now many a first timer to the LOS will take in a ladyboy show and even the most heterosexual of us will admit how taken aback we are by the glitz, grease paint and glamour and from a distance our ladyboy friends hold themselves up well and
can be pretty stunning to say the least. And in places like Pattaya, they can be far better looking than many of the bar girls shipped in from the furthest corners of Isaan.

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It’s hard to distinguish the genuine lady boys from the fraudulent, however many very young Thai male children will show signs of crossing over at a young age. Financial gain can be a big driving force with the average lady boy being
able to earn the equivalent of his bar girl counterparts if the right sponsor is entrapped

The steps to involved to becoming a fully paid up Kratoey are long and painful and before any nip and tuck surgery it is essential first to change the hormone levels in the body which requires a cocktail of hormone balancing pills to be taken.
In conjunction with this the average lady boys wanting to slim down are often taking a daily dosage of the world's most prolific 'slimming pill' 'methamphetamine', or as known in Thai, Ya ba ( crazy drug ).
Now many
allied forced have used drugs to help their troops keep fighting for longer. Due to limitations on chemicals availability in world war II, Nazi Germany worked on their own formula and Ya ba was invented for its troops on the Russian front. Its
production techniques are simple, materials readily available, is cheap and now production is mainly found concentrated along the Thai / Burma boarder.

Ya ba usage increases energy and alertness and decreases appetite…

Chronic Ya ba abuse can lead to psychotic behavior including intense paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and out-of-control rages that can result in violent episodes. Chronic users at times develop sores on their bodies from scratching
at "imaginary creepy crawlies," which describes the common tell tail mental delusion that bugs are crawling under the skin.

People stereotype Thai men as being lazy and devious.

Thai men have been handicapped by hundreds and thousands of years of failure of governmental policies and forward out look.

The majority of Thais, especially those indigenous to rural areas, have always been left out of the greater scale of things by the Thai elite ruling classes.

These elite ruling classes both past and present have always looked down on their own people……Simply short term and in a whimsical way prefer foreigners over indigenous rural Thais without any thought whatsoever regarding to the foreigners'
class or education, which is paramount when Thai are dealing with Thai.

An extreme and perverse example and one that is viewed as giving Thailand upward mobility and social standing in the world, can be seen in that having bastard children by foreigners is looked upon as better than having them with Thai men.

The view is such that the children born are better in appearances, in all lightly hood of having lighter skin tone and Anglo Saxon bone structure.

Unless you're Tiger Woods and that’s a whole other story for another day.

You only have to look at the thousands of advertisements around Bangkok offering potions and lotions for lighter skin to see how great a desire this is for the elite classes.

Thai education policy and education system is discriminating against rural and poor Thai men… The system is rigged to serve women. The testing system has been imported from alien foreign cultures which have been designed to select people
from the better living classes.

The distractions for an easy life for the average Thai male are great during valuable education years, when you also consider that they have a one in three chance of becoming conscripted at the end of their studies what inspiration is there.
Rich families understand these distractions and more than often send their sons abroad for education and better long term social standing.

The average Thai family left with the Thai education system will always push a girl’s education over a male. They many times will simply look at education as an investment for the future with the better sin sot. Quite simply if the
girl does well in her education sin sot value and earnings potential for the family will be greater. <I think you have got this around the wrong way. Usually it is the girl who stays at home to look after the house and do the housework and the boy who goes to schoolStick>

The result is that the vast majority of Thai women are being better educated over their Thai male counterparts. As a result, most Thai teachers and those running the Thai education system are women who are quiet comfortable with the current
system as it is.
Simply ask any Thai girl of 20 years old who they would wish to marry a Thai man or foreigner, the answer is an overwhelming one against the Thai male.

The average Thai male certainly has a hard time in front of them.

Thai men are in decline and fast becoming an endangered specie. They are being breed out of their own land by foreigners with the help from their own women.

What do Thai men have to hope for in life if their women prefer foreigners?

Thailand is a country built on tolerance, but how long can anyone realistically expect the average Thai male to put up with the indignities’ forced upon them.

What I do see in the Thai male is that the thin veneer of a smile shown towards foreigners is covering a mountain of distrust and hatred. And to be fair who can blame them.

To end on a lighter note can you imagine an army platoon of Thai lady boys ready for night maneuvers (because we all know no self respecting lady boy is ever out of bed before mid day?) A platoon dressed in bright pink and baby's blue
camouflage, drugged up on Nazi Ya ba armed with 2 inch razor shape brightly painted finger nails and glitter handbag.

What army in the world would want to face them………

Stickman's thoughts:

It is true that Thai women tend to be better educated than Thai men, but necessarily due to the reasons you mention. Approximately 2/3 of all university graduates in Thailand are women, and as I wrote in a column a few years back, this is going to have major consequences for the country in the future.

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