Stickman Readers' Submissions January 23rd, 2006

It All Started When…

This story takes place a long time ago when we were all ‘nubies’ for sure and the rest, as they say, is history.

It was freezing in Boston and the American was delighted to feel the warm breeze as he walked to the bus stop. Today was his first day in Thailand, having arrived late last night. He had wanted to come here for quite some time and was looking forward to visiting his friend from New Zealand who was teaching English at a local language school. The teacher had settled in comfortably with a sweet Thai girl and the American was on his way to have dinner with them. He carried written instructions. Take the number eleven bus on Sukhumvit Road, pass the Democracy Monument, Khao San Road, then over the Pinklao Bridge, get off at the second stop and turn left down the first small ‘soi,’ which was explained as a tiny street. It would be easy to find. Soi Phet ran alongside of the Union Hill Pharmacy. The sidewalks were a mess, full of holes. You really had to do some pothole research as you walked along.

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The English teacher lived in an older building but it had a security guard who called up before anyone could enter. The American took the elevator up to the fifteenth floor and found their apartment. Sai greeted him at the door and he removed his shoes. He knew that much, at least. He saw that there were four place settings on the bamboo floor mat instead of three.

The Kiwi handed the American a drink.

‘Sang-thip and soda- good local rum.

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Sai’s girlfriend is coming. You’re going to like her. She has a great personality.’

Warning bells screamed in his head. Sounds like the kiss of death when they say that. It means that the girl is plain looking or down right ugly. Probably fat. If she does have a cute face, it’s going to be the size of a basketball. I should have another drink, he thought, or two more – even better. He had heard so much about the girls in Thailand and now was going to get stuck on his first night out.

The three of them sat down to wait; sitting on red cushions by the mat where there was quite a spread laid out. There was a whole fish, crabs, shrimp, salad and rice. Little bowls of condiments, fish sauce, hot sauce, filled every space.

‘You really don’t want to get involved in the bar scene here,’ said Sai. ‘You never know what might happen.’

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What a night this was turning out to be. Sai was starting to sound like his Aunt Helen, who occasionally attempted to fix him up with a date. They all invariably looked like someone that Aunt Helen would go out with.

The visitor had his back to the door when the bell rang. Sai opened the door and he turned slightly and saw the black high heel shoes first. Then the legs- unbelievably beautiful, long legs. They went all the way up to a black leather miniskirt. Above that was a bare waist as flat and smooth as a tabletop. A short white tank top completed the outfit. She had full red lips and silky black hair. But it was the stunning smile that did it. He wondered if Colgate knew about her -or the shampoo people. She looked as if she shook her head, her long hair would float around in slow motion like in the commercials.

‘You must be Dana. I’m Jasmine.’

She looked directly at him and smiled. She was dazzling. Her smile reached out to him, enveloped him, flowed over him, holding him captive as sure as if he were in a Star Trek episode or on the crazy space ship ride that he often imagined.

Captain Kirk. Phasers on full power. Zap!

Dana couldn’t speak. He stopped breathing.

‘Sorry I’m late. You must be hungry, let’s eat.’

Jasmine sat down beside him. Sai made more drinks. The food was delicious.

Jasmine peeled a shrimp, leaned over and placed it in his mouth. He could see her cleavage; her breasts were round and full and strained to burst out of their confinement. Dana couldn’t take his eyes off her.

She laughed. ‘The shrimp is the only thing on the menu tonight.’ She smiled at him. It was a knowing smile, a confident and wise smile. This girl could read his mind. He had known her forever.

Dinner flew by. It was time to leave. He walked her to the elevator. She stood close to him. She was as tall as he was. His heart was pounding. He put his hands on her waist. Their lips met. They kissed softly at first, then harder. The elevator reached the lobby. The doors opened for a minute and then closed. They were still kissing.

‘I have to see you again,’ Dana said as he walked with his arm around her to the street.

She gave him her phone number. She reached up and kissed him again. He held her close and her hair fell against his face. He could inhale her scent and feel the softness of her cheek against his.

The fragrance of the small ivory colored necklace of fresh flowers around her neck wafted the aroma of Jasmine into his nose seeming to numb his brain.

‘I have to tell you something- something that Stick does not know. I have a secret,’ she said softly in his ear. ‘I’m Katoey,’

‘What’s that?’

‘I’ll explain over dinner tomorrow, if you call me.’

She climbed into the cab, her skirt riding even higher on her hips, showing off her long shapely legs.

Katoey? Dana didn’t care what province she came from or what religion she was.

Two things were certain for sure.

All he knew was that he could not wait until tomorrow and that he would really be sad to leave here and be back InAmerica.

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