Stickman Readers' Submissions December 14th, 2005

Planes, Trains & XE Motos

Planes, Trains and Xe Motos

By Bering Sea Pirate

Well I decided I had better sit down and finish up my travel tales to Vietnam, (with Stickman's stern warning to finish chapter 2). <smiles>

mens clinic bangkok

The (edited) picture that you see is the cutie that I had met online and went to Vietnam to meet. As everyone can see she has a really sexy body..

Ok back to my trip to Danang, Vietnam. (I’ve had some really nice positive emails regarding my story, thanks Irene, Mike). <grins>

Before I had gone to Vietnam I had told Phan.<-not her real name. that I was going to buy her an xe-moto (moped) after I had arrived in Danang, (don’t ask me why I was going to do that. “I think it had something to do with
feeling guilty with being the first man she was going to have sex with"?)

Before I had arrived in Danang I had met two really Nice, traditional Vietnamese sisters in Hanoi, what I mean by Traditional girls is, (they were not going to have sex with anyone but the man they married, they never stayed out past 9 pm,
and they did not hold hands with any unmarried man), Anyway I had first met them online while I was making my plans to go to Danang.

So I met the two sisters in Hanoi. (no Hanky-panky in bed). just a couple of real cool girls. Do Mai, Shuan<–not their real name's. They were showing me around Hanoi and I took pictures with them, basically had a good time.

So I get to Danang and I'm doing the dirty-deed with Phan, the first night, and I might add, it wasn’t exactly fireworks. The whole damn time I’m thinking "how in the hell am I going to be able to afford to buy her
a $1800 moped". The next day I wake up and have this brilliant idea, (why not just take her out and buy her some clothes maybe she will forget about the moped). I spend about 50-dollars for new clothes for her, I'm being led around like
a sheep to all the clothing stores in Danang, and I’m still hoping that she will have forgotten about the damn moped..<smiles>..HA.

Before I had gone to Vietnam I had chatted / typed with Phan for about 4 months and I had assumed she could speak passable English, boy was I in for a surprise.

wonderland clinic

Were walking around to clothing stores, food stores etc, and the only way were able to communicate is thru sign language, I felt like an idiot, the smart thing I should have done is snuck back to my hotel room and packed up and gone back
to Hanoi, but I figured I had already paid for 2 hotel rooms (I had read online that unmarried Vietnamese girls by law are not allowed to stay in a room with a guy). HA, so there I am stuck in Danang, lousy sex, going broke, and I still cant figure
out how I’m going to get out of paying for the damn Xe-moto, (moped). (I had paid for 8 days 2-hotel rooms).

We get back to the Hotel room after spending money for clothes for her..<smiles>, I’m thinking to myself, well this really sux, she can barely speak English, the sex is lousy, and I know she is going to ask about the DAMN Xe-moto

Now keep in mind, that even though I was there to have sex like a rabbit, I wanted to see MORE of Danang other than just the hotel room. So I spent a lot of time talking with the Hotel front desk girls, they could speak English and were pretty
nice to chat with. After the second night of non-firework sex, I decide I’m going to hang out with the front desk girl's. (hell at least I could talk with them, without using sign language) Well obviously Phan finds out I’m
down talking with the front desk girls. (I’m just talking and trying to find places I can visit in Danang)..<sigh>.

So the third night of no-fun sex, after were done, I’m flipping thru the 4 TV stations that are available in Danang, and she brings out the Question's, "when are WE going to go pick out the Xe-moto. I came out and told her
that I really couldn’t afford to pay $1800.00 for a moped. OMG! I thought she was going to call the police and have me locked up, so after about 30-minutes of her crying / pouting, I told her we would go in the morning and buy her an Xe-moto.

So in the morning I’m lead like a sheep to the moped store, and she shows me this brand new moped, all white, automatic, (I couldn't afford the damn thing in America let alone in Vietnam) so anyway she says that’s the one
she wants, so I agree, hell I figure at least she didn’t pick one of the MORE expensive ones, so off we go to the bank so I can wipe out my credit card..<sigh>Were in the bank and I get $1800.00 cash out of my credit card, converted
to the Vietnam currency (Dong)..I’m standing at the Bank counter watching stacks / stacks of money being counted out for me 5-stacks each stack of money was as thick as 2-sandwhiches, I had never seen that much money in my entire life!!!

So I’m walking out of the bank with my pockets stuffed with all this money, heading back over to the moped store, we get back over to the moped store and the manager brings out one of those money counting machines, and starts loading
my money into it, the stacks of money looks like one of those Mafia money laundry machines, I'm thinking to myself while this is going on. ("OMG I could have bought 20 girls a night for a week, with all that money").

So we finally get all the money counted and she picks out the moped that she wants and all the paper's sign, etc. I'm standing off to the side with a sinking feeling, (how in the hell am I ever going to repay the credit card company).

We get all the paperwork done, she hops on her new Xe-moto and tells me to get on the back, and off we go back to the Hotel room..<sigh>. We walk thru the front door of the hotel and right away the Hotel front desk girls know that I
had bought Phan a moped, the front desk girl's had looks of pity on their faces for me. (hell at least someone's was feeling sorry for me).

The fourth night is the usual boring ass sex, etc. Made even worse now that I had bought the damn Xe-moto.

The next morning she wants to take me over to her mom's place so she can show her mom the new moped, ok no problem. Now keep in mind, I’m 6'2, first time in a country outside of USA, and my stomach is not use to the food
/ water. We get over to her Mom's small apartment, and I really, really need to use the bathroom, and for the life of me I couldn’t see any bathroom in the apartment. Were sitting around, (I’m looking like a monkey in a cage
while her mom / sister are talking, looking at me) were there about an hour. My bladder about ready to bust….

Well this is getting rather lengthy, I’ll send in the next part in a few days, (if people want to find out what happens)..<smiles>

Please don’t get the wrong idea's fellow readers, I enjoyed my time in Vietnam, just that I wish I had found Stickman's website before I had gone over there…<smiles>

One day, I do hope I can make a Pilgrimage over to Cent's village to meet the Nymphomaniac that lives across from his house..<smiles>

Stickman's thoughts:

Different country, same shit.

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