Stickman Readers' Submissions December 28th, 2005

My Thai Nightmare

I spent a lot of time in Asia and even lived in KL, Malaysia for a few years. That was a while back and before my company returned me to the USA. I can't say that I'm very intimate with Thailand but I did visit Bangkok quite often over my years
living in Asia. During those years I met a Thai woman and my life went in the trash very quickly. Here is my story. Beware of Thai women. Beware of all women for that matter. Sorry, it took me a while to submit to Stickman.

I always stayed at the Montien Hotel across the street from Patpong. It's a nice hotel and very friendly. I recommend it. Try to get room 520. It overlooks the pool. I doubt they would remember me. It's been a lot of years since
I've been there.

He Clinic Bangkok

I ventured into some of the bars in Patpong for fun. Just looking. I was always concerned about the HIV thing and never was tempted to engage a lady for the night. I was tempted often though. Reading Stickman I now realize that I missed out
on a lot of fun. The HIV thing is hyped and you have a better chance of dying riding in a Bangkok taxi. Hell, after you turn the big 50 all the big C's are out there to kill you. Cancer that is. Regrets. Yes.

One afternoon I found the Cosmos pub. It's across the street from the Foodland on Patpong 2 I think. I bought some groceries and fancied a beer. I became a frequent visitor there and spent many a nice afternoon and evening there. On
one night I was sitting in front of the cashier. She's the lady that does all the bar bills that they put in the cups in front of you. Her name was Ta. That's when my life took a dive.

Ta was pretty. It took me several months to get her on a date and several more to get her in bed. When I finally did bed her I was amazed how inexperienced she was. That made me all the more interested in her. She was not a bar girl! I fell for her right

CBD bangkok

Over the next three years in Asia I showered Ta with money and trips. I think I spent over $100,000 entertaining the "love of my life". Giving her money so she didn't have to work at Cosmos. Buying her clothes, shoes, jewelry,
other gifts. I even paid to have her mother's house in southern Thailand built. Narathiwat as I recall. I bought into the whole damn thing. I decided to marry Ta. Why not? The relationship had to go somewhere. She then told me that her mother
"adopted" a child. I always suspected Ta had a baby before she met me. We can tell. But I never asked. She didn't show any marks on her stomach, but we can still tell. Ok I said. What ever your mother wishes is ok with me. Things
were turning wrong.

One Sunday afternoon sitting in my flat in KL I had a vision. I can't describe it to you. It's something you have to experience yourself. I realized that I was on a road to hell and Ihad to get off of it. Ta was simply a bottomless
pit with no redeeming qualities that I needed. Our sex life was nil. I mean I had to beg for it. I'm not a sex maniac, but I do like it on occasions. She would cook Thai food (that I love) for herself and not for me. She would tell me to
make farang food for myself. That hurt.

I escaped. I just said enough and that was it. It was simple, actually. I told Ta I lost my job and she was gone in a heart beat. Last I heard she married some farang who is living in Vietnam. A old Cosmos hang on. I'm sure he's
an unhappy camper. But, then again, I'm glad it's not me.

Stickman's thoughts:

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It's hard to read much into your submission as you didn't tell us how long you had known each other before marriage, amongst other things. I think it was Caveman who once said something along the lines of "you have to wait until all data is in before you know what they're like". Perhaps that was the problem – you married her too fast?

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