Stickman Readers' Submissions December 27th, 2005

An Ode To Dana

Dana is an author, with great wit, style and grace

Dana has a death wish, and a tranny on his face

He is a free spirit, with a traveling jones, high BP, and an infarcted heart

But it does not stop him from eating blue pills, to help him get a start

mens clinic bangkok

He eloquently submits, his exploits on Stickman’s website

He works and lives in Boston, but he “exists” for his biannual Thailand flight

He lands at Don Muang, and heads to the mother ship

He loves it here and feels alive, it is how he starts each trip

He asks for his usual room, the one with the pre-installed eye bolt in the ceiling

He’s gonna find his real love this time, he really has that feeling

The money is in the shower rod, under the carpet and in the cushion

Time to find a partner to participate in some X-rated pushin and pullin

He will find his first love of the day, before departing the elevator

There she is, the love of his life, she’s just leaving her morning customer

He is done quickly, pays, and sends her on her way

He loves this place, he’s already nutted, and only 300 baht did he have to pay

wonderland clinic

He exits and makes it thru the hazards, of the mother ship parking lot

He’s out on his quest, to find a chicken on a stick, cooked well – but not too hot

Now he’s nourished, checked in at both hotels, and ready for some action

He calls his favorite mamasan, and requests a pre-op that gets an erection

Dana has a death wish; Bar Girls, Free Lancers and Trannies, choosy he is not

Dana has a death wish; any “fucking” thing will do – as long as it is hot!

He likes boom boom and yum yum, but he much prefers Ow Ow

If he can’t find a willing free lancer, he’ll find a tranny that says MEOW

He visits the land of smiles, two times per year

He doesn’t wear a condom; is it a death wish or just no fear?

Don’t be fooled by the harsh words that he sometimes uses

Deep down he’s a softie and has no time for abusers

Really he’s just a man, looking for true love; deep down he has a heart of gold

He’s loved Nat, Noi, and Wen but none were he able to withhold

He needs a break from the city, and has a need to commune with pachyderms

Chang Mai is the place to slow down, relax and think; reflect and come to terms

10 days with a boner, the hearts been working much too hard

A bottle of water, a snickers, and some swensons, sleep is in the cards

A rest and reflection, wired back up and ready to go

Headed to Pattaya, eat some little blue pills to restart the show

The double A is waiting, check-in and say hi to friends

See the recreation lady, book the trip; parasail, swiming and dinner in Jomtien

Night times are great fun; Pattaya has much fun to offer

Dana has the time of his life with a tranny that’s a coiffuer

Put a tranny on the motorcycle and head to the beach in the afternoon hour

It hard to describe the exhilaration of ejaculation with a view from the watchtower

Bar girl, free lancer, young, old or a tranny, he don’t really give a shit

But hangin from the ceiling, they all seem to have a perfect fit

The trip is on its last legs, time to begin the process of a 33-hour return

As usual he found his love but he knows to say goodbye to preclude getting burned

Bangkok then to Boston back to work to earn a wage

But not before his departing breakfast; orange marmalade, toast and sau-SAGE

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