Stickman Readers' Submissions November 7th, 2005

They Wear Their Frowns Upside Down

They Wear Their Frown Upside Down


Many years ago most Thai thought farang stupid for how they got entrapped but now due to sites like Stickman’s most Thai think farang have got much cleverer than them in this respect.

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At 24 years of age when the money stared to roll in Noi had quit her day job working at a local branch of a major bank that earned her a salary of 9,500 baht per month. On first looks there was something very striking about Noi. The skin was quite fair
for an Isaan girl and the eyes very deep and utterly stunning. On closer inspection you would notice the high cheek bones that gave away the tell tail signs of her pedigree and upbringing. She chose her clothes to be simple and border on the plain
in order to cover her magnificent body that she had been blessed with. Noi knew better than to draw attention to herself with fancy clothes, gold and questions she made conscious effort always to be Miss Average although it cost her some face
in the early days at work in the bank with the other girls but she knew it was for the best.

What you would not know about Noi as you passed her in the soi was that she had sitting in 6 various bank accounts some 14 million baht and already owned with her Thai husband outright 5 houses of US standard in various parts of Isaan that close family
already occupied. For Noi her plan was simple and long term – 1 more year and then she would retire with her Thai husband to the simple comforts and surrounded by people she loved so much in her home town in Isaan. She would be able to look after
them for sure.

Som was 34 and had worked his way up to assistant concierge at the hotel, 70 hours a week at 10,000 baht a month with the lion share of tips. He worked hard and had to fight hard for his position.

He had learnt early on how free and easy the big farang captains of industry throw around their money or rather the companies' money, charge the company was their policy, everything for free to them. Sales directors were the worst, everything on
the company credit card. Som has spent many nights thinking about how different being born in the wrong place made you. He had an instinct for survival together with the clean looks and he had the smile. He made those around him feel comfortable
and he was looked upon as a man who could make things happen with high discretion.

What you would not know about Som on meeting him was the houses he owned with his wife in Isaan and the growing millions in their bank accounts. For Som his plan was simple and long term. One more year of smiling and bowing to the stupid greedy farang
he hated so much and then he would retire with his Thai wife to the simple comforts and people he loved so much in their home town in Isaan.

Som and Noi had a dream and a plan that they had forged through many nights talking into the small hours of how the farang acted with money and behaved while in the land of smiles. The rest was easy – they had a perfect plan which they first put into
place some 3 years ago.

Som easily weighed up the clientele that used the high class hotel, Boo the hotel limousine driver always phoned to tell him if the pick up from the airport looked good potential and Som always paid in kind for this information with a good share of the
daily tip and the odd bottle of Johnny Walker, Black label of course. Focus was always given to the high flying businessmen from America, these were the most stupid of men. They always checked in with wedding ring attached then went out for the
evenings with the tell tail gold bands locked safely away from all to see in the hotel room safe.

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He saw the men come back with the girls and how they often asked him to sneak them in for a night of fun. He saw how they often phoned their wives in far off places after the girls had quickly left, almost each one did this as if it was an act of self
forgiveness they always phoned someone. He knew the greed and self importance to which these men thrived upon with everything going on the company account. He also worked out that these men would be nothing without the company golden goose paying
for their expenses. What was this worth to them? Som knew the answer.

Noi and Som had traveled to Bangkok some 6 years ago together in love by bus with little money and no where to stay but full of hope for their life together ahead. Both were sharp in mind and educated as best as their small home town could provide their
promise to each other was final whatever it took they would succeed and go home with face.

They were lucky Som got work in the hotel as porter on the second day at 4000 baht a month and this gave Noi time to not panic and look for stable work opportunity which came 1 month later with her interview at the bank and then the job offer as trainee
cashier. With her starting salary of 4,500 baht they paid 3,500 room rental and were happy.

Noi had not seen many farang before her travel to Bangkok but working in the bank she soon learned how much money these men would take out and on the odd few occasions transfer cash in. Somewhere in her mind the plan was forming and the stage was being

Som would watch and he learnt farang men are creatures of habit, some even wanting the same room each trip. He was often asked to fix many things. This was his job, what ever the request, when ever the request, he would oblige.

Together they had a plan.

Brad, 39, Sales director of American Textile, Woven Apparel Trading. Happily married with a wife who taught at the local primary school and 3 loving children. Life was good for them and the college funds were shaping up nicely. They were considered to
be living the American dream. Although ATWAT did not export to Thailand they did import some goods into the US and it was thought by the board that it would be good for Brad to visit Thailand and see what was possible out in the land of smiles.

He already knew how the land lay as his good buddy Steve had given him the low down on how easy it was to get laid in good old Bangkok. “Take the wedding ring off soon as you hit the hotel room and unpack the condoms buddy. It's cheep and
it's as easy as shooting fish in a bucket. Just don’t try any of the new stuff out on the wife when you get back home.” Steve had been to Bangkok twice already on company business and thought he knew it all.

Brad was looking forward to this trip and he looked at it as a reward for being a good husband and father for all these years. His little reward all of his own with a girl or 2 he had promised himself some fun for all the hard work he had done for his
family. What danger is there in fucking an ignorant half educated Thai girl. I’m Brad, Sales director of ATWAT, king of the jungle! I will show them mid life crisis! Who has those?

Boo had picked Brad up from the airport in the hotel limousine and had made brief, pleasant, almost comical conversation on the way to the hotel. Yes it was his first time to Bangkok and no he did not want massage and was not looking for wife as he had

Som clocked him the moment he walked into the hotel lobby after Boo had phoned him and given him the full run down. Brad had potential and Som personally checked him in and took his passport. Som noted that the company had booked and would
be footing all bills. May I have a business card sir asked Som and if you could just fill in your home address for our records. Brad handed it over, his card with the fancy gold A T.W.A.T lettered heading giving all his details, mobile, fax, email
and company address. Like a fat kid in a in a sweet shop his mind was only on one thing now.

In the early evening Noi stood at the food seller next to the hotel in her fitted office suit and high heels that exenterated the calf of her honey colored slender legs. She wore just enough make up to make her stunning. Nana was only 10 minutes walk
from the hotel and they always walked past that way like blind lesbians running towards a fish factory. The mobile telephone rang and she picked it up. Som's voice said simply that he was leaving. Noi had already been shown his passport picture
taken from the photo copy Somsak had given to her 3 hours earlier. As Brad walked towards her she started to walk towards him. As she got close she purposely knocked the back of her heel which was only held in place by a small screw which had
been slackened off 6 times already in that particular pair of shoes. Noi stumbled into Brad in a well-rehearsed fall that would have got a round of applause on any Hollywood set. Brad instinctively caught her in his arms and stopped her tumble
as Noi looked up and meet Brad with her eyes. The die was being cast for the second time that month.

4 hours later after much small talk and a drink Noi was in Brad's hotel room with a little help from the ever friendly concierge. I take shower Noi says to a very uneasy Brad who is not so talkative now. As she finishes her shower in the magnificent
bathroom she wraps herself in the ever soft white towel and asks Brad if he like shower too. Tepidly into the bathroom he goes, closing the door with his obvious discomfort and Noi carefully positions her small bag with crafted hole cut out on
the side, on top of her clothes on the chair in the corner of the room, a skill she had done some 107 times over the past years and with nimble fingers clicks the video camera onto record. 90 minutes worth where her mind will shut off from all
feeling and sensation. As Brad turns the water on and feels the sensation of the warm water he hears Noi enter the shower and start to rub his back lovingly. The rest is B grade porn movie history and after 3 hours Noi leaves the room and hotel
after giving Brad her cell phone number and offer of a helping hand while he is in the LOS.

Som smiles as he sees Noi leaving and then the switch board light up for telephone connection in room 708. Over the next 3 days Noi and Brad see each other for dinner twice, paid for on the company credit card of course and ending up in wild
sex in Brad's room. Not once does Noi ask for money, Brad thinking to himself he is the luckiest man alive. And can’t wait to tell Steve of his fuck 'em, forget 'em experience. I’m Brad, King of the jungle

Over the time Brad is in the LOS, machinery is put into action and a private investigator with strong Thai connections in the US is contacted and given a home address in US suburbia and instructions to obtain pictures of Brad's wife, preferably with
the kids on it, needed in 3 days max. These are emailed through to Som's private email, some 2 days after the request was made. The same fee every time for this service and prepaid by wire from a phantom account Noi set up with her banking

Brad is booked into business class on his return and already working out his visit report and how he can leave the conclusion open in order to enable him to get back soon. Better get the wife and kids something special he thinks after he checks through
passport control, been too busy fxxxing to shop for trinkets.

As Brad is about to go through X ray machine just prior to boarding the plane with his bag of gifts for family, a Thai immigration officer who is a close relation to Som closes in on Brad and quietly voices his name. Bemused for a moment Brad feels a
slight panic as he sees the officer's uniform but she smiles pleasantly which puts him at ease and she hands him the carefully prepared pink envelope with the simple hand written message. Have a good flight home, honey. Please open on plane.
Noi x.

Brad has heard many horror stories about drug running and carefully is feeling the envelope but it is thin and he can tell it only has a few pages contained in it. Brad quietly thanks the immigration officer as she disappears and slips the envelope in
his jacket pocket ,plenty of time to read a stupid love letter he thinks to himself.

Brad takes the envelope out just after take off and is half thinking about all the things Noi had done to him, things the wife would never dream about or do. The smile on his face is big with those thoughts.

The cold feeling hit his lungs first as he looked inside the pink envelope for the first time, then instinctively shuts the envelope tightly in his hand. Fxxx the fasten seat belt sign was still on. It lasted an eternity but the second it turned off Brad
made straight for the toilet cubical.

The typed note simple said “Don’t worry honey you will be contacted with banking details 12 monthly payments of 1000 USD each.”

For this sum you get to keep your family and job.

The next page simply had listed ATWAT company contact details, Brad’s home address and telephone number, together with his email and cell phone.

The next page had picture of Mrs. Brad taking the kids to school.

The 4th and final page contained 24 small pornographic photos which very clearly showed Brad and Noi as the feature attraction.

The 12 hour flight to London lasted a life time. Brad started to wear his newly acquired Thai smile upside down.

Stickman's thoughts:

Great story! About 2 years ago one reader contacted me after he had been the victim of a scam exactly like this one. He was even able to isolate it down to the hotel staff who had acquired his details, a hotel known for very small rooms in the Nana area…

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