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Human Trafficking

  • Written by Mad Max
  • November 9th, 2005
  • 16 min read

I was inspired to write this submission when I read a submission titled "of p4p" Author Anonymous. This author had viewed a TV show in the UK titled "Sex Trafficking". Then I viewed a similar TV show in the U. S. titled"Human
Trafficking". It aired on the Lifetime channel here. And then I start thinking back to my experiences in a Chinese restaurant in my town and after all of this, I just had to write this submission.

Although the restaurant isn't involved in the sex trade, it's still the same, as you will read later in this submission. The girls aren't free, but instead of being forced into prostitution, they are forced to work long hours in these Chinese
restaurants to pay off their smugglers or "Snake heads". Contrary to popular belief, Thais do fall victim to human trafficking. Though this submission is not targeted at illegal Thai immigration to the U. S. and human trafficking of
Thai people, Thais do fall victim to this illicit trade.

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Within recent times, about 70 Thai women were discovered in California working in a "Sweat Shop". They were being forced to work 18 to 20 hours per day. From what I read about this, they were guarded by armed guards, kept in house and only allowed
to leave the house to go to work. Again, from what I read, the Feds finally busted this joint and the Thai women got jobs in Thai restaurants in California. (Again, that's what I read)

And then there is the story of Pla. Pla is a Thai student who attended the University here. Pla is a very sweet girl who just happened to stay here for about 2 years after her student visa expired (I wrote about her in "Thai girls in Kentucky part
2".)She worked her ass off 7 days per week in 2 different restaurants (which is contrary to what I have read about Thais being lazy). Pla lived with her American boyfriend and she just wanted to live here with him and be happy, that's
all that she wanted. Her story is much different than the illegal immigrants who are being smuggled here, however her story makes me wonder how the I. N. S. operates and why.

A few months go by and I haven't seen Pla, so I now start to worry about her. Then one day I decided to visit the restaurants where she worked. Turns out that the I. N. S. caught up with her and she was deported back to Thailand. Since 9-11-01, the
I. N. S. has been following up very closely on student visas because of the terrorist threat (I would bet my left nut that Pla wasn't a terrorist, no Thai has ever blown up anything here) But then again, maybe the I. N. S. is concerned with
the Muslim uprisings in southern Thailand. But again, no Thai has blown up anything here.

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No Thai has ever flown an airplane into a skyscraper. No Thai has ever blown up a Federal building in Oklahoma and no Thai has ever blown up any abortion clinics in Atlanta (keep in mind that Americans committed the last 2 terrorist acts that I wrote
about here)

And then we have the "Una Bomber". He was finally arrested and guess what? He wasn't a Thai! He was American!

Then we have illegal Mexicans and illegal Chinese running around all over the place These people came her illegally and the I. N. S. just pretends that they aren't here. And if the I. N. S. is really worried about Islamic people or a "Muslim
threat", hell, they are all over the place! No, let's not do anything about them, let's not do anything about the Snakeheads and Coyotes who are trafficking their own people into slavery in the U. S. Those people are not the problem,
let's concentrate on the Thai students with expired visas. They are obviously the real threat! (being a bit sarcastic here)

Any intelligent person will admit that this makes no common sense whatsoever. All of this leads to the following and many questions as to why the I. N. S. does nothing about the following experiences that I've had at a Chinese restaurant.


On my first visit to the Chinese restaurant, I met a very nice Japanese girl named Lana. Lana and I have a very nice conversation. however she is kind of tapping me on my arm as if she is admiring me as well as warning me of something. She wrote my name
down on a napkin (this will be repeated throughout this submission). I go back 2 days later and the Chinese girls tell me that Lana has moved to New York (this will also be repeated throughout this submission).

Then I met a very sweet Chinese girl named Mary. She wrote my name down on a napkin. The next day I give her a rose, then 2 days later I follow up on her only to find that she has "moved to New York":

Then I meet another sweet Chinese girl named Sunny. Sunny would actually sit at my table and talk to me. She told me that she lived in a house with all of the Chinese girls and she wasn't allowed to leave. I go back 2 days later to find out she has
moved to New York. Sunny also wrote my name on a napkin. Sunny was the most special girl that I had met at the restaurant. She wasn't the prettiest girl on Earth (but not ugly by no means), but Sunny had this very special personality. She
had this special way of carrying herself and a gift of being able to relate to people and her body language was very special. Her English was was not very good, however she more than made up for her lack of English speaking skills with her personality
and body language. I really liked Sunny, she was just special. However, when I talked to her I noticed that I was surrounded by Chinese girls while I was talking to her. Then the girls took her to the kitchen and she soon came out of the kitchen
crying her eyes out and she wouldn't talk to me from that point forward. Then the next day, I'm standing at the front of my store and surprising to me, in walks Sunny. She looks me right in the eye, and then she lays her head on a cash
register (looking me in the eye again) and she almost started crying right there. Then she walks out obviously upset. So I go out to find her and she is gone. I go to the restaurant 2 days later and the girls there tell me that Sunny has "Gone
to New York"

Actually, this situation with Sunny still haunts me to this day. It's obvious to me that Sunny was trying to cry out to me for help. At this point, I knew that the I. N. S. knew about this situation, but since she had no "Towel over her head,
we are not worriedabout it". Actually, I have no problem with someone being illegal, however these people should be free when they are in the U. S. My problem is with my government and the people who profit from "Human Trafficking"
I wanted to help Sunny, but there was nothing I could do. And there was Annie.

I then met another Chinese girl named Annie. Annie was another very special girl, very nice and friendly personality. I had noticed that Annie would flash her cellphone in front of me each time that I was in the restaurant. So one day I decided to ask
Annie if she was married or had a boyfriend. She said "no boyfriend, no husband". Then we exchanged phone numbers. I called her number only to get a Chinese girl who had never heard of Annie. Then I go back to the restaurant the next
day and this time Annie is ignoring me. Then I go back 2 days later and I ask for Annie. Guess what, Annie has "gone to New York". The Chinese girl who I'm talking to says the Annie is on a 10 day vacation and she will be back,
however 3 weeks have passed and no Annie. I probably should have stopped trying to pursue these girls when Sunny was sent back to New York, however Annie flashed her cellphone around and I thought that she was "legal" because none of
the other girls who I am writing about here had cellphones.

After my experience with Annie, I call my contact to report this and again the response is "we are only concerned with Islamic terrorists, and how are we going to prove that this restaurant is involved in "Human Trafficking?" Pretty simple
to me. you put someone undercover (Chinese) in New York. Also, they have Hispanics (illegal also) working in the kitchen. One of them escaped and got arrested for shoplifting. He signed a contract with the Chinese in Atlanta and they sent him
here to work in the Chinese Restaurant. So my answer is put someone(Hispanic) undercover in Atlanta.

His answer is "The Chinese haven't gone after the Hispanics who have escaped (at least 3 have escaped to my knowledge) so they must be legal. I asked him if he knew of any Chinese people who have escaped, of course he said no. I told him that
the reason the Chinese haven't gone after the Hispanics is the fact that the Hispanics don't owe the Chinese any money. The Chinese don't escape because they owe a "Snakehead" in China as much as $35, 000 to $50, 000 to
smuggle them here. Also, these "Snakeheads" often hold these people's family members hostage back in China if their debt hasn't been paid.

There is nothing that can be done about what is going on in China, but it can be stopped here if someone will just step up to the plate and take some common sense action. Pretty simple, put someone under cover (Chinese) in New York, and put someone undercover(Hispanic)
in Atlanta. And if all of that fails, I know where the house is where all of these people are being held (staked out the joint after closing and tailed them to the house) . Go in and check for green cards (which are fake) and threaten to deport
the Chinese if they won't talk (the Chinese are often shot when they arrive in China after being deported) they will talk rather than being shot and killed in China (but then again, what if their family is being held hostage in China, this
does complicate things a bit) but then again, someone needs to do something and nobody is doing anything. . I'm not trained in investigating such matters, however I have done much more than the I. N. S. has done (maybe I should apply for
a job with the I. N. S. I have experience as a comedian, so I'm sure that I'm qualified to work for the I. N. S.)

After watching the TV show "Human Trafficking" on LifeTime TV in the U. S. , I noticed that Lifetime TV had a website where one could log on to do something to "Help stop Human trafficking" I logged on to the website and I was directed
to "Getting fit with Denise Austin" This is unfucking believable! This is proof to me that nobody in our government or nobody in our media really wants to do anything to stop "Human Trafficking" in the U. S. So the answer is
"Lets deport the Thai students with expired visas, but we should allow the "Mexican Coyotees and the Chinese Snakeheads to traffic their own people into our country as slaves" "Mi no comprinto Amigos" in English "I
don't understand my friends" I have another good Thai friend named Aoy. Just as Pla, Aoy has overstayed her student for at least 2 years (probably more) Just like Pla, Aoy is a very sweet Thai girl, she has worked her ass off in a local
"Hillbilly Restaurant" often 7 days per week. Aoy is planning to move to the east coast to join up with her boyfriend (American), however I bet she will be deported before she hooks up with him. It's obvious that the I. N. S. believes
that Thai students who are here on expired student visas are a threat to our "Freedom".

I have to admit the I have had my share of problems with Thais here (mainly due to cultural differences), but then again, I'm pretty sure that Pla and Aoy aren't terrorists. Both Pla and Aoy are very hard working Thai girls and I'm pretty
sure that they were not suspects in 9-11-01 .

I work in retail and I have never had a reason to suspect any Thai of stealing from my store. Often, they come in about 5 minutes before closing. They ask "Are you closed" I reply "You have 5 minutes, we close at 9:00 pm" They make
a purchase and leave at 9:00 pm on the dot every time, no exceptions!

I have thought about reporting these Thai students to the I. N. S. because I'm sure that they are "Terrorists" (being sarcastic as usual)

Then I go back to my home town on the "Mississippi Delta" I walk up and down the banks of the Mississippi River in fear of Thai terrorists hiding in the "Spanish Moss" (again, being sarcastic) I really search very hard to find these
"Thai terrorists" to no avail. Then I hook up with some Cajun friends to help me find these "Thai terrorists" The Cajuns sniff out every nook and cranny and no Thai are found.

Then some "Coyotees" come brushing by with some Mexicans following very close. We call the I. N. S. They say that they are only concerned with "Thai students on expired student visas"

We all check out every cyphress tree and we find no Thai hiding in the Spanish Moss. So then we say fuck it, we are going fishing. We cast our lines out into the Mississippi River. With the first cast, we get a bite!My friend Earl reals in a very unusual
looking fish like I have never seen before in my life!Turns out that it's a "Chinese Snakehead". Then about 30 Chinese girls follow this "Snakehaed"out of the waters of the muddy Mississippi river. We rustle these sweet
Chinese girls to safety with the Mexicans that we caught earlier that day. We feed the Mexicans red beans and rice and we feed the Chinese noodles and Asian rice. We hide all of these people in a shack and we take care of them, we feed them their
natural diet and whatever they need. We put the Coyotees and Snakeheads in a cage and we call the I. N. S. The I. N. S. says, "You got any Thai students there on expired student visas?If not. feed those Mexicans and Chinese to the Gators
and let the Coyotees and Snakeheads go because you are violating their "Human rights".

The I. N. S. then says "Don't call us unless you have Thais on expired student visas, they are our greatest threat."

I have to give credit to Pla and Aoy, you 2 girls have been the greatest threat to our country since Hitler! You girls rule!

Hold the press! For some odd reason, I decided to have lunch at the Chinese restaurant today. At the table next to me is a group of Thai students and my eyes are glued directly into the eyes of one of the prettiest Thai girls that I have ever seen! Then
I start looking around the room and guess who I see?

It's Annie! I am so shocked that I lost my concentration on the Thai girl and I'm now focused on this Chinese beauty named Annie. Annie is the first Chinese girl that I have ever seen come back from New York. So now I approach Annie and I ask
if I can talk to her, she says yes. I then ask her why she gave me the wrong phone number. She says it's not her phone and she has no phone, but then she pulls a cellphone from her pocket and she plugged in an earphone and she starts talking
into this cellphone. I ask for the number to the cellphone she has, she says that it's not her phone and she hands the phone to another Chinese girl and says that the phone belongs to that girl. It's obvious to me that Annie is very
busy at this point because she has a whole table full of silverware at her table that she is wraping into napkins and she says"Come back tomorrow and I will talk to you" If an American girl had told me that, I would be 100% sure that
she was brushing me off. but we are talking about a Chinese girl here who may be playing"Hard to get" I have read that it takes a lot of patience and persistence to get a date with an Asian "Good Girl". Also I noticed that
Annie was smiling and waving at me when I left so that has to be a good sign. Also, Annie must be legal because I wasn't surrounded my Chinese girls while I was talking to Annie. Anyway, Annie is worth a second shot or maybe a third or fourth,
who knows.

Back to Human trafficking

With all of this being said, I still have a major problem with the Human trafficking that is going on in my country with the Chinese, Mexicans and Thai and I don't believe that deporting Thai students with expired visas is going to stop terrorism
and Human trafficking.

Also I'm pretty sure that logging onto Lifetime TV'S "Getting fit with Denise Austin" isn't going to help stop Human trafficking. If Denise Austin is involved with the I. N. S. in trying to stop Human trafficking, then someone
please let me know how I can get in touch with her. Maybe Denise was involved with F. E. M. A. in New Orleans after Hurricane Catrina, if so, that explaines that clusterfxxk!

Deport the Thais with expired student visas and log onto "Getting fit with Denise Austin". That will solve all of our problems!

Nuff said.

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