Stickman Readers' Submissions October 11th, 2005

Response To Little Man

By Hurricane51

I must say that the comments from Little Man about lack of success with Thai girls came as a complete shock to me. Here's my story.

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I'm 5'4" tall. I'm now well into my 50s, and I've put on weight that doesn't go away. I'm not really handsome. I've managed to avoid marriage thus far, narrowly in a few cases. I usually had a steady
girlfriend throughout my life, but that stopped once I discovered Bangkok. And I'm planning on retiring to Thailand next year.

I'm also pretty fussy about the girls I choose. I prefer small, slender girls with a nice smile — although that's not exactly hard to find in Thailand. I prefer small breasts, slender thighs. The facial characteristics aren't
that important, but most Thai girls have lovely facial characteristics.

I have been to Thailand about 15 times, starting in 1995. I usually stay about three weeks each time. In all those trips, I think I've been turned down a total of 2 or 3 times. If I had friends with me, I usually found a girl sooner
than they did, and she was usually better looking. Many times the lovelier girl came with me, and one of her friends would go with my (taller) friend.

I usually prefer short-time, but it's not a hard and fast rule. I once met a girl at Darling massage who asked me if she could come to my hotel after she got off work. We stayed together for the remaining days of my trip (about a week
or so) and she never asked for money — although I gave her some when leaving for the airport. I met up with her again on my next trip, and we spent several days together before I traveled to Phuket. She was very lovely (my friends back in the
States all think she's gorgeous in the photos).

I had a long-distance relationship with a girl in Phuket for about 3 years. I would fly in to Bangkok for a week, then fly to Phuket and stay with her for a couple for weeks. I would give her some money when I left, take her shopping, etc.
She was very beautiful (a head turner on the street), but she had a temper, especially when she drank.

I've turned down many lovely Thai girls who didn't turn me on, but I was always gracious about it. And I usually avoid girls who are somewhat disinterested, even if they initially ask to go to my hotel. I figure that disinterest
in a bar probably translates to disinterest in bed.

One of my "failures" was a shop girl who worked in Ploenchit Center that I pursued for a couple of days. She did agree to dinner and a movie, but it was clear that sex was not in the equation.

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Once I convinced a stunningly beautiful go-go dancer to go with me. She preferred my friend, but he was drunk and tired and went back to his hotel alone. I was the second choice. And, perhaps predictably, the evening was with her was not
very exciting (a lesson learned).

I get the jokes when the bargirls compare the length of their fingers to mine, and they all giggle. I laugh along. But that has never prevented them from going out with me.

Now, I have one physical characteristic that most Thai girls have pointed out to me, and which obviously attracts them — I have two deep dimples — one in each cheek. I also have a chin dimple. They tell me that dimples are good luck, and
two dimples are twice as lucky.

I've never thought that dimples were the key — just one of the few things to talk about with a stranger when they run out of the usual patter in a bar. I guess if the majority of short men in LOS feel ignored by pretty Thai girls, I'd
have to seriously consider any physical characteristic that might differentiate me from the others. I just don't feel that's the key. Maybe we'll hear some storied from other dimpled men, but it seems pretty far-fetched.

One thing that I've noticed is that many guys who are short show a lack of confidence. Maybe it's a lack of experience/success with the beautiful girls in their home countries that can somehow be communicated to the girl. Remember,
Thais want to have FUN (sanuk) in whatever they do, and a dull companion doesn't qualify unless they are really willing to pay a lot. Even if it's just a commercial transaction, they would PREFER a fun companion over a dull

In my early trips, I've seen beautiful girls in the company of other men and was disappointed knowing that I would never see them again. I actually considered those to be "failures", even though the opportunity to meet them
never presented itself. On a short visit, it's easy to think that you've missed your chance. A few years ago, I started trying to slip them my hotel phone and room number to them in a moment when they have been separated. About half
the time, this has actually worked! The first time this happened, I was confused about the phone call I received, as I couldn't actually believe such an audacious move (for me) would succeed!

I've not seen any of these as successes to brag about, because I've seen truly ugly men with beautiful Thai girls. I always though I was about average in my success rate. Maybe I'm the anomaly that proves the point.

Stickman's thoughts:

Good, solid advice.

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