Stickman Readers' Submissions August 8th, 2005

My Continuing Thailand Adventure

Well where do I start. My travels of Thailand. I have been to Thailand many times over the past 9 years. Before I have never gone near a Thai women but this time I ended up meeting quite a few, the bar girl, the hairdresser, the supermarket girl, the
lady who had her own bar, the school teacher. I lived in a room for 2 weeks with 15 bar girls, not once did they try take my money, of course they lied and I think I helped them writing their emails for them back to their boyfriends, asking for
money to be wired, to pay for lost mobile phones, dentist bills, doctor bills etc etc it goes on. I think this is probably why they never tried to take advantage of me. From what I have seen they are all the same. The schoolteacher and supermarket
girl wanted more then any of the others and they got nothing out of me. I played them all like they liked to play men, switching between about four across the country travelling around. Had to do a runner from two relationships for fear of getting
shot, but that's another story. <Send that one in, we'd like to hear about it!Stick>

I met my wife late last year, she had nothing, not even a pot to piss in. She never asked for anything, only that I take care of her, help support her daughter 2000 baht a month and her parents 500 baht each a month. Previous I had had requests
of buy a condo for me, build a school (the schoolteacher) buy land for me, buy shop for me in the same street that is named after my family (the supermarket girl). Well she wasn't living the cleanest of lives going down the slippery road,
I didn't take pity on her but knew the first time I saw her that was it, I was quite honest with her, told her she looked like a cheap whore and what the fuck was she doing.

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Within the first week I had asked her to accompany me on my travels. She would only come if she had a HIV test and was clean, her wish not mine. So I gave her the money to go and check whilst I said and arranged to meet her at the train station
2 days later. In that time she was given the all clear. We then travelled around the country for 1 month. She never asked in that time for money off me, and when I couldn't draw some out the ATM one day she did state she has 6,000 baht in
the bank if I needed it. Well I returned back to the UK. She went back home to Isaan, I gave her the funds to go home and I knew if she returned to where I'd met her I would be informed by quite a few people I already knew there. Well I had
all her family thank me that she was back at home. She isn't a spring chicken, 32, and myself 33 and no angel…She stayed at home. She comes from a large family 9 brothers and sisters so they all support the parents so I have had no silly

Anyway on my return to Thailand, we both met both went back down to where she worked before, met up with one of her friends who is married to a farang man 35 years older then her. (My wife actually jokes about this relationship, papa I need
this papa, I love you so much.) She gathered her clothes from her apartment and gave all the sexy cheap shit away to her friends, stating that she has finished working and has no intention to return again. From the start I have stated I don't
have money and if that is what she wanted money maybe she should go and find an older gentleman. Anyway after travelling with her for a length of time I was whisked off to Isaan. She fell pregnant (both or wishes) and we ended up living together
under her parents' house for 8 months. Where I have shared a room with her mum, sister and sisters' daughter. I have had no demands off her parents only that I take care of their daughter and her brother suggested he wouldn't be
happy if sold her when I returned to England. Her parents are well into there 70's, I have helped around the farm, put up guttering, grown vegetables etc etc. I did go and buy them a fridge which I suggested because I was sick of running
back to town every day on her sister's motorbike which she left me every day whilst she went to work.

I also bought her father who lives in the shack next door and likes to live like a monk a 450 baht radio, a upgrade on his previous model, which he sits every evening listening to at dusk.

Anyway 2 months into her pregnancy she started to encounter problems, We were living 15km away from the nearest town. We had to go to the nearest hospital by farm truck, when we got there the doctor stated she was having an entopic pregnancy
and had to be rushed to the next town half an hour away as soon as her blood pressure was not at a safe level. We eventually got there, she was operated on, lost over 2 litres of blood and spent 24 hours in intensive care. (She could have died.)

We spent 5 days in hospital and I booked us into the VIP room so her family could come and stay and visit anytime they wanted and I wanted my wife of course to be comfortable. Her mother turned up at the hospital and tried to give me 10,000 baht to pay
bills etc. I stated I could afford to take care of my wife but took a token 1,000 baht from her anyway. When we eventually returned home my wife was very weak for a while. Before she was up at 5 AM every day making papa's food, cleaning the
house, washing clothes etc. I gave her brother's sons and daughters pocket money over the next month to do all the chores so my wife didn't have to worry. When she was eventually better she showed me more love than she had before, and
I am not talking sexually here.

I have had other farangs come and visit me with there Thai wife's knowing full well that their wives have Thai boyfriends the same age when the farang man goes home, even though they are married. Myself and my wife only argue when I
see these sort of things going on. She agrees it's not right but it's not our business and could make problems for all if I spoke out about it. She knows what goes on. I know. We both have had one mobile phone since the start of our
relationship. Both of us have had to break SIM cards up in front of each other when I returned to Thailand. She actually phoned previous boyfriends in front me telling them not to contact her ever again. She spoke to my exes trying to keep me
peace and she said there is only one lady who would make problems so neither of us will return to that place.

I have looked well at her family, Her parents are at an age where they want to see that their sons and daughters settled. In their late 70's money isn't number one anymore (what I have noticed is when the mother is young she is
egging her daughter to get as much as possible from her farang husband, is it because they are generally much older?), All her brothers and sisters work hard, none of them drink or smoke. I have shown all family members respect, her mother has
paid taxis for me without me knowing, she offered to sell gold to help pay for her daughters visa to the UK. My wife has assured me she would never ask for money for any doctor bills. Her sister is a nurse so they are all covered at a cost of
30 baht each a time.

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We have a prenuptial and she joked when we got it signed that when we are both 50 that I would say what a waste of money that was. I assured her it wasn't a waste of money. We never fight, only regarding issues when I know what other
Thai women are doing to farangs. She is currently at home while I am back in the UK. She thanks me everyday and I talk to her sister's daughter everyday who I taught a lot of English to. Her sister has sent me emails thanking me because she
doesn't have to worry about her parents or daughter because my wife is at home taking care of them. All this costs me is 10,000 baht a month, a months wages for someone, which my wife saves every bit of because she wants to pay her own air
fare to the UK when a visa is finally granted…

Still on the other hand, reading your site, seeing for myself, I still don't know or doubt I will ever know, does she have a Thai man there? Did her ex-farang man pay to build her sister's house? Will she try to take me to the cleaners
at a later stage?

No is the answer about everything I have asked her… How do I know for sure? Saving face plays a big part. She is my wife? If I can't trust her who can I trust.

The same happens back here, there is good and bad everywhere. I covered myself.

We often joke come to Thailand to travel, and I've ended up with a wife, what's happened our lives.

We are both happy, guess just got to ride it out…….

I would like to remain anonymous on this one but get back to me some input cheers.

Stickman's thoughts:

You've obviously read a lot of the stories on this site which DO put the fear of God into people about the integrity and loyalty of Thai women. But that you have seen clear evidence of such lies and deceit in the village yourself and that your wife wants you to remain hush hush about it has obviously caused huge doubt, and justifiably so. It's a difficult one this. I would say that it would be best to get her checked out, but in a village situation, that can be very difficult indeed. Hopefully some readers will have some good advice for you.

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