Stickman Readers' Submissions August 13th, 2005

By George, I Think She’s On To Something!

I don’t normally bite on these political topics about male / female eternal conflict crap, but the article from the Farang Female (12/08/2005) had me rubbing my eyes and scratching my head in both wonderment and utter disbelief.

Dear Lady,

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So, you were disgusted and you wanted to vomit when your ex told you he went to see a prostitute. Presumably, you would have preferred it if the poor bastard had done a swan dive off the top of the nearest multi-storey car park instead.

Here’s the thing lady, we are simple beings for the most part. We are prepared to give the best of ourselves to our true love. We work hard, we help bring up the kids, we keep the garden in shape and basically we want to give you the
moon and stars. You tell us we are lazy, we don’t earn enough, you whine like buggery when we go to the pub or watch a football match on Saturday. Should we as much as glance in the general direction of another woman, you uncork the green
genie and we have to spend the next fortnight groveling for forgiveness.

Low-esteem!! Surely not.

So finally you piss off with the milkman taking the kids, the car and half of everything else leaving your man to spend the next significant chunk of his life trying to avoid bankruptcy and at the same time hold his miserable existence together.
Here’s news, financially and emotionally mutilated men do not attract women anywhere on this planet.

Big surprise, finally recovering some financial and emotional dignity some of us will head off to Thailand or somewhere similar. Hey, there are beautiful women here who laugh at our stupid jokes, put their long slender arms around our necks
and call us teerak. Yes, we see the picture and guess what… What a great picture it is.

More news, we know they don’t mean it. We know they will jump into bed with the next punter as soon as we head off to the airport. We know it’s their job. We are prepared to pay for this illusion for a while because it boosts
our self-esteem. And unlike any relationship we can have in the west, we know the price, up front.

One more revelation, we bloody well enjoy it.

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Just the sight of a man enjoying himself is usually more than most Farang Females are prepared to tolerate anyway, come to think of it. Maybe, that’s what really spurred you into writing your article.

You are absolutely right about one thing. Bar girls in Thailand are only interested in the money. How different you are!!

You wrote :
“How sick must it be controlling a woman by giving her money but forbidding her to see other men?”

Sounds like a western marriage to me.

You also wrote :
“You cannot buy a woman and her feelings. You can only pay her for the job she does.”

I know who I’d rather be paying.

We’re not looking for everlasting love or a woman to take care of us for the rest of our days. Most of us tried that already. Christ woman, that’s the reason most of us are here.

We want to feel the softness of a woman’s touch. Who gives a shit if she’s pretending. Where are we going to get that in Farangland, from you?

Union Hill

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DAMNED close to being a star submission this…

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