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Stickman Readers' Submissions July 13th, 2005

Kiwis Take(n By) Pattaya Part 2

Day 4

We met for breakfast and went to a buffet as the lads were hungry for bacon and eggs, which I noticed my lady ate her fair share of, then we split from the guys to go shopping, which was one reason I wanted my lady to stay with me for the
day. I had wanted a few things and knew from reading here the way to get a better price was to let the local knowledge and language of your lady help you. I was rewarded with some really cheap jeans (hemmed to the right length for an extra 25
baht each in 30 minutes) T shirts, bags and other things at bargain basement prices, as I like to get gift shopping done early in a trip so I can relax.

He Clinic Bangkok

I was constantly asking her if she wanted anything and amazed she didn't once seem to want anything we saw, even after I looked at jewellery etc. Over the next couple of hours I found out she had not been barfined for 20 days as most found her too
tall, at all of 5 foot 5! She told me we were not far from her house when looking around Big C shopping centre, and that her son was at school, which she paid for by working. At no stage was this some sort of complaint apology or excuse for her
lifestyle, just statements of facts as I asked. We got a snack and returned to my room, where we showered and had a relaxed afternoon bonk with the air-conditioning blasting the room cool.

As it was about 2pm I said she could go home to pick up or be there to see her son, which she seemed to appreciate, got her number and paid her 1000 baht and said goodbye. I decided it would be best not to barfine her again as I could feel that any more
time with her and without her asking I would be wanting to put her son through school, high school and university. Secretly I had hoped that if she was not barfined one evening she would call me and want to see me again, but she never called me
and I never saw her again though I did go into her go-go again, so maybe someone took her for the week or she had days off, but I was vaguely disappointed not to see her again. I wondered for about 2 seconds how I would get over this disappointment,
but heroically always found someone willing to keep me occupied each evening.

Another ex-pat kiwi who has an engineering firm near Bangkok joined us for dinner and took us to one of his favourite restaurants, buffet style, then on to Buffalo's bar a few minutes ride north of walking street area. He was greeted
as a well known local, and I thought we got better treatment due to this as our table was surrounded by very attentive ladies wanting to mop our sweaty brows. If you didn't like the lady who came up to you, you just declined her cool towellete
and another would walk by and catch your eye. Smile at her and you were in luck and she would be yours for the asking – heavenly! I was picky and had decided I wanted a babe with proper tits, but one of our group had picked the babe with the best
set of tits in the bar already, (and she smoked) so I kept looking around. There are 4 poles along the side of the building, each with a girl or two dancing on them in mini skirts and skimpy tops. I decided I liked the look of one of them, damn
she could dance, but one of the other guys I was with called her over and she was his for the night. I decided another night I would get her, no drama as there are so many lovely ladies around. One by one the guys were drifting off with their
ladies for parts unknown so I decided to continue my search for proper tits, as sometimes you need a challenge, and rode to walking street, passing about 50 bars on the way – damn this is a target rich environment! Sitting in our normal seats
at Too's we called a few ladies over for closer inspection and finally asked one if she would like a drink, so we could see how much she liked me (more how much to pay her to act that way). 500 baht seemed almost enough to make some of them
think about it, but the magic 1000 baht seemed universally to do the trick. I wondered how the prices changed in peak season with more punters around. I was interested to see a guy walking along hand in hand with two babes, and gave him a whistle
and thumbs up which made his watermelon eating grin even bigger. If I was interested in licking their pussies I would have taken 2 ladies and explored the possibilities, but had decided I would not do oral sex with them. It was hard to imagine
anything being wrong in such nice ladies but I had heard the horror stories about diseases and aids etc. My ladies tits were more a magic bra and top illusion, but very firm, and she had the silky smooth skin you feel like running your hands and
lips over all night long. Hmmmm, what a way to spend an evening – magic!

Day 5

We were almost starting to become nocturnal, and meeting later and later for what I will call breakfast, heading back down the beach. After ordering the seafood fried rice and coffee I decided to join another mate and have a manicure, pedicure
and massage from the ladies 20 yards away under the beach umbrellas. Wow, what a feeling having one lady doing my nails, another my feet and a third massaging whatever wasn't being cut buffed and polished. Total cost – less than a haircut
back home! I vowed to have a massage of some sort each day I was there. I love the sensuous oily massages, firm Thai massages and decadent foot massages – awesome! There is no excuse for anyone going home sore from Thailand. I floated up the stairs
to the scooter on my manicured feet and went for a swim then a snooze. Damn – no one sleeps at night here and I was way behind on sack time, but as one of our group said – you can catch up on sleep when you go home, but I was dead on my feet.
Must remember to get a set of those airline eye covers to sleep during the day. I adjusted the air-con to cool me but not freeze me, and tried to sleep despite the sounds of construction equipment from over the road. We had found out that a world
Porsche cup race was being run not far down the road, but had failed to find out when the race was and missed seeing it, oh well. I couldn't sleep so scooted down to the beach and had a wade around in the luke warm water, relaxing under the
mild sun, being fed snacks and food from the local vendors plying their wares. I had decided to trust the ice, but used bottled water to rinse and drink and personally suffered no ill effects, though a couple of the others had bad tummies for
a day each and did not stray too far from a proper toilet for the day.

We ate and headed out for the evenings entertainment about 8pm, and unanimously decided walking street deserved another look as we had only been into 10 bars. We went to the Shark bar and were amazed by the ladies dancing on our tables in
mini skirts with no panties. Damn – you just gotta love this place! My search for tits had not been satisfied so I decided to do some real scouting around and everywhere you turned you found more go-go's and bars. I saw some bars without
a single person in them and wondered how they survived the slow season. They seemed to be older bar girls and I wondered how the pecking order went and figured they went to work in bars after they were not getting barfined in the go-go's
once too old. I guess there was no shortage of new talent coming down country to find out how much they could make in the bars and go-go's to send home. The girls I had talked to seemed to have a pretty good lifestyle, compared to some of
the surrounding locals, with their nice clothes and mobile phones etc. I saw some very scruffy freelancers walking around, also a lot of much older ladies walking with much younger girls and I wondered if they were mother/ daughter or an auntie
showing them the ropes etc. I would have loved to converse with some of them, but found the language barrier made it too hard, and I always found they seemed to say what they thought I wanted to hear. I found it interesting also how the girls
would universally agree to do whatever you said you wanted to do and how hard it was to find out if they actually wanted to do something. I guess that is universal when there is money involved, as you are the boss in their eyes. The only time
I could get them to say no to was to put my cock near their asses, which I did to get a reaction mainly. I was a bit shagged that evening and gave up my search for tits, and settled for one who assured me that she would massage every square inch
of my body, which she did, paying special attention to 6 inches again and again. I slept like a log, unsure if she stayed the night or left in the morning or what time I woke.

Day 6

We did our normal morning routine and a couple of the lads retired to sleep and a few of us decided to ride and find the worlds largest wooden building. We headed off, got turned around and amazingly found what we were looking for after only
a few wrong turns. We paid for the horse and carriage tour and went and watched the dolphin show while eating lovely fresh food. We then donned hard hats and looked around the temple of truth for an hour, also watching the artisans making new
or replacement parts for the building which is constantly having parts replaced. It is amazingly large and has some serious teak poles in it, and full size elephants etc all made out of teak. Quite cool to see the mixture of technologies being
employed on this structure. Even the scale model of it is large. It was also nice for us to see there is a lot more to Pattaya than walking street etc. We saw a lot of the local area on the way back, riding out a very long pier to the fishing
boats, and saw a boat yard with some impressive pleasure boats having work done on them. There were no other farangs around where we were and we never found anyone who could answer our questions, so undoubtedly we were seeing a tiny different
slice of Pattaya to most tourists. We are talking about doing a motorbike trip next time there up to the Cambodia border. We will invest in a Thai-English-Thai dictionary for sure, as well as try to get a few more words in our vocabulary other
than hello and thank you (which I am sure I never quite got right). We rode back and had our normal afternoon nap then 4 of the guys went off for food at an Irish pub, so I figured the boys were getting homesick for western food, but there they
ordered Thai curries! A couple of us ate local food from the barrows, then we decided to head off to Buffalo's so I could find and fine the cutie I had spotted before. She was up pole dancing and damn could she move! I want to come back as
a brass pole in my next life. I called her over after her set was over, and she was puffing from the exertion and liked it when I used my towellette to mop her brow, as her friends cheered when they saw my kind gesture. I was busily asking what
she would wear if she came out with me to go for the night, as it was too early to go home and I wanted to cruise around for a while. She mistook this to mean I would barfine her, but we had not discussed money yet, so I made sure to do this before
we left so as to not have a drama later, and secured her for 1000 baht long time, plus the 500 baht barfine. (By way of comparison back home you would maybe get a crap massage and a hand job for twice the money, if you were lucky.) We took off
and I was slightly sad to see that the sexy top she had been dancing in, and was now wearing, did not blow off on the scooter haha. She had put on a pair of jeans that looked sprayed on, and if anything looked hotter than she had in her mini skirt,
she had a great figure for a petite babe and not a bit of fat on her whole body (I looked).

We went to a bar on walking street which had a live band, as I enjoy live music. During the time we were there I saw people coming and going down the middle of the bar and during a break in the music I heard the bass beat of louder dance
music, so we headed down the back and popped out into a very large disco, complete with a live American band with a great repertoire of varied modern songs. I was amazed to see hundreds of ladies dancing to the band, and realized they were some
of the freelance ladies I had seen walking around outside. The babe I was with was great company, but in a different way from some of the others I had been with, as I had to work to 'win' her affections. Most of the other ladies had
held hands and been cuddly, but this one was slowly thawing to my charms and it was not till we danced close for a while that we touched, though by the end of the evening we were holding hands. I liked it as it was more like a real date. The drinks
in the disco were the most expensive I had seen, about the same as back home, but there was no cover charge for the live music, so it was ok. When the band took a break the stage area filled with babes shaking their goods for all to see and I
decided I would return another night, as it was cool. We left around 1pm and my lady asked if we could swing by her place so she could change. We rode for 5 minutes into some back streets and walked up a couple of flights of steps into her neat
one bedroom unit. She changed into a t shirt and red jeans and we headed off to my room, where we showered and had sex which was so active it was like I was in bed with 2 or 3 girls. Brilliant fun I must say, I made a note that the pole dancers
were more fun in bed. After we were done and I was dozing off she asked if she could go as she had trouble sleeping anywhere else, so I paid her and walked her to the street to wait for a taxi. We had exchanged phone numbers and she told me she
was on her night off that next evening, so I asked her if she wanted to go out dancing again that evening and she said no – she needed the night off to sleep. I guess she was not hard up for money, and I didn't take it personally, too much.
She also told me the other mate of mine had paid her 2000 baht, so I kept that info for the next mornings breakfast round table discussion.

Day 7

We leave tomorrow afternoon, so we decided to head to Bangkok for our last night and look around there. We arranged rooms on Soi Cowboy and headed to see our friend's factory on the way, then late afternoon arrived on Soi Cowboy. I had
a bit of a flu so had a pretty boring evening planned. We went shopping in the evening markets, 3 of us catching a tuktuk back, which I convinced to do wheelies much to the glee of other drivers on our route. When we got back we decided to walk
around Soi Cowboy and see the sights. It was much like we had seen in Pattaya, but I found the ladies out front a little more aggressive in trying to get you inside. I made a girl's day who was sitting outside one bar with a cast on her arm
by miming how she must have broken it giving hand jobs, which cracked up everyone down that end of the street. I liked the bar there, and a few of the boys left there with babes, and if I had been up to it I would have joined them, but the combination
of the pollution and flu had me gasping and blowing my nose so I went to sleep. What an end to my trip – alone on Soi Cowboy – damn!

In the morning we tried finding the floating markets, but humorously ended up in a large port much to the consternation of the guard there, and by the time we got back through the severe traffic we ate, did last minute shopping, packed and
headed off to the airport. We checked in then proceeded to have a 45 minute Thai massage to kill time – well it had been more than a day since I had one! We sat and could not help but smile as we all talked about our visit to the land of smiles.
New friends made and experiences that most people back home would not believe, all in 8 days away from our cold, wet home. And I didn't get hooked by any bargirls, thanks to this site!

That was a proper, proper holiday, as our English friend would say!

I have just arranged our return timed with mid winter here to recharge our batteries, find new loves and relax in the warm climate. I smile every time I think about this first trip, and can't wait to feel the coarse sand under my feet
as I eat breakfast, and the silky skin of a 'little brown sexy lady powered by rice' beside me again. Roll on September!

Stickman's thoughts:

No, other Kiwis will not believe what you got up to!