Stickman Readers' Submissions May 4th, 2005

Yes, There Are Good Ladies In Thailand

Yes there are good ladies to be found in Thailand. Maybe I was lucky, or I looked long and hard enough and also tried to understand the people and their country.

My wife is a highly educated woman, MA in education. She speaks and writes very good English. She was originally educated in Christian and Buddhist primary schools, her father is catholic and her mother Buddhist.

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She and her family never look down at more unfortunate people, just the opposite they try to help as much as they can.

Her father was a mayor of our city; the family is respected by all and any and is to all purposes a dynasty in this part of the country, at least for the last 100 years or so.

As we married 6 years ago no sin sot was asked or expected by her parents.

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Her mother wanted to arrange a big wedding party at the largest hotel in town; however my wife and I vetoed this idea. So we only had a small family wedding.

Her father gave us a four floor building in the city centre as a wedding present.

Every year we get about 5 tons of rice from our share of the farming property of my wife, most of it is sold by the mill. We had to change the title of her 63 rai of farming area to be split between the family members. It is ours, but we had to comply with the Thai laws.

Whenever I had to go to Australia her father literarily ordered me to his house before my departure and slipped an envelope with money into my pockets, I did not like to accept this but he got very upset and told me “you are part of the family and need enough to buy what you want.” It usually was between 10 to 50.000 baht.

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She and her family do not drink any beer, whisky or other intoxicating liquids at all. Once I was surprised to find a bottle of beer in the fridge, however I found out that she uses it in her hair to make it smoother. What a waste of a good beer.

As I am from Perth, she wanted to see my country and we went a few years ago for a visit. She liked what she could see and returned early last year, alone; to stay with a few of my friends. This was my idea, to find out if she could fend for herself.

After she came back she told me that she likes Perth, she had no contact whatever with other Thai people, apart from visiting her younger sister, a lecturer at a major Thai University, who was in the final semesters for her PHD at a University in Perth.

She promptly went into early retirement from her class 8 government work and prepared to go back and live in Australia. She gets a pretty good “by Thai standards” pension after 25 years of government service. This is more then enough to have a good life in LOS.

We applied for an immigrant visa; as her father once was with the Thai foreign office it was granted within 2 weeks.

In November last year we went to Perth, found her an apartment, got furniture and bought a small car. All this was paid for from her own money.

I had to go back to LOS after a few weeks to look after our property there, it was damned lonely for me, but could not be helped..

Within a few weeks she found work in Perth, 35 hours a week at 490 A $ after taxes. As she is not afraid of any work or long hours, she has a high standing within her company.

As she was feeling lonely I went to Perth during the end of March to stay with her for a few weeks. We also had a party (no alcohol) with her younger sister who just got her Australian PHD.

My wife managed to get into the TAFE English classes after a bit of a problem, her English was simply too good. But finally they accepted her in the highest class.

I am still in Perth but I will have to go back to LOS within the next few weeks. I do not like OZ anymore and I also have to look after our house and other interests.

Fortunately we have an adopted daughter in LOS, she is now 22 and in the last semester for her BA. She actually looks quite well after me cooks my food and makes sure I do not smoke too much. She can be quite bossy at times, my wife told her to take care of me and that’s exactly what she is doing. This is ok but not the same as having a wife around. At the end of this year she will go for four months to Perth for an internship which I arranged. I feel pity for her she is very beautiful but very big for a Thai lady 5 feet 10 inches, only 54 kg, the problem is that she is brought up to western standards and behaves like a western woman. The result is that she finds no boyfriends here. She also has an IQ of 152, altogether this seems to turn most Thai men off. She never will be submitting to a husband who is not at her own level.

I don’t know why I wrote this? Maybe to point out that you can form a really good relationship in LOS, provided you are not a bar fly and try to find a reasonably well educated woman, who is more or less your equal in education. The age difference does not seem to matter at all. I will be 69 in September; my wife is 46 and very good looking but we are very happy together. Her reason to be in OZ is to get away from all Thai traditions and make a life for both of us. We probably will spend the rest of our lives flying between Perth and BKK. Three months here, then 3 months there and so on. I am not well off financially, just a small pension. But with our combined resources we do very well indeed.

So people, there are chances to find a good woman in Thailand, but I don’t believe you will have too much luck looking in Nana Plaza, Pattaya or any other tourist place. Go to the smaller cities, live there for a few months and make local contacts. Preferably not in the Isaan area. You can visit the local bars, its ok for a look around or a few beers, but do not pick up any bar or Go-go girls. Do not get drunk. Words get around fast in small places. That would spoil all your chances.

May be this will help somebody.

Stickman's thoughts:

Interesting that you specifically exclude the Isaan area.

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