Stickman Readers' Submissions May 4th, 2005


I have read many articles, including the one just suggested by Stickman, concerning the why's and whynot's, the if's, and's and but's of the Thai girl psyche. But never once have I seen a submission which dealt with the possibility
that being raised Buddhist may play a huge part in their decision making process.

Perhaps that is because as westerners we are unaware of the effects on our own personality and behavior that being raised Christians have had. Oh yes, I know it's all about love, peace, caring and harmony, or at least that's what
they want us to think it is. What it's really about is shame and guilt. We are a piece of shit when we are born and in need of 'redemption' and are made to feel guilty about our most basic human needs. Whether we believe it or not
this does effect how we view the rest of the non-Christian world and the rest of the non-Christian world's behavior.

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I know very little about Thai culture, (Dana's right – the only way you can learn is to live with them and I'm working on it) Thai women or any other women for that matter, but I do know a little about Buddhism.

Every Thai knows that he/she will never reach Nirvana in this lifetime, which requires a total loss of ego as well as all human desire. To a Thai this means that they'll be coming around again and to ensure that they won't come
back as a cockroach, much 'merit' must be gained.

So, how does a poor, mostly uneducated, Isaan country girl make merit?

Taking care of her parents of course.

And how does this poor, mostly uneducated, Isaan country girl take care of her parents?

By f–king Farangs of course.

In my mind, it is quite possible that these girls truly believe that what are doing is not only a good thing, but honorable – and hell – maybe it is.

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Another way of making merit is to bring pleasure to another human being, i.e. massage, food preparation etc. What better pleasure can be had than bonking a beautiful young brown girl with long black hair and large dark eyes. I don't
know of one – do you?

So, that's two strikes in their bag from this perspective.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I have NEVER experienced bad sex. Some were better than others and some were even great, but I can not state that any was bad. Even those times when I had to 'do it myself'. On those
rare occasions when I didn't reach orgasm it still felt pretty good and on one occasion when I bonked a lady in which I had no physical attraction to, it still was pretty good.

So I'm wondering if it's the same for the girls. Surely if your dick is rubbing on her 'clicker' there must be some sort of sensation that she can't ignore. And even if she doesn't get it off, it still might
feel pretty good. (Maybe somebody can do a poll)

If that is true, look at what we have here. Merit is being made all over the place and it feels good.

Seems pretty perfect for a poor, mostly uneducated, Isaan farm girl.

Stickman's thoughts:

As someone who is agnostic, I simply have no comment.

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