Stickman Readers' Submissions March 25th, 2005

The Queen Of Lies And Deception

Let me introduce myself my name is Tommy B from England. I have been to Thailand a few times before so I thought I knew how these Thai girls work. But this trip from Oct 6th to Dec 7th 04 I was not ready for the level of lies and deceit these Thai girls
can sink to. I was deceived brilliantly by a sweet innocent Thai girl who turned out to be a player on a whole new ball game, totally out of my league.

Funny thing was I considered myself a bit of a stud and a good butterfly. When I mean butterfly, I, like many others, would go with different girls but would never cheat on a girl if I was with them. Now I am a bit more humble and will let
my guard down when I see the small signs which signal trouble ahead.

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This Is My Story

I was at the airport with my friend Jack and ahead of us was a two month holiday travelling to Bangkok, Koh Samui, Phuket, and Pattaya then back to Bangkok. The times we had were great and I don’t need to mention them here as this
story starts in Phuket. My eyes Phuket was great, good beaches great weather and a very good nightlife. There seemed to be more farang in Phuket which added to the party on down atmosphere at night.

After a week of checking out Banana disco, Tiger disco and the bars on the Bangla Road my friend and I went to the Tai Pan disco or the FBI bar as it is known as well. We were there by the dance floor drinking our Jack and cokes and smoking
our ciggys checking out the beautiful Thai girls on the dance floor when we spotted these two Thai girls dancing away. One girl was in black wearing a lot of silver jewellery, I mean there were chains around her waist and on her hands and up her
arms. I believe this was some kind of Indian fashion. The other girl looked like a real slapper, she had shorts on which showed off most of her ass flesh.

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So my friend and I moved in and started our modus operandis for pulling the girls. I went for the beautiful girl with the chains, lets call her Porn and my friend went for the other girl called Sar who was also with a girl called Ning. Well
we had a party and danced and did the eating on the street outside at a food vendor thing, can never get used to sitting on a public street by busy road on those plastic chairs eating. Weird.

Well Porn was great. I was seeing her for a good few days. She said she was on holiday in Phuket with her friends and she worked at Bangkok Airport at a jewellery store owned by her Uncle. I got to know her over the next week and she told
me how she has to travel to different countries for her job taking large amounts of jewellery for customers and awaiting payment. She also said she had a daughter and her family owned different businesses in Korat which was where she was from.

Over that first week she painted herself as a good girl who disliked the bar scene who had a good job and was on holiday for her birthday. She told me she had not had a boyfriend for a long-time as she works most of the time. At this point
my view was that I was with a decent hardworking girl who was a breath of fresh air from the usual bargirls who just want our money. Then came her birthday which was the time I was getting hooked on this girl. When I arrived at the Dragon disco
where her birthday party was held she and her friends were all over me and I was taken to a private area where the party was.

I felt great. I was plied with Jack and cokes and was smoking my ciggys. Then the moment came you know you get that moment when you are at your weakest and the drink goes to your head. Now she knew I would be leaving Phuket and going onwards
to Pattaya. At this point I was having a great time with a girl who was telling everyone I was her boyfriend but I still had the intention of going to Pattaya with my friend with baggage.

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Anyway there I was on the dance floor for the last dance which is always a soppy slow song. She was acting totally in love with me and looking into my eyes. Then with my head full of whisky and my heart full of that love feeling she asked
at my weakest moment if she could come to Pattaya to which I said yes, at the time I had other plans but women always know how to get you at your weakest. You know it’s this girls birthday, she is with her friends and I felt like I was
having a great time at her expense (well at mine actually but that’s for later). So that’s how I had become her official boyfriend.

Now with the last few days before going to Pattaya we did all the boyfriend girlfriend stuff like going on trips and that. Now I always like at the start of a relationship to keep a part of myself back and mark up the things that don’t
tally. Like bullshit and inconsistencies which you need to do especially in Thailand and there were a few but I will mention them later. So what followed was a great two weeks in Pattaya staying at the Sawasdee Hotel doing the boyfriend and girlfriend
thing. I have to say that being in Pattaya with a girlfriend was the worst place to be. You are surrounded by Thai beauties in pussy paradise with a girl. Where could I take her? Everywhere was filled with gogos, beer bars, and massage parlours.
I know it's heaven if you're single. I did the going on the lots of trips and playing lots of pool thing. Which she was awesome at, she could play with her right or left arms. I did not win a single game, she said she played a lot with
her brothers. Mmmm

Near the end of the two weeks in Pattaya Porn turned around and said she thought she was pregnant because the condoms had split a few times (never buy those strawberry condoms, they're no good) <Ummm, I think they are for oral only….
Stick> Oh no, I thought so it was the waiting game we all go through – will she have her period or not.

What freaked me out was she started talking about how great it was to have a half farang / Thai baby and this talked progressed to that she didn't want me to wear a condom and her Mama and Papa could look after the baby on the farm no
problem. As you could imagine this was like sticking dynamite up one's ass in the shock department. The casual way she was talking about wanting a baby really concerned me. Here we are talking about a new life with all that entails and she
was talking as if we were talking about the weather. So casual.

My response was like no way in hell did I willingly want a baby. If it happened we will cross that bridge when the time is right. Little did I know at this time, her master plan had kicked off.

The last two weeks were spent back in Bangkok at the Warbury Hotel on soi 4 playing the waiting game. This girl for some reason actually wanted a farang / Thai baby. When her period came it was such a relief I felt like having a little jig
on the spot but couldn’t. She seemed disappointed. You can imagine how careful I was on putting a condom on from that point onwards.

The last two weeks came and went and on the whole it was the perfect girlfriend / boyfriend relationship. I saw her relatives she had an uncle who was a policeman. I didn’t get hassled for money though I did buy her a mobile phone
and clothes and that. She had a way of being ever so subtle about wanting something that when you bought it, it felt like your idea. Thinking back this happened a good few times. I guess a lot of women do this.

Well on the 7th of December it was back to Farangland and what followed was the usual phone, emails, text messages professing love, plans for the future etc. Then just before the tsunami disaster I hear nothing all contact was stopped. Her
phones were disconnected, no response from email or text message. This gets me thinking was she caught up in the disaster because of the timing. As time went by nothing so I decide to, with the info I had been given by her, put my detective skills
to good use.

I managed to hack her email account and what do I find but loads of emails from different guys which was a shock to say the least. Now to piece together the jigsaw of lies and deception. There were people from America, Germany, and Switzerland
and by reading them through there was a theme that was similar to mine.

Lots of people were asking her about her being pregnant or when she would be having our baby. And in some of the older ones what will you be calling the baby. The second theme was she wove the web how she travels because of her job and how
easy it would be to get visa and visit you in your country. Of course you would have to send her money. And guys actually were because she painted herself so well as being a sweet innocent hardworking girl. Her bullshit was of a class above that
you don’t see often. Thank the Gods. And once she got the money guys would get some time delay bullshit on her next visit to their home country or they were ruthlessly cut dead.

On one guy she actually used the Tsunami disaster to say she was in hospital injured and she has no insurance please send me some money, and they did. The stick of dynamite up one's ass in the shock department was like a thermal nuclear
device. Unbelievable, but it went deeper. I emailed most of the guys to say what a lying cheat she really is. She even used different names for different blokes there was Porn, Kita, and Mam.

Anyway I got a lot of replies from different guys and was gob smacked even more upon discovering this sweet lovely girl was a monster. I found out she was an ex-bargirl who worked the Soi Bangla bars for a few years in Phuket who is now a
freelance scam artist of the highest calibre who is in the business of having and selling half Thai / Farang babies along with her friends Sar and Ning. It was like putting together from the emails and the responses of others a big jigsaw of lies
and deception all in the name of money.

I mean what a heartless thing to do and who would buy a half Thai / farang baby. Also by looking at the dates when I was cut off from her she had got a new phone and was grooming others. I made a note of her new number which was in one email
she was giving to one guy for when I would make contact.

Another thing when I was hacking in to her email I found out that her birthday in May 76 not November when I went to her birthday party. (The mind boggles) The whole birthday party at the Dragon disco with all her friends was a set up. This
girl was smart. She must have had a master plan and was grooming me to be a provider of a baby she was planning on selling as well as the money I come to your county scam along with her freeloading.

You know those movies where you find out when that when the bad guy is unmasked its the person everyone trusted with there lives. You know, ”I thought you were my friend or brother" – that’s how I felt. Totally emotionally
betrayed. Everything was a lie or a sham.

I am still having great difficulty with all the memories of this perfect girlfriend who was sweet and great to be with. She hardly put a foot wrong, she played me and I had no idea there was no hint of the level the depth of her lies and
deception. Maybe you're thinking if you were in my shoes you could have detected the evil beneath. I tell you the honest to god damn truth she was great and there was no hint. That’s why it's so hard to accept the monster I uncovered.
It's like there was two people, the sweet fun girl I remember and this despicable evil twin.

I keep asking myself the question was any of it real. Was it all a charade of lies and bullshit carefully crafted for me. She was so good and sweet with her lying cheating ways it amazes me. If there was an international federation of lying
deceiving cheaters she must be worthy to be President of that organisation.

And one of the things that hurts the most was when I actually phoned the number and I heard her voice and confronted her. What does she do, she pretends that she is someone else called Kita and she has taken over the e mail account. And then
tells me that Porn died in the Tsunami disaster and why did I not come over to Thailand for the funeral. I’m actually talking to her and she says this to me. I just shouted bullshit and dropped the phone.

That hurt that she wanted me to think she was dead, how heartless and cruel. Stick, tell me this is not how the usual Thai girl operates. God. It's hard to face the brutal truth that I was targeted and played from start to finish. She
played me beautifully and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Now I look back with the benefit of hindsight with new eyes and start to see things in a different light. When I do this it's hard to face but the writing was on the wall. You
know the bullshit and things that don’t add up. Like:

1. She was to easy to pick up and sleep with on that first night.
2. At the very beginning before she spun the web of lies I was giving her 2000 baht a time thinking she was a bargirl and she accepted so easily. Then I stopped when she painted
her self as this person with high moral values.
3. Switching her phone off when it rang. – There were other small things as well.

It's funny when you're caught up in the moment. You can ignore the small things because you don’t or find it hard to believe this angel of a girl that has never on the whole put a foot wrong. I guess when something is too
good to be true it usually is. The girl she painted herself to be with her lies does not exist and for her to do this with full knowledge with what she is doing is ruthless, dare I say evil. Money for these Thai people really is number one.

To finish (I know it has been long I’m sorry I did not want to break the flow) I would like to say be careful out there these sweet petite girls can really make a hard man cry. Get to close and they can burn you as Porn aka Kita aka
Mam did to me and many others.

Stickman's thoughts:

For anyone familiar with "good Thai girls", there were a number of red flags – hanging out in a disco frequented by working girls, sleeping with you so fast and being away from work for so long. But all of that said, she is still a nasty piece of work too.

There was an interesting case a few years back, on Phuket if my memory serves me right, where a foreigner was charged with fraud for making out he was a Thai woman and getting guys to send money to him. To me, what Porn did is so very clearly wrong that it just about constitutes fraud. Many people say the guy is gullible and deserves what he gets but I've never thought that, especially in a case like this.

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