Stickman Readers' Submissions January 7th, 2005

Woman Queen

Women Queen

There we were, Mrs. Claymore and myself ,"making the rounds" of "The Pong" over the New Years celebrations. We were in one of the bars that we frequent on every trip to "The Pong" and I was watching one of the dancers who
I had been "observing" for about 2 months. I am lucky in that Mrs. Claymore is of the "Look but don't touch" class of wives so I can watch the dancers without fear of getting a slap in the head. This particular girl was
very young, just barely making the 18 year old cut off, and had arrived in Bangkok about 2 months ago.

She was an Issan girl who was very shy and still a virgin when she arrived in town. She had arrived without a support network of friends or older sister to "show her the ropes" and had so little common sense and experience that the DJ at the
bar copped her "Pearl of great expense" even before the mamasan could arrange to sell it at an inflated price. The bar she chose to apply to work at is not known for the beauty of it's dancers so she stood out because she was good
looking, not really special star material but pleasant on the eyes and had large "assets".

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When she first got to the bar she got a lot of offers to "Off" with horny farang customers but she was so shy she passed on the offers and spent her time looking around and watching what was going on in the bar as the rest of the dancers ignored
the "New girl".

Like a lot of "New Girls" the rearmost chrome pole was her normal spot for dancing and her dancing style was the hug the pole and move as little as possible style. Like some "New" girls she danced with one arm across her chest hiding
her large exposed "assets". The weeks passed and she went with a couple "Asian" tourist customers and her transformation began. By the time New Years Eve rolled around she had moved up to the second set of chrome poles and
her dancing style had moved into the "very entertaining" category.

Then "IT" happened on New Year Eve. I was sitting next to Mrs. Claymore when this little Issan shy girl ……….. SMILED AT ME WITH "THE LOOK". It hit me like a shot to the head with a 42" "Louisville Slugger" (American
Baseball Bat for you UK guys) she had become a WOMAN. She finally was a true "Woman" not a "girl" that knows how to make love.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the light bulb in her head came on and she realized that she can make men young and old become slobbering, quivering piles of protoplasm just by looking at them with "The LOOK". I would like to
think it was an "Encounter" with an "Asian Tourist" and imagine him on his knees begging this Issan "Queen" to go back with him to "Asian land" with an offer of tons of gold and cars and her turning up her
nose at the offer.

Most women go through life without being exposed to large groups of men "ogling" them and seeing the look of awe on their faces when they are looking at a true "Woman" and never realize the power they have over men. But Dancers are
continually exposed to grown men becoming stuttering blobs of hormones when they see the dancers doing the moves that get their motors going. Some of the dancers learn to use this power and become very popular but some never catch on. In every
bar there are some dancers that get "Offed" all the time and yet they are worse looking then the rest of the girls and most men can't understand because they underestimate the power of "The Look" on some men.

This little Issan "shy girl" was blossoming into a "Woman Queen" right before my eyes. Her confidence level had skyrocketed and she even had the confidence to shoot me "The Look" and challenge Mrs. Claymore's womanly
rights with her sitting right next to me, and don't you know it was right at that moment that Mrs. Claymore chose to look up at the dancers and caught this "Woman" giving me "The Look" and she knew what it was right off
the bat and pinched me under the bar and "Whispered" to me to "Stay away from that one". One "Woman" recognizing "The look" of another "Woman". All this from a shy girl that had never had the confidence
to more than glance my way and had never even made eye contact before even though we were frequent customers of her bar.

Some of these "Woman Queens" are well known, just look at the painting "Mona Lisa" who ever remembers who painted the painting? Everybody just remembers "The Woman". I know now what she is smiling about….. she was thinking
"you poor slob you think everybody will remember you for painting this picture but they will just remember me". Think about "Helen of Troy" does anyone remember the two guys that started a war over her? Cleopatra is well represented
here in Bangkok with several "Clubs" named after her but who was her "famous lover"? The American actress Marylin Monroe had a bunch of husbands can you name one?

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Scientists are baffled by them. Is it that they have a different "aura" than other women or possibly different "Pheromones" that make them stand out? They don't know but all you men out there know one when one see one. It's
like when you walk into a room and WHAM there she is, she catches your eye and everyone says "Who is that?" and she could be just standing there doing nothing special. As they say "she could break hearts at 50 paces". And then
she goes into her moves… the shy turn of her head, the simple act of crossing and uncrossing her legs at the proper moment, the 1000 watt smile, the glance back over her shoulder when she moves away, and best of all "The Look".

If she had the attention of any normal, usually pretty straight, semi-sane guy and she crooked her finger at him while leaving the room the poor guy would have to beat off the other guys as he threw away his normal life to go with this "Woman Queen".
Meeting a "Woman Queen" could be the start of a very wild and crazy adventure or it could be the start of your worst nightmare.

In my "single days" of bar hopping most of the girls I turned away couldn't understand what I was talking about when I said I was looking for a "Woman" not a "Girl" but every once in awhile one would point to another
girl and tell me to "try her" and most of the time they were right. "Regular women" know a "Woman Queen" when they see one but most don't have "The Right Stuff" to become one. I "went with"
a few "Woman Queens" and some of the other guys in the bar would always ask "what is it like to go with, insert name of your choice here,?" And I would tell them to "take her out yourself" but most would demure and
say something like "she is too wild for me" or something along that line.

Being with a "Woman Queen" can be great IF she meets a male that has enough "Stones" to be her equal and they both compliment each others style and she realizes this and can become a very closely attached mate or she can remain the
"Queen of the roost" and make a man's life a living hell. Some "Woman Queens" get so addicted to "The Power" that they can never give it up and try to entice every warm male body that walks by causing great pain
to their partner of the moment.

After living with several "Queens" and having both the good and bad I discovered one way to tame some of them. You start by making eye contact or a simple hello to establish your interest and once she has the symptoms of having some reciprocal
interest you IGNORE HER. Nothing drives a "Woman Queen" around the bend more than the object of their interest ignoring her "Power Over Men" and most of the time they will really turn on the "Power" to get you interested
and it can be quite fun to see what they can come up with to entice you. SOME of them will come to a sort of truce with you once they realize their "Power" is not working on you and they can be great fun when they realize you are their
equal. Living with one can be a real challenge trying to balance their need to use their "Power" and your need to have a faithful mate.

After "being there and done that" I get the feeling that most of the hard luck stories from men on this site involve men tangling with a "Woman Queen" and not even knowing it. It is hard for most men to understand why a grown man will
throw away everything and do some of the stupidest things imaginable just to please a woman but I think they have never run into a real "Woman Queen" yet. Dana would drop from "Fright" and sell off everything he owns to stay
here and never return to Boston if he ever ran into one.

Just look at the posts on Stick's site – most of them will have the line "I walked into the bar, room, hotel, mall, etc. and there she was the most beautiful women I ever saw" then later in the post they will say she isn't the most
beautiful girl around but she is to them. Then there will be the line "I would have done ANYTHING for her" and that is when their trouble starts as most of them WILL do anything to just be next to her. I worked out a formula for myself
to help me figure out when it was time to move on to the next "Woman Queen" and it goes like this "Is the Fucking you are getting better than or equal to the Fucking you are taking?" If the scales start to tip toward the latter
than it is time to move on as it only gets worse. It is like the old Chinese proverb about "Riding on the back of a Tiger" it is fun while you are riding but you have to get off the Tigers back sometime and that can end up with a disastrous

Are we lucky here in the "Land of Smiles" to have such a plethora of "Woman Queens" or are we men going to have to guard our hearts against their "Power"?

I think the next few months will be interesting watching this "New Woman Queen" mature. Will she turn out to be one of them that ends up wearing a pound of Gold and carries several phones so she can keep all her separate "Farang ATMs"
from finding out about all the others? Will she get lucky and end up with a kind hearted Farang? You can see some of them that are with Farang and doing good but on Holidays and Birthdays at the bars you just have to look at the stage and you
will see several "Older" "Queens" up on the stage with their "Street Clothes" on dancing away checking to see if they still have "The Power" they CANNOT resist using the "POWER" one more time.

Stickman's thoughts:

Very nice story. Thinking back about it, I have known the odd woman queen or two too – and a bloody headache they were!

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