Stickman Readers' Submissions January 4th, 2005

Thai Catalogue Brides Part 2

Catalogue Brides Part 2

The coffee in the Ambassador lobby really is a treat. I don’t know if it’s just the coffee that I enjoy or the whole experience. Lounging in the busy lobby and thoroughfare being waited on by the attentive genuinely pleasant waitresses watching
all and sundry walking past, or playing off the many subtle advances of the numerous girls on their way back to collect their ID cards (left the night before) from the desk looking for an easy early morning punter. It’s a great place to
people watch, so maybe the coffee's not the only attraction. Though after the second pot I was at this time in my Thai initiations beginning to wonder where the gorgeous Sammy had got to. I now know that it’s best to just add an hour
or 2 to any arranged meeting times but at this time I knew zilch!!

Phil and Nam were starting to show signs of impatience as our driver was waiting in the car park and had gestured on a number of occasions that we should really be making our way by now as it was a long drive to Ko Samui and we didn’t want to miss
the boat when we got to the port. Just where was Sammy? It was now almost an hour and a half after we had arranged to meet, she was more clued up in the day’s itinery than any of us, after all it was Sammy that had made the arrangements
with the travel agents for our Samui trip. I then remembered that I hadn’t emptied my safety box and I wandered around to reception and there she was, barely visible behind her mound of luggage looking quite flustered as she insisted the
porter call my room one more time, not believing his insistence I had checked out 2 hours ago…..Bless her….We kissed and cuddled and hurried back to Phil and Nam in the lobby.

He Clinic Bangkok

Unperturbed with the inherent urgency of our departure Sammy and Nam, after a 10 minute trip to the toilet were now insistent that we eat before we leave, after all it was a 3 hour drive to Samui (funny it did look longer than 3 hours on the map….but
they know better than me)…So after half a dozen plates of grub we finally got into the minibus and headed off to this paradise I had heard so much of, this beautiful island that is Ko Samui.

The night before's antics had caught up with me and Phil and we dozed off for most of the trip, then feeling the minibus coming to a stop we woke to the site of Sammy and Nam surrounded by a huge pile of wrappings, fruit peelings and other crap that
they had obviously gorged on the way down and the ripe, fishy smell of our destination which was obviously a fishing port……Great!! We could now get on the ferry and finally see the beauty that I have seen in so many offbeat travel shows and
publications, this kind of legendary paradise that is Ko Samui….Fantastic!!

Phil and I stocked up on ice cold Singhas for our sea leg of the journey and the girls brought what looked like enough fruits to keep a small village stocked up for a week (or 2), we all then hopped onto the boat and before long we had set sail for Samui,
which if the girls were right didn’t actually look as far away as the map had suggested, maybe just an hours sail….Strange!!…

CBD bangkok

”We’ve got beers, who cares”, said Phil and I just had to agree with his logic and we began sculling the icy brews, the weather was gorgeous, the sun was setting behind the distant hills and the beer was going down a treat……paradise
it surely was. My judgment was correct and sure enough after about an hour we pulled up into the small harbour and began unloading our girls and the bags. Walking down the jetty we all looked up as a flock of fruit bats (?) headed from the trees
and small children were jumping off the pontoon into the warm waters below, a hippy Farang type waiting for the boat home was playing an old Led Zep tune on a battered old guitar…this is just what Id expected….bliss….I like Samui already….”Have
you been in Samui long Buddy” I said to the hippy…

“Nhaaa fellow, I don’t go there much now, it’s getting too backpacky”, he replied “it’s more chilled here in Ko Samed”

“Ko Samed??”….was my rather confused reply “Ko Samed….just where is Ko Samed??”…I asked him.

“Well its right here matey” he grinned “We're south of Pattaya and South of Rayong…Samui’s same same sea just a few hundred miles that away” he pointed.

wonderland clinic

It always pays to let your Thai GF handle things like bargaining with market traders, ordering your food, dealing with taxi drivers and making you travel arrangements………I WAS TOLD!!!!!

I think its going to be an interesting few days here on Ko Samed.

To be continued.

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