Stickman Readers' Submissions January 5th, 2005

Delightful Pattaya – Fon’s Story

Suddenly, an apparition on Beach Road: A good girl sits down on a stone bench. No plateau soles, no bursting pants, no motorbike scars, no empty face. Instead, this surprising young lady is completely regular, just a nice office girl, with a loose T-Shirt,
comfortable long trousers, sneakers. Slim, long hair, no make up. There she sits, talking into her handphone with many smiles, laughter and animated gestures. She looks self-confident, clever and natural without any attitude, cigarette or tattoo.
What a delightful sight!

Thinks Mr F., who is sitting five meters away. He can see that this sympathetic lady surely didn't have a lot of farang exposure, maybe not much experience with men at all. She looks so… fresh, almost… virgin. Maybe she just arrived
in town, maybe she is visiting a relative. Mr. F. hopes she is not too shy to talk to western men.

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Occasionally she looks around. Mr. F. smiles politely at her, and she gives a shy smile back. She is obviously not offended, just shy. He has time.

When she decides to walk on, their eyes have already met several times. She walks quite close to Mr. F.'s position. He smiles and points at the empty space besides him. And guess what, Mr. F. is lucky enough that this shy, decent lady
dares to sit down with him!

Fon is her name, she is 30, from Songkhla and has studied marketing. And guess what: Cute sympathetic Fon is solo, and she would like to have a partner! This shy natural everyday girl has had a few experiences with men though, and she tells
her story:

1) Her Thai Man

Her first boyfriend works in the same company with her in Bangkok. She knows this very respectable guy for four months, when she accepts his woos and becomes his girl friend. "I loved him, I can only stay with the man I love."

Four months long they are a happy couple. Then she discovers that her boyfriend is already married. "So I stopped Bangkok completely and ran away."

2) Her Master Man

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A relative offers her a supervisor job in a Pattaya gogo bar. "Have many crazy men there, but very good salary": 10.000 Baht per month. One farang man needs a slave. She accepts, for 200.000 Baht per month. She moves in with him
and his welcoming wife, who also is a slave.

"He whips me and ties my hands, sometimes in my sleep. I have to cook and clean the house naked. Never one free minute. But no boom-boom! Just have to watch him finish himself."

She fumbles in her purse. Here she has a picture of her and her master: Flashing a reassuring smile, he looks like a very well-heeled elderly successful businessman, or maybe a diplomat. The tall, fit guy relaxes in a rattan chair on a beautiful
veranda by the sea, reading the International Herald Tribune. Fon sits next to his chair on the floor, her legs crossed in a gracious position; his hand rests on her shoulder as if he was patting a labrador dog. "I always have to sit on the
floor beside him."

This picture was taken on Phuket (before the tsunami). He had rented a wonderful 3-bedroom-bungalow. She got 5000 Baht per day for being his tropical slave there. She had been afraid of going alone, so he hired a girl friend of hers as co-slave.

"After one month I stop. Cannot work slave! Salary very good, but I cannot!" He wants to have a baby with her. He promises her a car and a condo. "I say: Baby – ok, can have. But can you love me? If you can love me, I want
to have your baby, and I don't need car and condo. But he cannot love me, so we stop." He still sends her money.

3) Her Online Men

Fon learns how to chat on Yahoo and hopes to find a nice guy there. "But they all talk about sex only! Always, nothing else!" Mr. F. suggests there should be a few decent men online too. "Maybe, but I never see. They all talk
crazy right from the start."

4) Her Handicapped Man

A friend of a friend arranges her to meet a westerner who searches for a Thai wife. Only in the hotel lobby in Pattaya she learns that her candidate is handicapped: "Cannot move half of his body! I pity him so much!" They meet a
few times for dinner. She accepts to become his wife, "I can love him, I want to take care him!"

He flies to Europe, but promises marriage when he returns to Thailand. Every week she sends a paper letter to her future husband in Europe, "every week, but he never answers". Then she hears a rumour and goes back to the Pattaya
hotel where they met several times. The receptionists remember her, and yes: "They say he stays in the hotel now – with his wife!" Fittingly, in that moment her would-be-husband enters the lobby, with a beautiful caring almond-eyed lady
by his side. Fon runs away.

5) Her Sick Man

Currently Fon stays with a sick man 55 years old. She helps him to take medicine and manage the household. Own room, own PC, no intimacies. No salary either. "He has good heart. He asked me if I can take care him, and I said yes, I want
to." They never talked about money.

Such is Fon's story. Hasn't this sympathetic, lively, unassuming lady collected a delightful range of nice guys? She knows men better than most other girls. In spite of this, Fon still believes that a good guy is waiting for her
somewhere: "Maybe this year, maybe next year, maybe next life."

Stickman's thoughts:

Cripes, I thought #5 said her Stickman!

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