Stickman Readers' Submissions December 22nd, 2004

The Last Good Bargirl

By Sky Boy

My story begins in October 2004 when I made a recent trip to the Land of Smiles. I am 33 years old, and overworked at home (Hawaii). I needed a vacation, and I decided to go to Thailand, Cambodia (Angkor Wat) and Japan. I was no stranger to Bangkok (and
Thailand), as I had done study abroad here in 1990 and 1994. Each time, I had lived in Bangkok for 2-3 months. I spoke a little Thai (my classes were in English), and I kinda knew my way around the city. If anyone wants to know more about nightlife
back in those days, let me know and I will write.

Now, the purpose of my trip in October was to go to Angkor Wat, and the Thailand part was merely a stop-off for some extra R&R. I had a 3 day stop in Bangkok on my way to Cambodia. Nothing unusual for these 3 days. I hit the Patpong scene and got
a different girl each night. I had forgotten how beautiful Thai women are. Patpong was interesting, because I hadn't seen it for 10 years. However, it was pretty much the same (only noticeable changes were more street vendors, Goldfingers
used to be bigger & played better music, and 1994 had more raunchy stage-shows). So I went to Cambodia for 4 days (Angkor is AWESOME!), but when I got back to Bangkok, the fun began.

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The night I got back to Bangkok, I decided to go to Soi Cowboy to have some fun. I went to a couple of clubs, but no girl really caught my eye (I was looking for a real stunner). At The Dollhouse, 2 girls offered to both go with me for 2000 baht (total).
They were both quite cute, but for some reason my mind told me to venture on. I next found myself in the Long Gun. It was packed, and I had to sit at the bar (I hate sitting at the bar, I would always rather sit in a booth). However, the music
was good so I decided to stick it out (I like rock&roll). A petite girl caught my eye, but she was sitting with some punter. As I was just about to leave, I noticed her again but now she was sitting by herself. I joined her, bought her a drink,
and very soon we had plans to leave together. She told me that the price would be “up to me.” This can often be a sign of trouble, but I took her up on the offer. It was about 11PM & I took her to the short-time hotel across
the street from the Long Gun.

When we got to the hotel, we both took the obligatory showers. Even in the better light of the hotel room (Long Gun is kinda dark), she was still absolutely gorgeous. She is 19, and quite petite with fair skin. We had a roll in the sack that lasted about
45min to 1 hour. The sex was incredible. Afterward we sat around and talked until they kicked us out of the room (about 2AM). This was probably the first time that I have ever found a BG that I had any sort of meaningful conversation with. I actually
enjoyed talking to her. She was really interested in my home (Hawaii), and wanted to visit the islands someday. Before we parted, I gave her my cellphone number (I had a 1-2-call prepaid Thai number). She never asked me for money, but I jammed
some (2000 baht) in her pocket just before we parted ways.

She sent me a couple SMS the next day, and we arranged to meet again at the Long Gun. I arrived & barfined her around 8PM. We wound up going out to a disco (Coliseum) that night. I was stone-cold sober when I picked her up, and she was still as gorgeous
as ever. The disco was quite fun (the service was AMAZING!). We ate & I drank some (she drank Cokes only). The experience reminded me why Thai girls are so nice. She kept looking out for me the entire night. If my drink refill was taking too
long, she would go and get me another drink. She would keep tabs on my bill to make sure I was not getting overcharged. A little after midnight, we decided to leave & went back to my hotel room. Once again, the sex was incredible. Afterwards,
we again talked for a long time. Unlike most of the other BGs that I have dealt with before, she could carry on an intelligent conversation in her broken English. We slept in until about 11AM the next day. After breakfast, she decided to go home
(she was still in the same clothes as yesterday). Once again, she did not ask for money, but I jammed some baht (again 2000) into her pocket just before we parted ways.

The next night, she did not work and met me back at my hotel. This time, I told her that I would have to go to sleep early, as my plane for Chiang Mai left at 7AM the next morning. We went out for dinner, then she joined me while I had a drink at the
hotel bar. We talked for a while at the bar overlooking the Chao Phraya river. Eventually, we went back to my hotel room, showered and had sex again. Afterwards, we just talked for a long time. She was sad that I was leaving the next day, but
I told her to SMS me while I was still in Thailand (3 more days in Chiang Mai). After that, she could send me email. She told me she did not have email. I told her to go to an internet cafe (there is a cheap one on the top floor of the MBK) and
they would help her sign up. We kept talking and before I knew it, it was 2AM and I needed to get some sleep. When we parted ways the next day, I tried to jam some baht into her pocket again, but she refused my money! This blew my mind, a BG actually
REFUSING money! Maybe this was relationship was about more than money?!?! I know never to fall in love with a BG, but I was beginning to wonder.

During the rest of my trip in Thailand, I was missing my girl. We kept in touch via short calls and many SMS. My next stop after Chiang Mai was Tokyo, and my girl promised to email me soon. Sure enough, on my 3rd day in Japan, my girl sent me the first

I was soon back in Hawaii & the SMS and emails continued. I have been in many relationships & had many beautiful women before, but there is always something quite flattering about a beautiful girl actually pursuing YOU. I kept expecting the email
asking me for money, but it never happened. After a week or two, she sent me an email saying that her mother was sick. I thought to myself “here comes the request for money.” To my surprise, she never asked for money. I continued
to wonder, have I found the one “good” BG???

In early December, I got an unexpected break from work and I decided to take a return trip to LOS for one week. I missed my girl, and I wanted to investigate more whether I had actually found a “good” BG. I still had a great deal of trepidation
based on past experiences (and stuff that I have read here). However, I decided to go back and investigate further. Japan Air was running a special from Hawaii, so my plane ticket was quite cheap. Reservations were made, and my girl insisted upon
meeting me at the airport.

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Upon my arrival back in Bangkok, I didn't really know what to expect. My girl met me at the airport, looking as stunning as ever. I gave her the lei that I brought from Hawaii (a nice one with jasmine, hibiscus, orchid flowers, etc). We zipped off
in a cab & went to my hotel. When checking in, the receptionist asked if we were on our honeymoon & she really got a kick out of that. By the time I checked in, it was late already (11PM), so we showered, had sex & went to sleep.

The next day, I was going to do some shopping at MBK. She wanted to come with me, but she wanted to stop by her apartment first. We took a cab to her place, and I met her sister (who also works at Long Gun). My girl & her sister had their own apartments
in the same building. <this is very curious indeed and I would suspect that one or both of them has a boyfriend because Thais seldom live aloneStick> While visiting with the sister (while my girl changed
clothes), I met their mother who was just on the way back home to Lopburi. I talked with the mother using what little Thai I know (she did not speak English). With the sister helping to translate, they invited me up to their home in Lopburi for
the night. I instantly thought to myself, "oh shit what have I gotten myself into?" However, I decided to make the most of it and agreed to go. I agreed to pay for a minibus (2000 baht) to take the Bangkok part of the family (my girl,
2 sisters & 1 younger son) with the mom to Lopburi. The trip was interesting. On the outskirts of Bangkok, we stopped at a gas station to use the toilet & get some snacks. Everyone got some food & went to the cashier to check out.
I discreetly put some money in my girl's hand to pay for the items, but she refused to let me pay & gave me the money back. She even paid for the bottle of Red Bull and the bag of chips that I had selected. Once again I was stunned. Every
story I have read on this site talks about how the farang ALWAYS pays, but my girl insisted on paying.

The trip continued on northward towards Lopburi. My girl kept the bag of chips & fed them to me one at a time. We were sitting in the rearmost seat of the microbus holding hands & her mother kept looking back at both of us and smiling. About ?
of the way to Lopburi, we decided to stop at a sunflower field with an adjoining market. However, when we tried to leave the microbus wouldn’t start. The driver was quite embarrassed, and the family kept expecting me to be pissed-off. Instead,
I just smiled & said “mai pen rai.” My girl took my hand, led me over to a food-stall in the shade. The family joined us, and my girl bought me a Coke which we shared until the driver got the microbus going again. I think my
easygoing attitude toward this adversity won me major points with the mom. The microbus finally got going again, and we made our way to Lopburi. The driver even knocked 500 baht off the price of the trip because of the delay.

Just outside of Lopburi, we stopped at a roadside shop (the local-style mini-mart kind). My girl explained to me that this is the family business & their house was next door. Upon exiting the microbus, I met the father who was running the store. I
gave him a polite wai. Other than a small smile, he didn’t really respond to me at all. My girl told me not to be worried in that dad does not speak any English. My girl & the mom took me next door and showed me around the house. The
house was modest (one main room, one adjoining bedroom, one patio room, and the kitchen. It appeared that their family was a middle-class Thai family. After a short while, I was invited to join the family in town to get dinner. All six of us jammed
into a pickup truck and headed into town. While in Lopburi, the family split up at the local market. Each family member had an assignment to pick up certain items. Once again, I tried to pay for the items that my girl was selecting, but she would
not let me pay. She even bought me some satay to munch on while we were shopping. With the food selected, we headed back to the house. Upon arriving back, other aunts & uncles were arriving to join the family feast. I handed my girl some money
& told her that I wanted to buy some beer for the family. She disappeared to the family store next door, and came back in a couple of minutes with a bag full of beer and wine coolers. She opened a beer, and served me, dad, and the aunts and
uncles. Her two sisters drank the wine coolers (Spy brand), but my girl did not drink any alcohol. Dinner was nice, and her family fed me until I could not eat any more. I kept telling them that they were “too generous,” and they
seemed to enjoy that. By the time dinner was over, everyone was pretty drunk & one of the sisters decided that we should go into town to the local disco.

Once again, we all piled into the family pick-up truck and headed to the disco. Upon arriving, the disco was completely empty but they turned on the music and TV for us. By this time, all of us had many drinks so we were all feeling fine. The place put
WWE wrestling on the TV, which provided some amusement. Both of my girl’s sisters wanted to dance to the techno music that was playing, so they dragged me onto the dance floor. I am not that talented a dancer, but compared to the people
I saw at the Bangkok disco I had nothing to be ashamed of. Pretty soon, we were joined by my girl’s aunt. All of us had fun dancing for a while. When it came time to leave, one of the sisters told me to give her 2000 baht. She gave it to
papa so he could pay the bar tab. I did not mind paying the bar tab thru papa so he could be the “big man.” On the way home, we stopped by a restaurant and ate some more. I forgot how much Thai people eat in a given day. During the
course of the meal, one of the aunts started hassling one of the sisters about her job as a bargirl. The sister proceeded to show off her gold rings, gold bracelet and gold necklace asking the auntie why she didn’t have any gold. At the
end of the meal, no requests for money were made of me when we left the restaurant. We then proceeded back to the family home to get some sleep. I was prepared to sleep on one of the mats on the floor. The house had 3 small beds, one bed for the
parents, another small bed in the same room for the younger brother, and a bed in a separate room for the sisters. Contrary to my expectations, the family would not let me sleep on the floor. The brother slept in the other bed, and the three sisters
slept on the floor. I was pretty drunk by that time, and sleep came easily. I awoke some time the next morning to find my girl asleep next to me. She whispered to me that papa was already at work and would not be home soon. I went back to sleep
with my girl snuggling next to me. Life was good. I was startled awake a couple of hours later when mom came into the room to find something. To my surprise, she just looked at her daughter in bed with me (we were both still clothed) and gave
me a smile. Not the reaction I expected!

After a while, my girl finally woke me up. She gave me a toothbrush and a towel. I took a “local style” shower, and was ready to go for the day. One of the sisters told me that our ride wouldn’t be here for a couple of hours. The
whole family (and myself) all got back into the pickup and off we went. We drove off into the country, and I kept thinking that “OK, this is when they hit me up for some money.” We soon arrived at a pig farm, and I was prepared to
be propositioned to buy some pigs for the family. Instead, my girl explained to me that the farm belonged to her uncle. The reason we were there is that the uncle’s dog had just had puppies. We played with the puppies for a while, and then
we were back on our way. We next stopped at the farm of another uncle. One of the sisters told me to go pick fruit with her, and off we went. She explained to me about all her “boyfriends,” then called several of them and asked them
for money. I was wondering to myself if this would soon be my fate. I walked back to the house, and found lunch ready. My girl offered me a beer, but I took a Coke instead. I then sat down to another Thai feast. I had another great meal, with
the family treating me like an honored guest. They kept feeding me and feeding me. After the meal was over, we went back to my girl’s house. Despite my worst fears, no attempt was made to get any money out of me.

Back at the house, my girl and the sisters packed to go back to Bangkok. Just before the van arrived, one of the sisters pressured me to give the mom “a gift.” The sister told me not to tell my girl or the father. I gave the mom 3000 baht
(about all I had on me as I was not expecting to go on this trip), and mom was really appreciative. However, my girl soon figured out what happened and she got REALLY pissed off at the sister. This was the first time I saw my girl get angry about
anything. All the stories about the wrath of Thai women are true! She apologized to me for what the sister did, then proceeded to yell at the older sister.

Once again, I started to wonder whether I had found a “good” BG. It seemed that everything that happened this trip was the complete opposite of what I had expected. The family NEVER asked me for money (aside from the one incident). My girl
even got pissed off at her sister for trying to get some money out of me. The entire time in Lopburi, I felt like am honored guest rather than the ATM farang.

We got back to Bangkok kinda late. After stopping by my girl’s apartment so she could grab some stuff, we were off to my hotel. I think she was becoming more comfortable with me, as she filled her bag with enough clothes to last the rest of my
stay. Before we left, she got a local newspaper. On the front page, there was an article about a lady staying at my hotel who killed herself. This kinda freaked out my girl, but she still agreed to come back to my hotel with me. Once we got to
the hotel, I offered to take her somewhere nice for dinner. My girl told me that she would rather eat at a roadside vendor. We walked out on the main road fronting my hotel, and she chose a food stall. My girl ordered for me & once again would
not let me pay. The food was quite good. At this point, we were both quite tired from the long day. We returned to my hotel, showered, had sex & went to sleep.

Once again, we slept late the next day. After we woke up, I finally got my trip to MBK. We took the Skytrain there, and cruised the mall for a while. I bought some small stuff for my co-workers back home. We ate lunch at the Pizza Hut & my girl finally
let me pay for a meal. As we were cruising the mall, I would offer to buy her stuff that she was looking at. She kept telling me “I don’t need” every time I would offer to buy her something. Finally, we found a Mickey Mouse
t-shirt that she let me purchase for her (100 baht). Out of the whole day of shopping, that one t-shirt is the only thing that she would let be buy for her. Once again, I was in shock. That night was more of the same: dinner, shower, sex, sleep.
The next day we were to get up early to go to Ayuthaya.

At 8AM we were in the lobby of my hotel for the day-trip to Ayuthaya. The bus left at about 8:30. My girl was the only non-farang on the bus. The looks we got from the other tourists were quite interesting. All the farang women would check out my girl,
then shoot dirty looks at me. The men would simply check out my girl. The trip was interesting, but after seeing Angkor Wat, the temples of Ayuthaya were not as impressive. The trip next stopped at Bang Pa-In. It was a clear, cool, dry day and
the summer palace was beautiful. After Bang Pa-In, the trip turned into a cruise down the Chao Phraya River over lunch. Lunch was exquisite, but my girl had to adjust to eating all the farang food. For the remaining couple hours of the cruise,
we just sat upstairs together and watched the world float by.

In Hawaii, I had purchased a gold necklace to give my girl if things went well. After the trip to meet her parents, I was quite impressed. The fact that she did not expect me to pay for everything, and refused many of my offers to buy her stuff was completely
unexpected. I kept wondering to myself if indeed I had found a “good” BG. Before we went out for the night, I decided to give her the necklace. She was completely surprised when she saw the jewelry box. She was always affectionate,
but I was drowning in kisses after she opened the box. Did I mention that the Thai “sniff kiss” is quite funny to me? It was worth every penny that I spent on the necklace to get the reaction that I did from her.

That night we went back to the Coliseum Disco. It was the same as our first trip there. At first we had shitty seats, but after a 500 baht tip to the manager we were moved into the VIP section. He assigned two waitresses to make sure my drink stayed full
(my girl was only drinking Cokes). Amazing to think that in the US a $12 tip would not get you in the door, whereas in Thailand I am now a permanent VIP at that club. Too cool.

Over the next couple of days, things remained the same with my girl. She starts telling me that she loves me & wants to marry me. I tell her that if we are going to get married, then she must come to Hawaii first. She is under 20 (19 to be exact),
so getting a passport requires her parent’s permission. I tell her that the easiest way to visit me in Hawaii is to enroll in an English class at my local community college. She can then get a student visa & stay a while (and learn
more English). My girl is quite agreeable with this. She just needs to convince her parents. Despite all my best efforts, I find myself having deep feelings for this girl. My expectations had been for the worst, the usual farang-boyfriend as ATM,
etc, etc. However, my experience was quite the opposite. My girl could not be any more beautiful. Her family could not have been more hospitable & respectful. I don’t know if this cross-cultural relationship will work, but I am suddenly
willing to give it a try.

Too soon, it is time for me to leave LOS and head back to Hawaii. During the entire course of the trip, my girl NEVER asked me for money. As a surprise, I decide to leave her some money (5000 baht) in a Thai-English dictionary that she uses frequently.
She accompanies me to the airport. After checking in, she stays with me until the last minute & I have to go thru immigration. I take all the baht I have remaining (except for my 500 baht exit fee) and put it in her pocket. She grabs it and
tries to give it back to me, but I insist that she keep it. The whole flight home, I look at pictures of my girl and smile.

Now that I am back home, my thoughts keep wandering to her. We keep sending emails & SMS to each other. Occasionally, I call her for a short minute (I got a prepaid international calling card with good rates to Thailand). Looks like I can go visit
my girl again in February. Given everything that has happened, I am still wondering. She is everything that I have always looked for in a girl. She is sweet, beautiful and treats me well. I was expecting a money-grubbing little monster, but I
found quite the opposite. I think that if her plan was to get money out of me, I gave her many chances that she did not take advantage of. To this day, she has never asked me for money. What do you think, did I find the one “good”
bargirl?!? Should I continue to pursue this relationship?!?

To be continued…

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, that is EXACTLY the tie of holiday that people DREAM about. You have every reason to be head over heels with this girl, you really do. However, if the realist in me is to voice an opinion about continuing things, the fact that other members of her family are involved in the trade and the fact that her and her sister live in the same apartment building, but in different rooms are the two question marks. Many family members in the industry means you can never really escape it – and your girl might suffer pressure to get involved again and two rooms, well, let's just say that either one or possibly both of them have someone….

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