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An Apology

  • Written by Sydney Tom
  • December 6th, 2004
  • 10 min read

AKA, the death of a local…

This submission is an apology to all the people I have promised I was going to publish Via Stickman’s website an expose on the activities of a bar owner formerly of Asoke Plaza, and has moved on to other venues.

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I am not going to complete this piece of work. personally it is too difficult for me to write. No I haven’t been silenced, I have just lost the energy and the willingness to write this piece.

Really it just makes me so very sad to keep thinking about this, and I need some closure.

I have spilled my guts enough on this website, the people I have met around Bangkok, know who I am, I am a real person, as an example, the guy from the ABC I met at the Bus Stop bar the night Australia got demolished in the cricket, Ian,
the guy with the construction company, Bill – the Jet In from Jakarta, and of course Stick, you know I exist and I am a real person. So please indulge me when I tell you, it hurts me to think of what some of these “people”

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I submitted a “toolkit” for a wife – this is the opposite.

I will however give you an overview.

I hope this doesn’t sicken you, and I hope even the little bit I write, doesn’t rub off too much of the glamour of what you think you see. There are a good percentage of (bar) girls who have been exploited like this, like the
“swarms of mosquitoes” coming down from Isaan, etc who have seen sisters and cousins and fellow villagers getting into some big money (by comparison to the rice fields) and are happy to “sell their pussy."

Lets move along. I am going to give detail, but this isn’t the 10,000 word effort I just deleted. I just want you to understand happened…


Like a Quentin Tarantino movie, this is going to jump all over the place, so if you enjoy my work then hang on for the ride, if you don’t or you are indifferent (Choy Choy) then do yourself a favour and hit the “Back”
button. OK?

*** *** *** ***

I assume those who have hit the “back” button have left…

I suppose the best start is a while ago when I woke in the morning and I honestly wanted to kill some people. The strange thing I remember it was a Thursday. It wasn’t someone, it was in particular 3 people. On the way to work my heart
got hotter and I just got a blood-lust. My heart just got hotter and hotter, until the 25 minute Motor-Bike ride was like a quest. I could almost feel he taste of blood in my mouth.

You need the back-ground to understand this story. Otherwise you will thing Sydney-Tom had drunk too much cheap whisky and is off his nut. Please read on….

I woke up one morning to find out that “K” had died from HIV. A sad way to go. I was puzzled, it was a total anathema to me. It just didn’t sit right with me I knew “K” because she came from a village about
25 km from Mrs. Sydney Tom, and apart from seeing her at a bar in Asoke, I also saw her in a certain “Big Town”, on my regular trips to Isaan. She often gave me a polite look, and when I was alone eating my “Pad Kapow”
she begged me not to say anything. Of course, what would telling her story in Surin achieve. Yes – absolutely nothing !!!

I met her at the odd piss-up and she was a nice girl (beer bitch). She always had a sad and indifferent look about her. Maybe that made her attractive, maybe not, I wanted to go with her, but I didn’t. It was time not desire that stopped

I found it more than strange that “K” had died from HIV. I knew her mama-san personally, in fact 12 years ago the Mamma-san was my house-maid. I could not understand.

I went to the bar where I knew “J” worked, she was also upset. I asked her, and when you know girls for more than 10 years, the bull-shit slows considerably. “J” told me that “K” went to another bar
to work, she wasn’t getting enough in tips to make it worthwhile and a bar in Asoke was going to pay more each day and the customers tipped better. “J” happily volunteered the name and location of the Bar, so after a few beers
I went there.

The total indifference of “G” and “P” over what happened to one of their girls astounded me. “Oh well she had bad luck”, was the reply from “G." I was disappointed by this. Then “P”
told me that she was just another girl who worked here and we can get some more.

I paid my bill and walked slowly back to where I was parked. It just didn’t add up. How can a Bar owner who makes good money from the girls just not care and when a girl gets “bad-luck." I really didn’t like that.

That’s when I wanted to know the real story, too many lies, even from people from Isaan….

In one way and another, I tracked from the rice-paddies of Isaan, the orchards of the far north and the beaches of the south. This is what you would call “going up-river” to the source. This is where the girls come from. I am going to use
the example of “K” who comes from a nameless village, somewhere upcountry. My heart still weeps for “K."

“K’s” family were impoverished. She was sent to Bangkok to work, so they could eat. A concept I find offensive, why mum and dad can’t get off their collective asses and work, I can’t understand.

This is getting boring – so I will move along.

“K” worked in a shirt factory, had an abusive boyfriend and eventually wanted to see how “Falang” lived. She had mixed luck when she ended at the bar “J” was the Mamma-san. “J” only
wanted her going with customers she trusted. So a boozed-up guy on a football tour wasn’t going to get a look-in.

Ok, this is getting sad… “K” was then “recruited” to work in Asoke. She had the really good luck to score “Pommy Steve” as her very first real customer. “Pommy Steve” loved her from
the day her saw her. Bad luck for both of them, “Pommy Steve” had to go back to England.

After “pommy Steve” got onto BA0010 back to Heathrow, “G” was already working on poor “K." I have heard"
“I have known Steve a long time, he trusts me more than you."
you don’t do what you should – I will tell Steve you are a bad girl."
“I have Steve’s phone number” – Total crap !!!
“Steve has been my friend for more than 5 years” –
A check of “pommy Steve’s passport will show this is impossible…
“He will stop you and hate you – do you want that”

Ok, so “K” went with a few customers, and mostly they were the general punter.

Then more manipulation came.

I met “Pommy Steve” in Isaan. He seemed like a nice guy, wasn’t a ladies man, but was as sincere as you could ask.

I remember Steve and I talking about almost anything and he said to me “do you think “K” can live with me in England and be happy." He really only thought of her. We then went on a day trip to Cambodia and had a
great day.

What happened after that trip to Cambodia, still sickens me.

“G” at the bar kept manipulating “K." Of course “K” was so happy with “Pommy Steve” she didn’t want trouble.

The manipulation went greater until “N” who was the new mamma-san was living with “K."

After all, every fresh girl has many customers and they need to protect their investment.

The strange thing is poor “K” didn’t get much more money for all the “work” she did, rather “N” the mamma-san was taking the fee direct, keeping a nit for herself and paying the rest to “K."

Evidence of this is in the house “N” paid for in Roi Et for her and “G’s” mother. She borrowed and stole from “K." At the end “K” was just a machine to make money for “G”,
“N” and her family – her lifestyle had not improved. She was still living in a small room at the end of Asoke with “G” driving her to work each day in the new Pick-up (obviously paid for from “K’s”
effort”) and charging her 50 baht a trip.

I think “K” new that things weren’t going well. So “G” and “N” convinced “K” to go with customers for unprotected sex.

The conclusion is obvious. Ok, “K” was silly, and she should have asked more questions of Steve, but she didn’t have the education, or the understanding to quiz Steve. Maybe or maybe not she should have trusted Steve
more and “G” less.
Sadly Steve got HIV as well.

So the conclusion is –

“G” and “N” from the car manipulated “K” into having unprotected sex by using the idea that Steve would stop her.

Now of course, my investigations went deeper than that.

The way the “fresh” girls are recruited, where they come from. I am not going to start on that.

The way the “fresh” girls are trained, etc

How they also are manipulated into the business.

But please think of this – if they will go with you without a condom for a large amount of money – what’s really going on?

Now, this treatise has been “in the pipeline” for a very long time. I am sorry its now so tame.

But I do have the phone numbers of many people from bus-drivers, taxi-drivers, bar owners, so many people you would not care to think.

The last time I saw Steve, he was in an Aids hospice. You don’t go there for recovery, if you know what I mean.

My final question is: would the world have been better if “K” had said “stuff you” to “G” and “N” and in the worst case Steve had stopped “K."

In my opinion a total waste of life.

Now, if you want to know more – email me – I have photographs, addresses and phone numbers; sadly.

If you want to talk – you are buying the beer:

Stickman's thoughts:

Yep, the condom message still doesn't get through.