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Russian & Thai Working Girls Meet The Nouveau Samurai

Russian & Thai working girls meet the nouvo Samurai…

You'll see them occasionally in Bars and Disco's around Bangkok, Blonde's, brunettes, with steely cold blue eyes, standing in small indefinable groups… 'Caucasian' girls nestling amid the throng of Thai girls, – but they're not 'tourists' as we know it, but 'working' tourists as such. They often come from countries that end in the word 'stan' Uzbekistan, Kurdistan, and any other country you'd care to mention of the former Soviet Union. The girls are seldom beautiful by comparison to the Thai's, often dour in appearance and demeanor, and seem to smoke like troopers, seemingly waiting to be approached rather than approaching those men around them.

Of course they're working girls, Russian and Eastern European prostitutes, and enjoy what is probably an 'uneasy truce' amid their Thai counterparts, who look warily on. Almost certainly, these girls will charge their 'customers' twice the 'hourly fee' than their neighboring Thai counterparts. It's quite remarkable really that these working girls get away with it, surrounded by bubbly happy-go-lucky and cheerful Thai girls. Any discerning sex-tourist who wants a quick fix is hardly going to go for a Russian girl who hardly raises a smile and charge US$100 for the privilege is he? It might be that Caucasian women are sometimes mistaken for thinking they are superior in looks and stature than the Thai women around them and much sought after by Western men. This misconception is sometimes mirrored by western women tourist's who look down on Thai women and tend to put them all together in one 'group' as hookers. Indeed Western women are certainly out of their league here and unquestionably challenged by Thai womanhood, not just in looks, but warmth and sheer approachability. Thai women aren't [all] necessarily 'easy' conquests, it's just that they're supremely confident and at ease with the opposite sex, unlike their western counterparts. It's back to basics here, where women 'enjoy being women' and aren't career orientated and frankly as self-centered as western women. You will often hear western men with Thai girlfriends if asked, complaining that western women are too demanding, self-obsessed or just too career orientated, even domineering, and therefore lean towards the softer, more feminine Thai attitudes and virtues.

Any heterosexual westerner negotiating any relationship with a Thai woman, will immediately find himself very much in the driving seat of any relationship whereby the women will put the complete onus on him for decision making and guidance. This may have its plus and negative side though, in that he will always and forever have to decide for his female partner. He will so often hear those immortal words "up to you" whenever discussing restaurants, cinema's and any other venue during the course of the relationship. This could be mistaken for 'lethargy' or apathy on the part of the girl. It's not, but Thai women generally go one step further to please their man unlike their western counterparts, and this can, and is sometimes mistaken for 'subservience' – it's not.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but men generally cannot expect their Thai girlfriends to always take a forward or 50/50 pro-active role in a relationship as they might expect in a normal relationship back home. It's nice, but can often pall after while for most western men, not used to relationships with a Thai, or oriental women generally. These rules do not apply to oriental women brought up in western societies whereby they are completely 'western-ised' , with resultant western expectations from their men folk, it's all a matter of upbringing.

Thai girls will look on barely noticing these predatory female foreigners in their midst, even happily 'tolerating' their presence and hardly need to worry about any 'competition'. There simply isn't any that is a real threat, the Thai girls still reign supreme and rule their own roost here, and there's little to prove on that score.

However this tolerance can be stretched when the two worlds unwittingly collide as they sometimes do, when in some cases a Russian girl 'steals' deliberately or not, a Thai girl's customer, – diplomatic relations can become distinctly strained very rapidly.

I heard from a Thai girl once how a gang of 3-4 Thai girls set about a Russian girl giving her a real 'pasting' and beating once, until she fell for doing just that, but with some arrogance and attitude. Having lost face to the Russian prostitute, the indignant Thai girl and her two or three mates set about teaching the Russian girl a lesson in Thai / Russkey relations. It was a mother of all catfight's by all account, resulting in multiple cat-scratches cuts and bruises for the hapless Russian girl, who wasn't even helped by the nearby presence of a Thai security guard… After several minutes of screaming, Thai and Russian obscenities, ripped clothes, broken fingernails, bit of mobile phones everywhere, tufts of pulled uprooted hair clumps all over the marble flooring, it was all over…

The Russian girl knew better than to approach the Police, – poor girl was helpless really but for her friends waiting for her to pick up the pieces and bundle her into a Taxi.

Hmmm, maybe an interesting lesson to be learned there, but the Russian girl was severely 'reprimanded' for her 'trespassing' onto greener pastures that belonged to someone else. It's interesting to note the Security guard did virtually nothing to stop the assault, but shouted and looked on, but didn't intervene. [Hell, he probably didn't wanna get 'slashed'!!??] This particular incident was recounted to me in 2001 to have taken place in 1999, and the girl in question said the Thai Security guard didn't care about the Russian girl's beating…

Provided the influx of Caucasian/Slovenian girls such as former Soviet Union remains small, there shouldn't be any serious problems except for the odd isolated case of assault as outlined above.

However should these numbers grow, [as they show sign of doing so] real problems could begin as did in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates between the late 80's and mid 90's when the U.A.E. authorities finally brought the situation under control. Shootings and Russian Mob and Mafia killings went unchecked for a while, with prostitution running rampant. Plane loads of working girls were flying into Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi for their shopping by day, and 'nocturnal shopping' at night mainly in the Hotel bars and clubs. It got to such endemic proportions that Sharjah fast approached a no-go status in the mid nineties!

I doubt that Thai women [or the Government for that matter] would stand for this level of 'infiltration' either, and the only end result would be serious level of conflict in some form. Pattaya already has its element of Russian owned and run restaurants, and Thailand is fast becoming the cheap destination for former CIS countries with the resultant level of imported prostitution, albeit minor. It's not to say that Russian tourist's are bad for Thailand, far from it, but there is a price to pay, – Russian prostitutes. Some lesser known former CIS Airlines operating Tupolev TU-154 passenger liners frequent Thailand, able to get cheaper landing slots and handling at Pattaya's nearby U' Tapao airport, about 1 1/2 hour outside of Pattaya city. These airlines can therefore reduce their overheads and costs thus further opening up custom to the poorer and lesser know former CIS nations.

Unfortunately, Thailand lends itself to a lot of 'infiltration' by other nationalities prostitutes, even some various African nations too. Some eastern European female tourist's turn to prostitution as a means of funding their holiday's shopping expeditions and return trip by day. Many of the products they buy in Thailand are destined for the black market upon their return, it's almost an invisible yet lucrative industry, and a former CIS prostitute can win two-fold by selling herself by night, and in turn selling her purchases on the black market when she returns… Some slightly more well heeled and 'predatory' females come from other European and Eastern European countries even looking or 'scouting' for new material to fill their Brothels back home, promising girls 'good money' and VISA help etc, the usual empty and sometimes dangerous promises.

Tragically, a Thai girl already trapped in her socio-economic situation might see this initially as an attractive and easy way out to earn a quick buck. In some cases she could 'do worse' seemingly, provided she knows what she getting into, and her eventual fate rests in the hands of those who 'arrange' her exit to another country, and how she's treated once there. Often unscrupulous, the people who arrange her passage are completely different to those who will receive her at the other end. Things can, and do, go horribly wrong, and she might find her self in somewhere like Belgium or Germany only to find her Passport is withheld, or 'confiscated' for safe keeping by her now 'captors'.

Girls are often beaten for not cooperating, and alone without a Passport or any citizen rights in a foreign land, can find themselves in breathtakingly vulnerable positions, forced to do almost anything at the will of her peers.

The worst fate to befall one such girl would be to find herself in a 'closed house' brothel disallowed to even go outside, she's kept as a prisoner, unable to go out, let alone seek help. Forced to work 24-7 with other foreign girls. I always 'wince' when some Thai girls boasts about being promised work overseas, its fraught with danger, they just don't see it, or don't want to see it. They can only see as far as the money, and might be even further pushed into it by the demands of their families or so-called guardians…

A similar fate awaits even some of the Thai or Filipino bands that go overseas to Arabic nations. I recall a Filipino band in Abu Dhabi once who weren't allowed to leave the Hotel unless under escort, and had their Passports taken too. They had to sleep in one communal room too, but I think they preferred that than to being isolated in single rooms.

Some of the most well organised and yet 'ruthless' brothels or whatever you want to call them, are in Japan, where there is an insatiable appetite for young Thai [cheaper] girls and virgins to feed the new age Samurai warrior's seemingly unending, unlimited sexual desires. Thaniya Road better known as "Pat Pong II" and which runs parallel to the Farang's Pat Pong I is on a different 'plane' of co-existence, and visited almost exclusively by high flying Japanese businessmen, on Company business accounts quite often.

A farang walking down Pat Pong II might feel utterly disowned as the girls ignore his passing, they're only there for the Japanese, and are generally twice the price, even more in the Karaoke Bars and Clubs. Huge Mercs and BMW's pull up outside the Clubs as well heeled Japanese businessmen and executives step out to a loud and well rehearsed chorus of Japanese greeting by their Thai servants. A majority of these girls speak Thai and Japanese, but few can speak English, it's not in their interests. Many of these girls will get opportunities to visit and work in Japan's city labyrinth of bars and clubs that make even Bangkok look 'tame'.

Being a Farang, you'd be well advised to avoid these bars as they're ruinously expensive, and buying a girl a drink can cost you dearly, as you're 'buying her company effectively with the drink. She can't sit with you unless she has a drink on the go and this is where it gets expensive. Don't even think about ordering Champagne!!!! IF you do venture inside take a Thai friend with you, [From PP 1 maybe?] there's less likelihood of you being sorely ripped off, albeit with a broad inscrutable smile… At least you'll know what's what from the outset with a Thai escort, but don't for chrissakes go in alone or with a buddy for the first time in Thailand, not in PP II…

Until the Police and Government crackdowns, the girls in PP II [Thaniya Road] used to line their bars all down that street at about 20:00pm in their short cocktail dresses and evening gowns, truly a sight to see. It was worth it though even to just to be ignored as I walked along, just to stroll down Thaniya Road at this particular time of night, and I once coined it "The street of angels" to myself and friends.

Japanese influence and business in Thailand is huge and even dwarfs its European counterparts in sheer volume and output in the motor and electronics industries. One could be forgiven for thinking more emphasis is given to satisfying the unending desires of the Japanese, than western tourist's, especially when in Thaniya Road/Plaza. Thaniya Plaza's famous more for its Golfing Shops to cater for today's latter day Samurai's daytime activities, as we know what he does by night… I often look at the well heeled Japanese businessmen patronising these clubs and reflect on how dramatically the Japanese race as a whole have progressed over the last 60 years or so. I often think if ever I even mentioned the last war they'd simply say, "War? – what war??" Perhaps a nation in denial?

Although Pat Pong 1 & 2 run parallel with each other and are a stone's throw apart, they might as well be a gulf apart in business practices, and a Farang tourist might be made to feel almost unwelcome in these parts, as perhaps a Japanese businessman might feel himself walking in PP 1. PP 1 is aimed at the average Farang tourist, and is more fun if you ask me and I see little point having such an expensive alternative so close by. But then I'm not Japanese with inexhaustible finances, often on business accounts whereby cost is no object.

There are physical differences too between the girls that prevail in PP 1 and 2, Thai girls in PP 1. PP 2 girls often dye their hair brown and hazel colours much vogue in Japan, and seem chosen more for their curvaceous looks in evening dress. They even consider themselves somewhat 'elitist' at the money they command than compared to their counterparts in PP 1, Nana and Soi Cowboy, – and an almost introvert snobbery even exists here amid the different girls, or classes of prostitute…

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