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I have been analysing my relationships to death over the last few months. Anyone that has read my piece on “A visit to England” will already know a great deal about my relationship with Flossy.

I have concluded that all my relationships have contained a 10% disparity. That is, each of them has had 10% of their personality that I found difficult to tolerate, and it is this intolerance that lead to my break ups. More importantly,
I don’t think I’m alone. I think we all have a 10%.

You can choose to tolerate the 10% and therefore live together blissfully happy, or you can let the 10% eat away at your relationship. Remembering always that you could have 10% that she may not like also.

But the Thai 10% is something special. We come to Thailand, and follow our dicks into the bars, then these beautiful girls massage our hearts and other bits, until the lust becomes what we think is love, and perhaps for many, it is love,
that is until the 10% takes over.

When these girls open up we find they come from dysfunctional families, have huge quantities of emotional baggage, and more often than not very, very poor backgrounds.
They need love and attention, and we give them this by the hundredweight.
They need money, and virtually all farangs have far more of this than they can dream of.

We get our egos massaged, along with all our other bits, we take them under our wing, and provide for them their emotional needs, financial needs and they get to show us off to their friends and families, and generally have a good time.

We do this because it’s easy – they are easy to find, they are beautiful, and we think easy to look after, after all, what’s a few Pounds / Dollars / Euros and a bit of emotion. They are without doubt 90% better than
farang girls. You then get to enjoy all the attention, (I personally love to show off my Teeruk. She’s just about to turn 21, she’s got firm bits that my ex wife at 38 has not had for 20 years. She’s vibrant, fun and a joy
to be with 90% of the time.) Then bless them, they decide to open up to you, and let you in, so you fall in, HEAD FIRST.

I’ve been married, and I know what it takes to live with someone for the long-term, and I know that my ex’s 10% is tolerable, as many farang woman are, but Thai females have a 10% all their own, and to tolerate it for the long
term isn’t quite so easy.

Before you read on, I have to tell you I’ve had a fantastic experience, and I recommend EVERYONE give it a try. My girl is wonderful 90% of the time, and 90% better than any girl I’ve ever been with in Farangland, but that 10%
is 90% worse than any farang 10% I’ve ever come across. Are you with me still?

My ex wife was pleasant enough, attractive in her early years, a great mum, a good friend mostly, and whilst I regularly put her down these days (cos she cost me a fortune to divorce, the bitch), she will make someone a wonderful wife one
day, but not me. Her 10% I tolerated for 18 years, and it was mild, and remained so until this part of her personality increasingly grated on me until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I’m sure many of you know what I mean – “Does my bum look big in this”, type questions. We all want to answer, “Yes, because you can’t hide the fact you’ve got a fat arse, and I know already it was because
you gave birth to our children and don’t need bloody reminding every time weight is remotely mentioned in a conversation, and it couldn’t possibly be anything to do with the huge amounts of food you consume because your in a stable
relationship that means you don’t have to look good anymore”, but we tell them;
No darling you look wonderful, or at worse, we say, yes a bit – then god help you.

I don’t get any of that from my Teeruk. The way I see it is the Thai woman has a different 10%.

10% Massive insecurity. (Mine also has immaturity, and a fuse on her temper about a micron in length, but this is all brought out by insecurity) and I think this is the bit that many find intolerable. Call it “Cultural differences”
or dress it up in anyway you want.

Take last night – I was knackered, mentally drained. I said to Flossy, I want to go to bed early tonight – if we want to do anything, we need to go to bed early. She then sat and watched a movie – about half way through;
I said I want to go to bed now. I’m tired. She asked me to stay up with her, and took the piss out of me being tired, because she doesn’t think holding the phone, and looking at a computer all day is tiring. So, to please her, I
stay up. We go to bed around midnight, and then the games begin.

We clean our teeth together, and after rinsing her mouth, she puts her cold wet hands on my back, and then runs from the room. I’m not in the mood for this, so towel off, and go to bed. She starts tweaking and pulling hair on my chest; I’m
not in the mood for this, so tell her to stop. This playful stuff continues in bed, until eventually she gets the message. I ask her to stop, I’m tired, and want to sleep. I get a big sigh, the words “Tired again” come from
her lips, (The last time I said it was weeks ago) she flips over, huffs, puffs, then just as I’m about to doze off, she springs out of bed with another huff, flicks the light on, slams the bedroom door, and goes off into the lounge. I turn
the light off, and dose off.
Some while later, she enters the bedroom again, bang crash, huff, puff – then bounce on the bed, then massage of the wedding tackle, and a tongue in ear, then “I sorry”. I say, please
go to sleep; she says, “You not want anything?” I say, no, please sleep now; we do something in the morning. And yes, again, turns her back again, sighs, huffs, and puffs and eventually gets out of the bed again. I have no idea what
happened after this, nor what time she eventually came to bed. I gritted my teeth, and slept.

Tonight I will be tired again!

The above is the immaturity. I can tolerate this. But it is born from insecurity – she had her moan that I was tired, then we had the childish strop, but bottom line is, she thinks she has failed if I go to bed without her, or something
is wrong, because I don’t want to make love tonight – then you throw in the emotion, say tears, or temper, or whatever, and then the insecure “Sorry” comes out later.

Farang girls rarely have this hang up – my ex would be happy to have the evening to herself.

I don’t need to offer further examples, read my previous submissions, and take a good look at your own farang / Thai relationship; it’s that damn 10% insecurity causing you the problem.

Flossy has gone from poverty to affluence in 2 years. From no love, too more love than she’s ever had in her life. From the confines of her life, to the expansive opportunities she will have with me. She will remain insecure about
me forever. She protects me from other woman with a ferocity I have never seen. She thrusts her affluence under the noses of everyone Thai she knows. Then you have the tears, the temper, the mood swings and the childishness all thrown into the
pot. This isn’t something that she will grow out of quickly, and it is for us to remember that it is we farang that introduce this problem in the first place.

Even if you take her to Isaan, and move in with her parents, your own education, and ability to earn, and basic breading (For most!) is enough for you to grow her insecurities. You are after all desirable, and not just because you’ve
a 12” dick, or happen to look like David Beckham – it’s in your breeding, your upbringing (For most)

I’ve taken her out of her environment, and showered all this cash and emotion on her, and I’m about to dump her from this highest of highs because she can’t handle it.

My Flossy looks after me like I have never, and will ever be looked after. She exudes sexuality, and kindness. She’s happy go lucky, and great fun to be around. 90% of the time.

She must wake up every day wondering when this dream will end, so she does everything she can to protect it, and this is actually her failing, her 10%

It is this failing that makes us responsible for so many of these bargirl hang-ups, that usually get worse, not better – as the older you get, the more insecure about your farang boyfriend your going to be, knowing the last one left

You may be sat at home having read this and saying to yourself, my girl gives me 40% problem, and 60% happiness – you know what you have to do. Then again you could be saying your relationship is 99% perfect. In this instance you had
better take a close look at your own 10%.

Long-term relationships are hard work as it is, but these wonderful Thai girls – boy, oh boy, what a 10% it can be.

You’ve been warned, now go out and have a good time, it’s only 10% of after all!

Stickman's thoughts:

You're on to something here.

If I was asked to name the common negative attribute of many Thai woman, I would say that in addition to being immature, as was demonstrated here, that quite a few are self-centred.