Stickman Readers' Submissions September 17th, 2004

Some Reality

Humble Westerner's recent submissions on farang criticism seems to have stirred up quite a few Western tourists and expats in Thailand.

He does have one point. If we all hate certain things in Thailand so much, why are we visiting or staying here or reading about it so much?

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Beyond that, he has missed many basic points. One being that people, especially punters and expats and even the real non-sex tourists to Thailand, do in fact embellish. Beyond embellishing their stories of drunken nights with hot women (sometime
more like boring nights of inebriation with average whores), they do often embellish their hatred of this or that thing about Thailand.

But anyone with common sense would realize these guys can't really hate Thailand so much, because if they did why are they telling you all of this while on Sukumvit, in Nana Plaza, posting on the Stickman site, etc?

We should also take what people say or write with a grain of salt and some filtering. Ask yourself who is making the comments and assertions of facts. Has this guy been coming to Thailand for a long time? Are they experienced or naive? Do
they have reasons for wanting certain things to be true?

I would always take the statements that all Thais are perfect and Thai hookers are generally great people with some caution, especially if the punter in question is on his first trip, in desperate need of emotional affection, etc.

I would take the words of Thailand being so great and the West being a pot hole with some sense of who the writer is. So many of these guys are coming from failed lives in England, America, Canada, etc. Does that mean most people succeed
or fail in those countries? Are they really so sure Thailand is better than the West, or that it is simply better for fat bob, ugly Joe, cheap Charlie, old Joe, or socially inept Gene?

No, I'm not saying America or England or Germany is perfect. No, I'm not saying all Westerners who come to Thailand are fat, old, ugly, or dump. I am saying that sometimes people say Thailand is grand and the West sucks for reasons
of personal need and the human ability to make fantasy into delusion.

Next time you see this, maybe the best response is to forget about these people's comments. They say them to meet their own agendas. Don't let it warp your sense of what is real.

Perhaps I have my own agenda too, though it must be pretty complicated given what I'm about to say.

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Here's my view of Thailand. It's a developing country in the second world. It's people are not starving or dump as dirt, but it has a way to go to make first world status. It's still cheap in terms of food, housing, hookers,
drinks, manual labor, and entertainment, but it's getting more expensive due to all the guys coming for the cheap hookers, beer, food, housing, entertainment (and in that order).

The women most guys meet are hookers or similar to hookers in their agendas, because the guys who meet them are looking for hookers or women that are sexually promiscuous. Many reasons make this a reality and you can read all about them in
other submissions.

The punters aren't always and usually are not the playboy handsome men they want to believe they are.

The women are usually not the highly intelligent, honest women they pretend to be….usually they are hookers.

That's reality. Did I get burned by a hooker? No. Do I like ugly fat men? No. Do I like young handsome men? No. Do I like hot hookers? Yes.

Stickman’s thoughts:

I love your honesty.

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