Stickman Readers' Submissions September 20th, 2004

Losing Face Big Time

Anonymous submission

I was in Pattaya last year which was one of many stays since 1979. I bought a fake watch at the stand just outside McDonalds inside the Royal Garden shopping plaza and monitored it overnight and found it had stopped working…

Next morning I returned it and was given a replacement which also stopped during the evening. Same again the next day so after 3 failures I said to my Thai GF who I had at that time been with for 7 years, that I was going to ask for my money back.

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She laughed and bet me 100 baht (big bet for her) that I had no chance and never in a million years would I succeed.

The next morning I was in the Royal Garden as soon as it opened but my GF said that I had not to go and complain for a while because I would be the first customer and it would be bad luck for them !

Yeah right I thought and went across straight away to be told by a girl that I had to wait for the boss to arrive and until then they wouldn't even talk to me just give the occasional dirty look.

The boss arrived and was immediately told by this girl of my problem and my GF told him in Thai what had happened and I wanted my money back, he replied that I could have another watch but no refund and my GF advised me to try another watch
as that was the best I could hope for. I said no and if I didn't get my money back that I would go to the police. His answer with a confident leer was "go to the police."

Off we went to the tourist police, made a report etc etc and they said they would meet me at the Royal Garden shortly. I got back before them and waited and eventually they arrived and this boss guy couldn't get to the policeman quickly
enough to put his case.

After my GF stated my case the boss prick still only offered another watch so the policeman asked why I would not take up the offer to which I replied that "after 3 failures that I had no confidence in the product" but the boss prick still stood
his ground. Then the cop calmly said to him that he should seriously reconsider his position. The boss prick's demeanour became childlike and nearly started crying with anger and immediately produced my money back.

The whole episode took more than two hours and I managed to stay calm whilst firmly stating my case which is important in Thailand. This guy with the watches has the prime site in Royal Garden blatantly selling fake watches and enjoys complete
immunity from the police who he obviously pays a lot of money to. He also has a stall in Mike's just inside the entrance.

I am 64 and my GF 51. We had a shop in Pattaya for 3 years employing up to 10 girls and I have seen life from the farangs' and Thai girls' angles and in my 25 years experience of Thailand, not Pattaya which is merely IMHO a seaside
brothel, I find the people in general, irrational, very childlike and completely lacking business acumen.

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Three of the girls we employed all met and married Europeans and all have been a success and one or two girls whom I got to know very well were perfect wife material, very domesticated, honest and extremely good company.

The one aspect I carry with me from Thailand is RESPECT…something that is virtually non existent now in the UK

Stickman’s thoughts:

I have to say that I as surprised you got your money back. But good on you for persevering!

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