Stickman Readers' Submissions September 29th, 2004

Final Days In Bangkok

The night was young, I was still sober, and I knew I needed to make some fast changes. Finding myself in Bangkok alone, not knowing anyone, I decided I would hit up the streets in search of a good time.

I was not looking to hook up with a nice young Thai lady because my most recent love interest just departed for the south. She was a tour guide, and only had limited time in Bangkok before she headed south to work. It was the last time I saw her because
I was scheduled to depart in a few days.

He Clinic Bangkok

I had no desire to spend any time on Khao San that night, but I ended up in the area and decided to make a pit stop for a beer. I grabbed a large Chang from a 7-11, and proceeded to drink it on the steps of Gulliver's while I observed some street
action. I didn't have to wait long before a dispute erupted between a young, rather flat chested Caucasian woman, and a Spanish male. I can't remember exact details, but she had obviously had too much to drink and was bickering at him
about some issue. I just remember him referring to his package, saying that she couldn't handle what he was packing. I was laughing about the situation with a few of the young woman's friends when I was interrupted by some locals.

A clean cut young gentleman started talking to me, and soon revealed his purpose. Apparently he was down in the area with a few of his friends (all girls), and one of them was interested in me. It was a slow night so I decided to hang out with them for
a while. At first our whole group was walking around, but I was only talking to him. He didn't reveal which young lady was interested in me, but rather decided to turn it into a game. He wondered which one I was most interested in, and I
submitted by choice. The young lady I had chosen was in fact not the one who liked me. I was never good at guessing games, so I was not surprised to find I was wrong. I continued to talk with the young man and discovered he was a doctor at two
hospitals. I called him on it considering he appeared to be very young, then he provided me with his business card. I had no choice but to believe him, and congratulated him for being so young, but holding a medical position as high as he did.

I began talking with one of the young ladies, and found out she spoke good English, but the other two barely spoke any. They had become bored with walking around, so I suggested we grab some road pops and head back to my room to socialize. They did not
seem eager to indulge themselves in a few drinks, but I was ready for many. Growing up on the prairies of southern Alberta, I am quite experienced with alcohol. There is not much to do for entertainment, so many people become well aquatinted with
booze on a regular basis.

CBD bangkok

One of the young ladies and I ended up going in a 7-11 to purchase some beverages. I grabbed a few items, and she did the same. I don't know if she thought I was going to pick up the entire bill, but I had just met these locals, and was not about
to take care of the damage. After we exited the store we headed for my room, which was not too far away.

Shortly after we entered, the young male questioned me about the multiple empty large Changs sitting on a desk. He asked me if I had consumed all that beer by myself. I responded and said that I had drank them with a friend while watching cock fights
on TV. In actual fact the story was pretty accurate, except for my so called friend who did not actually exist. I'll be honest and say that I do like to have some beers by myself and watch cock fights on TV before I head out on the town.
I quickly dismissed that topic and started up another.

The five of us had some good laughs for an hour or so in the room, when they decided it was time to get going. I was getting prepared to once again be alone, when I noticed the girls exchanging some words. It turned out that one of the girls (the one
who liked me), did not want to leave. I was not opposed to her staying with me as I was quite lonely. As they were leaving one of the girls said "no sex", and I laughed and said there will be no sex. Apparently they were rather serious,
as I thought they were just joking around. I did agree to the no sex rule and said goodbye to the foursome.

Shortly after I began to attempt to communicate with my new friend Jekk, she received a phone call. It turned out it was one of the friends saying she forgot something she needed that was still in my room. I can't remember what she forgot, but apparently
she needed it ASAP. Next thing I know I'm in a cab with Jekk, headed god knows where in Bangkok. Thirty minutes later we arrive at our destination. Jekk gets out and hands over the sacred item, then starts to chat. I got a strange feeling
that I might be getting ditched, and would have to find my way back alone. To my surprise she was once again back at my side, heading back to my room.

I was a little drunk and this point and decide it was time to make some minor moves on this girl. I was getting closer than two strangers would, and attempted to kiss her. Well she was not up for this idea and I realized my mistake. I was thinking to
myself, what kind of girl have I just met. She wants to spend the night at a guy's place, but wont even kiss him. I knew I was going to have to work at this or I wouldn't 't be getting anywhere.

wonderland clinic

We arrived back at my place, and the alcohol was starting to take effect. I remember just sitting on the bed with her, watching TV, and that's about it. Nothing more happened that night besides me passing out. I woke up and was a little confused
considering there was a girl in my bed. I thought to myself and asked what I had done. She woke up and we began attempting to communicate. She did not speak very much English at all, and I only could speak a few Thai phrases. She stayed even though
the communication was not very good, but we made the best out of it. We were just watching TV, then one thing led to another and at this time she wanted to get frisky. I found it quite interesting that just last night she would barely even kiss
me, and now she wanted to engage in full out sexual relations. After we were done I suggested we go out to eat by saying a phrase such as "you want eat?". She was not up for this idea and decided to show me that she had a bunch of pills
with her. These pills were her supplement for food I guess.

I was confused and just decided to go out for some food by myself. I took my valuables with me in case my new friend decided to burn me, which I could never imagine her doing, but I don't take any chances. I left a bunch of stuff behind such as most
of my clothes, my Discman, and many CDs. I wandered the streets in the hot afternoon and stopped by a few food stalls on the street. I bought a little extra in case Jekk decided to actually eat.

When I returned I found her lying on the bed watching TV. I was immediately instructed to take a shower as I had been out in the heat and started to sweat. After I had a shower and started to cool down, things started to heat up again. Afterwards I began
thinking that she had been here for quite a while, and was not showing any sign of wanting to leave. I began to attempt to talk to her about this, but she thought I wanted her to leave. It was my last day in Bangkok and I needed to get some things
done. She looked at me with sad puppy eyes and I was forced to let her stay. She didn't want to head out on the town, so we just spent the rest of the night in my room. In the morning I woke up later than planned, and didn't have much
time before I had to depart. We had a final shag, then said our goodbyes and I was on route back to the frozen north. We kept in touch for quite a while after I returned, but the emails have slowed down quite a bit. I plan to return to the kingdom
within the next two years, so I will see if Jekk is still available at that time. Until then, I will remain in the north waiting until I have the next opportunity to return.

Stickman’s thoughts:

It sounds like you met one of the new generation of Thai women, the sort that the older, traditional generation have nightmares about!

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