Stickman Readers' Submissions July 27th, 2004

First Time In A Long Time

I have just returned from a superb holiday in Pattaya / BKK. All I really have to offer in this piece is in regard to naughty nightlife, which I have got a bit bored reading myself over the years. However I had so many mixed experiences regarding bargirls
I think it is newsworthy. To cut to the chase, this holiday came about as I recently cut ties with my long time girlfriend, so fancied another crack at Thailand to cheer myself up (or maybe fuck myself up!) This was the ninth time in Thailand
(though it felt like my first, the way I behaved), but the first time in 5 years.

I arrived in Pattaya at about 5 o'clock in the evening, and after a quick shower and room service I was off on the hunt. Ventured down to Soi Diamond first to sit at the Carousel Bar to watch the world go by while plucking up my courage
for later with a few Heinekens. On a side note, this has always been a favourite drinking spot of mine as you can have a lot of banter with the girls here or sit and be left alone without any hassle. To coin that favourite and annoying saying
"Up to you".

He Clinic Bangkok

After leaving Soi Diamond I ventured down Walking Street and into the second Living Dolls A gogo (near Tony’s). Not a fuckin sinner in the place!! In all the excitement I had forgotten it was only 8.15. What a twat! So sat and had
a couple of beers anyway and had a look at the girls but nothing remotely catching the eye. Left here and went to Peppermint a gogo upstairs beside marine disco. Went in and sat down at the topless waitress bar and right away clocked an absolute
stunner. Knew what was goin to happen later already. Anyway she came round my side of the bar and very modestly put her top back on (I hate talking to tits). She told me she had stopped work for two months and this was only her second week back.
She also said that she hadn't had sex for three months and was very horny. Frankly I didn't care if she was telling the truth or not because I was starting to swell. So paid bar and off to hotel. She certainly was horny and left me absolutely
shattered, but I made the mistake of going long time and after sex she became very lovy-dovy and started pouring her heart out to me. Have to say for some mad reason I was starting to have strong feelings for this girl and I am no novice in Thailand!
At this point I knew I could not see her again or she could be the one that fucks my head up when I go back home. Didn't lie to her anyway. Told her not sure when I'd be back but would call in before I left Pattaya. What a first night!

My days don't make interesting reading so onto the second night. Feeling a bit wrecked tonight so no intentions of more nookie (well this is what I tell myself). Ended up pretty slaughtered this night and was on my way home along walking
street when I noticed a very busy bar so I wandered in for a quick one. Ended up talking to a few freelancers (whom I generally make a point of staying away from as they are not always the most honest and you have little comeback if they thieve
from you in the night) One of them was a real cracker but had a mouth like a sewer and proudly demonstrated her command of English swear words. By this stage the balls were already ruling the brain so gave in to her demands of giving me a good
fucking and off to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel I must have started to sober up again and realised that she really was just a low class hooker. As luck would have it she had misplaced her ID card but she insisted on trying her luck
with the hotel anyway as she had some non-photographic ID. I went along with this anyway as I knew it would fail and it did. The cheeky little wanker actually had the cheek to ask me for 500 baht for losing time and me being the gent that I am
gave her 40 baht and told her to jump on a motorbike taxi. The next day I felt shit for actually having been seen with a girl like that. I have no problem with shame in bringing girls back to my hotel but I like them to be ladylike and well presented.
However we're all allowed one mistake. (Don’t worry there's more!)

The next night I ended up in Living Dolls again and this time it was a lot more lively. Assumed ringside seat at the stage and started knocking a few back. Within a short space of time a reasonably attractive young girl introduced herself
and sat down. Apparently this was her second day working here, which I was dubious of right away as she had quite a few tattoos and a pierced tongue. All seemed normal at first but later I noticed the change in her eyes. I don't know what
she had taken but her behaviour became wild. She straddled me on my seat and began kissing me. However a pierced tongue does not agree with me and I told her to stop. The next thing she was head in my lap trying to take my knob out. Call me shy
but that's just a bit public for me. I asked her why she was going crazy and she told me her boss had given her a hard time for not being sexy enough. Told her I was off anyway and she looked very upset. This girl was genuinely messed up
and when I see girls like this it makes me question my own behaviour as I am feeding the system. Anyway soon got over my guilt and headed to Super Baby on Soi Diamond. If you want a real stunner then this place has plenty. Found one I liked and
once again hotel bound. When back to the hotel she informed me it was 1500 for short and 2500 for long. Reckoned I would go long time as I thought I might fancy a bit in the morning. Anyway after pretty ordinary sex she wakes me at six in the
morning announcing that she can't sleep and wants to go home. No problem except that she had been paid for long time. The next day I came back to my hotel at six after being on the beach and I had 6 missed calls. This was very strange as
I had just put a new Thai SIM card in the previous day and no one had my number. Anyway came back to the hotel alone this night, surprisingly pissed again. At about 2.45 my hotel phone rang and I was told there was a lady waiting for me at reception.
Went down and there was last night’s girl looking a bit sheepish. I didn't want to embarrass her in front of hotel staff (losing face and all that Thai stuff) so took her up to the room to have it out. Turned out she had used my phone
to call hers in order to get my number ("she like me too much and scared she not see me again"-bollocks!). Anyway, thought it would be foolish to waste an opportunity so did the business and gave her 1000 baht as she had stroked me last
night. Surprisingly much as she "really liked me" she never called again. She had obviously thought she was in for 2500 baht every night and now thought I was cheap bastard. Damn! Took me all of 15 minutes to get over her.

CBD bangkok

The next couple of days consisted of a few visits to Sabaai Dii massage parlour where life is a lot less complicated, although it is a little bit too clinical for my liking. Just when things were becoming simple again, on my last night in
Pattaya I decided to go and see my lady from the first night in Peppermint. I didn't want to have sex with her again but she was such a sweetheart I wanted to have a chat with her before I went (honest, I have been in Thailand before). We
chatted for ages before I barfined her and we went off for a drink. Had a really nice night and I explained to her that she could not come back with me tonight as I had to go to BKK early in the morning. The real reason was that I reckon I could
have fallen for this girl in a big way and I know from earlier experience that these type of long distance relationships (never mind with a bargirl) really can mess you up. Truth is I don't know how I resisted her that night, she really was
a cracker in every sense and no doubt in my mind, she is one of the few "good" bargirls. We've e-mailed each other a few times since and it's been just as friends as I've explained to her and there's no I miss you
and wait for you to come back to me, bollocks.

So down to Bangkok I went a little bit subdued as this girl had got to me a bit. Met up with a few mates the first couple of nights for a few beers and just took it easy. On the third night went to Soi Cowboy and the Dollhouse. Barfined one
of the best looking girls in the place and back to the hotel. Attractive and sexy, though she was, she was not a great performer and this was definitely a one night only. However she was a very nice girl and I actually barfined her another night
but just for a drink and a night out.

Next night was up to Patpong and the same with every visit to BKK this was my one and only visit to Pong. Didn't bother with the go-go's as I don't enjoy them here so went into one of the beer bars on the other Soi Patpong, quite a big
bar and part of the Kings Castle group. Approached right away by a fairly decent looking girl, who seemed very nice to talk to. She was telling me about all her farang boyfriends and admitted working in the bar a couple of years so I thought she
was pretty straight. So back to the hotel again ( Am I getting boring yet?) On arriving back at the hotel she spots the hotel nightclub ( just to clarify that this is one of the better hotels on Sukhumvit and not Nana or Grace) So we go inside
and there is a farang band playing and they were very good indeed. Suddenly, again I don't know if she was on something but she went onto the dance floor and started making a real exhibition of herself. I thought at one point she was going
to rip her clothes off. I was mortified as this was a very respectable place and I'm sure people were wondering what the hell I'm doing with a girl like this. So got her to the room quick smart. Then while I'm taking a shower she
comes in and declares "bpuat kii" which means I need a shit. At this point I could almost feel my cock die so I thought I'll just go to sleep and fuck her out with a few bob in the morning. This plan seemed to be working until I
was woken up by her phone at 6 in the morning. So she answers it and blethers away in Thai for a few minutes. I told her to turn it off but this obviously fell on deaf ears as half an hour or so later I was wakened again. This time she answers
it and it was the farang boyfriend. I know I shouldn't have done it but I was tired and cranky but I shouted "tell him to call you back later" She went into the bathroom obviously getting an ear bashing from her tii rak who obviously
now realised that she was not entirely faithful. At least I woke him up to himself as he told her he was not coming back to see her. She flew into what you can only call a Thai rage (i.e. very nasty). I have to admit I felt very unsafe so I grabbed
her in a bear hug and threw her out the door with only a towel round her. I now had no choice but to call the hotel security before someone else did. Security came and took her belongings out to her and that was the end of it. Did I say this was
a superb holiday? It was certainly an experience.

However the best night was saved till the end. Back to Soi Cowboy but will not mention the bar as it was one of the waitresses I barfined and I think it would be quite obvious which one. She was such a lot of fun and I think one of the dancer’s
noses was put out of joint by the fact I took the little waitress. She had obviously not been barfined to often as she was very shy. I was not expecting to be dazzled in the bedroom but I wanted something different. I took her back to the nightclub
in the hotel and we had a great time and I actually ended up dancing for the first time in a few years. When we went to the bedroom she really amazed me. She didn't have the body of some of the gogo girls although it was fine in my eyes but
unlike the gogo girls she was a little starved of sex and she really enjoyed going for it and I was a sore boy in the morning. I couldn't believe it. In the bar I thought of her as a young girl but after sex she was a lady in my eyes. There's
a lot of guys missing out on something not taking this girl.

wonderland clinic

To finish off- on this site there is a lot of talk about bargirls and the majority of people really slate these ladies and don't consider them relationship material. In the main I agree wholeheartedly with this but there are some out
there and I think I met 2 of them who I believe would make any guy very lucky given circumstances where they were not working in bars any more. On the other hand as I also proved you can meet ladies who seem lovely at first glance but hide a much
nastier, ruthless and maybe just plain vulgar streak inside.

Where the "good bar girls" are concerned, a relationship may be possible where the guy works in BKK and makes enough money to support her. However holiday romances with bargirls should be left on holiday, unless you want to drive
yourself to distraction and paranoia. However these words will continue not to be heeded by many and, well given that I nearly fell in the trap this time I cannot be surprised.

Stickman’s thoughts:

Wise advice at the end. That must have been hilarious when you had the girl ejected from the hotel. But oh, you were REALLY playing with fire there. She lost face BIG time – and the possible loss of her ATM too!

nana plaza