Stickman Readers' Submissions July 26th, 2004

My Recent Trip

My itinerary.

Day 1 (June 25) arrive in BKK @4pm, meet my TGF flying in from Udon @4:30PM. Spend glorious night together reacquainting and catching up on past 2.5 months.

He Clinic Bangkok

Day 2 she flies back to Udon, I fly to PI for free trip I won from Thai Airways on earlier trip. (Trip report in early stage).

Day 3-6 in Angeles City in Jacuzzi room above large Go-Go bars celebrating my 60th BD in a way I never would have thought possible 2 years before. Hundreds of pictures from PG to XXX with some very friendly BG’s and Go-Go ladies

Day 7 &8 Free time in BKK, no TGF or commitments. Met beautiful Thai girl in beer bar and fell in love again. I asked her age and found she was 17.75 years old. “how can you work in a beer bar at your age”. Answer mamasan
owns bar and is her natural mother. She is still virgin (yes I have plenty of reason to believe it is true).

CBD bangkok

Day 9 – 13 meet TGF and 5 employees (They won company paid vacation for good year last year.) and took a van direct to Pattaya for beachside R&R. It consisted of shopping by 3 single ladies and married couple. We never did see
nightlife area and my TGF had no desire to go that way either.

Day 14-17 With employees (TGF went home to Udon) in BKK, they loved MBK shopping center as I did too. Met most attractive lady I’ve seen in LOS working at MBK. She gave me my receipt and my CDs, I studied invoice closely, she asked
“did I forget something?”. I replied yes, your name and phone number. She said why? I said if you are not married I want to go out with you. She gave me name and cell number and we agreed to meet 2 nights hence. Only later when I
had meeting place confirmed by another Thai lady did I find out that my intended ex-wife was already married with one child and was nervous about going out with me. I reluctantly cancelled the date with my angel.

Day 18-23 in Udon with my TGF playing golf and relaxing.

Day 19 in BKK to have dental work installed and send TGF to weekend market to look for Maltese dog to add to our growing collection of dogs. She found one, we bought it and she announced she was going to name him after me. I ask “Bob
or Bobby” she replied no “Butterfly”. We now have a new family member named Butterfly. LOL

wonderland clinic

Day 21 – 26 I sent her back to Udon and met up with my American roommate and his co-worker Eric who studied Stick’s site and many others before he went for this, his first trip. He strongly predicted he would only go to Thailand once, not
fall in love with any girls as he knew the score. They had been there 6 days when we met up and he introduced me to his angel that he met in beer bar 3 days ago and been with constantly since. My friend John also had his lady with him that he
was committed to and both confirmed it unlikely we would go to Pattaya as planned or Eric would take Angel with him. I told him stay in BKK, don’t take sand to beach. 2 days later both reluctantly abandoned TGFs and accompanied me to Pattaya
for 2 days before returning to Hawaii. It took less than 10 hours for them to come back to me with conclusion “We will never go back to BKK for fun and games, just go straight to Pattaya”. My last 36 hours I did spend with 1 lady
alone for a couple of reasons. 1. she had the cutest tightest little body I had seen my whole trip. 2. After our first wild, wild pony ride I found out that I had gotten her Maraschino. I found out after the fact (the next day) and felt privileged,
had I know ahead of time I probably would have felt too guilty to perform the deed.

Note: to man who wrote “if view bothers you”

You park yourself on edge of the P4P nightlife area, sit with your wife and criticize all of the overweight farangs and their young TGFs. What a wonderful vacation you must have had. I am 6’ 220 lbs 60 years old and am one of the ones
you may have seen on your trip. I proudly walk into the bar with my “overnight meaningful relationship”, sit down at another table, glance around the room and feel sorry for all the men like you who came in to criticize us in front
of wives but in back of their mind are envious that they have to stick with one woman for their whole vacation while some of us change temporary wives more often than we do bed sheets and live out our fantasies.

Stickman’s thoughts:

You weren't tempted to spend all of your time in Udon?!

nana plaza