Stickman Readers' Submissions May 14th, 2004

Thai Experience, Why Did I Not Listen, Part 2

January 2004.

He Clinic Bangkok

I went back to Phuket to see Goi. I had not sent her any money but spoke of my love for her over the telephone.

I had 2 motives for Phuket again, Goi the Kampaengphet beauty and a small business I had invested in. The business was solid and not a bar. I told the other partner my law enforcement based occupation and said I will look for you forever if you rob me. Handy things to have are photos of business partners and their family. No I am not a gangster but a methodical and stubborn person. (except for Goi)

The business was returning its expected monies to me and my Goi was at the go-go with her 3 baht bracelet on which I know she never wore in public, my ever reliable friend the cashier from the drinking bar told me this. A real Thai friend from a bar, yes I believe she is. My friend also told me Goi had split from her sometime Thai boyfriend and was living up the hill with 2 girlfriends. Maybe I had broken the unwritten law of the bargirls. Bargirls' lies to farang are all part of the job. Life could not be better. To Thai houses and flats I went, my input of ATM becoming less and I talked to Goi of coming home for 3 months to see if she would like it.

CBD bangkok

Help me someone I am in love.

My local information sources were growing and becoming more reliable. Goi knew this and said to me why people talk me I said maybe because I have a good heart and people want me happy not with a bad girl. That part is true. My Isaan mafia knew all my and her movements. I knew that things were getting better for me when I went to a small bar I had never been to and the mama-san called me by my first name and said "nothing bad will ever happen to you in Phuket – you have a good heart". Mama-san said to me everyone knows you, you treat everyone well and that many ladies know that you have Goi your number 1 girl. Bargirls paid me no attention anywhere, they smiled but did not even try this farang. Was I becoming part of the furniture, my efforts in learning Thai were paying dividends I even laughed at some of the jokes and comments they made about other farangs.

One afternoon the girls in my drinking bar went quiet when an Austrian came into the bar. Goi was off getting the washing and would see me at the hotel later. The Austrian was a rather nasty piece of work I learnt from listening to the girls, his interests were not for the girls of legitimate age in the bars.

This "man" was the lowest form of life the girls told me in Thai when he left. He looked around the area for new, underage girls in town. Armed with this information and photo I happened to take later I went to the much maligned Thai police and said to them if they did not want to know about him I would through my work on return home inform my colleagues of his dealings.

wonderland clinic

Back to my now Thai girlfriend, Goi the Kampaengphet beauty, 28 years old, mother of one. I paid for her to go to Bangkok to get a passport and that I would take her home in April 2005. Some of Goi's friends had passports and had performed their profession in Singapore and Malaysia.

At the end of my trip I said to Goi I will be back in April 2005 and I want you to go back to the village and wait for my return. I gave her a substantial amount of money, not a fortune and said start a business in Kampaengphet. On studying Thai people I thought a business to keep the family happy would save me money in the long run.

So back to my girlfriend and LOS in April.

Stickman's thoughts:

It gets worse.

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