Stickman Readers' Submissions April 12th, 2004

Random Thoughts Of The Land That Care Forgot

This is in response to most of the articles ever submitted to this website…

He Clinic Bangkok

Unlike most 'submitters', I am a falang female, and have been reading this fabulous website ever since it was online… This is also the first time I am writing.

I love Bangkok, and have spent several years living there. During the day, I worked at a very 'respectable' job (with a multinational advertising agency), and at night, I'd pole dance at a club owned by a friend. I never stripped off, and I never went off with punters, but that's not to say I wasn't as bad, or as good, as the other, loosely termed, 'bargirls'.

I was making more than a comfortable living at my job, and the dancing at a strip-girlie-bar happened by chance. I never made money out of it, I never 'hooked', and I certainly did not sit on men's laps telling them all that they wanted to hear… But deep down within, I was a 'bar-girl', and for one reason only- I loved it! I loved dancing on stage, I loved watching men drool over me, and I loved that though they wanted to, I never was for sale… but most of all, I was addicted to the attention. Even more than that, I loved the companionship of the other girls working the bar.

CBD bangkok

Don't get me wrong… I never was an 'ugly outcast' in my own country… It was just that here, in Bangkok, I could do all the things I'd always wanted to, and I was never, not for one moment, judged for it.

Here are some of the tricks taught at the bars (though, I did not subscribe to most of them):

1. Tell man EXACTLY what he want to hear.

2. Spend some time with man, find out exactly what he wants, and do/give it to/for him.

wonderland clinic

3. Find out, and milk him for all he is worth, 'else you shall be a bar-girl for the rest of your life.

4. The older and fatter the man, the less successful you life will be; The older and fatter his wallet, the more successful… (that's a translation from Thai)

5. If a man is stupid enough to fall for bar-girl, he be stoopid enough for you to milk him to bone.

6. Even if punter marries you, remember, he fall for bar-girl once, he fall for bar-girl again and again.

I just, well, as the title suggests, I thought you boys could do with an insight od sorts…

Also, as a veteran of this website, I'd like to say, that there are some people like Dana, who're constantly being ridiculed and criticized… For god's sake boys, lighten up! Where's your sense of humour??? Or did you lose it with all that you lost to the seductresses of the night, in that Land That Care Forgot????????

Till the next time…

Stickman says:

Gentlemen, make of it what you will.

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