Stickman Readers' Submissions April 13th, 2004

Response To “Still In Shock”

By Me

He Clinic Bangkok

Wow…I don't know what to make of that. I have been to Thailand 5 times and have met a few women, both "good" and "working", and have had some situations that have left me lost as well. One thing I have noticed is they can turn quite suddenly on you.

I always wonder who is writing these things so here is a description of me. I'm a 40 year old man from the USA. I keep myself in great shape, have a boyish look to me so people always think I am much younger. Most people think I'm 30 at most. I'm well travelled and enjoy my freedom.

1) I met a girl that worked at my hotel in Phuket. She actually approached me and later asked ME for my email. We went out once and I never even touched here. I could not stop thinking about her for months, very beautiful, educated, hard working. We stayed in contact and she kept saying how much she missed me when I went home. Then one email she doesn't respond. I still stop by and see her but the switch has been flipped and I never saw a reason for the flip. End result…????

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2) Met a bar girl that was really just a part-timer. She wasn't the normal type just fell into the money end of it…hard to resist for some, I think. We seemed to hit it off. I left and the story became much like yours when I returned three months later…."sick mom" was keeping her from spending time with me. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she was very firm in saying no. Somehow I wonder.

3) I met a girl at Angels at the Nana Hotel that was a part-timer in the bar scene. She had a normal job but would hang out there and go with men if the price was right. She needed the money. On several trips I met up with her and spent some time. She fell for me but I never really fell for her but must say we shared some good times. She told me she loved me and would cry tears bigger than my 4 year old nephew can produce. I never knew what to make of it. Then, on my last trip she said she wanted a baby and wanted me to be the father. At first I said no but she said no strings attached she just wanted a baby and this way she would have a piece of me. I was more concerned with HIV but ended up going for it twice. I have only been able to speak to her once since I left and that was three weeks after we tried. Since then I can not reach her, first her phone was not answering then it went out of service. She may be back home where there is no service for her mobile. It's been 5 months and I want to know. She has my email address but she has not sent anything. Strange thing is I am now having feelings for her, maybe too late. Again, I'm left with only….?????

4) The very first person I met in Thailand was a girl again at Nana Hotel. She told me she didn't really "work the bar" but just found it a good place to meet Farang men and that's what she liked. We spent a week together and I never really gave her much money. We kept in contact and then all of a sudden she disappeared. I found out later there was another Farang guy that she ended up married to. This may be the case with yours. There is another man and she doesn't have it in her to tell you. Much easier to just vanish. One reason I don't date women on the net there or at home is the women get too much attention and they always have a group of men lined up behind you. It's just not natural. The old fashioned way of meeting is better.

5) This is the strange one. I met a true "working girl" one night in Phuket. I saw her at the Tiger Disco and thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She made it clear she was working from the start. I usually don't go for that but she was worth it. I ended up spending a week with her and fell for her a bit. I kept the whole thing in perspective though. Yes, I gave her money but stopped doing so just to see if she truly likes me for anything more. I have seen her on several trips and she has quit the scene now. She calls and text messages me a lot. I could make this a long story but I think she really does care about me. I keep a grip on my feelings though. I've read Stick's site enough to be too dumb.

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6) Different country but same theme. Met a girl from Moldova (former USSR) on the net the same way you met yours. She just came up when I did a local search. I ended up planning a trip to see her but never did. I got scared, thought she was just using me. She ended up marrying an American guy and moved here. When she got to the states she started emailing me again, says she doesn't love the guy she is with. Maybe this behavior is universal…??? Anyways, another example of not trusting women on the net, just too easy for them.

Stickman says:

Interesting what you say about meeting girls online being un-natural. My bet is that this means of meeting women is going to become more popular worldwide, and with it will come the inherent problems. I'm sure it will mean a lot more people will get laid easily.

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