Stickman Readers' Submissions March 9th, 2004

Net Girl: My Story Part 2

Day 2:

I'm awake at 8 am, but she has not moved, so I poke her a few times, but all I get are a few groans and a 'too early'. I go take a shower and go smoke on the balcony, take some pics, and watch UBC. Around 10:30 am the blankets move and she says 'why you take photo of me sleeping?'. I took a picture to try and wake her up. She says I wake up too early and she is a lazy girl that likes to sleep a lot. So she gets dressed and we go to a small restaurant beside the condo and I have tom yum for the first time. It was a little spicy, but I acquired a taste for it and I did not just eat the tail, I went to the eye balls like she showed me. She calls Da who lives in the same building I’m staying in but on the other side of the parking lot. Da was asleep at first, but later joins us to eat, and shows up looking a lot better with nice clothes and makeup on. Pao only wears lipstick because she has acne and breaks out, but her medication works very well and she has no pimples. Da again apologises for how she acted the night before, and I say don't worry there is nothing wrong with having fun and that guy got what he deserved. We eat, talk, and joke around for a while, and we are going to The Fun tonight.

He Clinic Bangkok

Da leaves for work, Pao and I go to her condo where she takes a shower and packs for our trip to Phuket. Everyone says Phuket is great and we will have lots of fun there. Pao has never been there. Now back to my condo for some action, she says we will go to a travel agent at the airport so we can be sure to have a room. I say that I read Stickman a lot and figure we should just show up and find a cheap place, but both of us being newbies we decide on the agent. We go walking around Korat, and back to the mall to do some more shopping, and Pao gets her nails done, and they look really cool. She says she wishes she sold painted nails like that. I go buy her some water while I wait and I’m charged 6 baht, Pao says she pays 5 baht so I’m happy I wasn't ripped off. She tells me how to say thank you because I didn't know (kup um kap or something like that) and says I say it perfectly. I go for a hair cut and wow! The best one I ever had, my head was massaged for 15 mins, then my hair cut, then back for another wash and massage, and then styled. We go to the shop Puk works in to say hi and I meet another girl I saw on the match site, she smiles and says hi. We pass by the bumper cars in the arcade and I say 'look Pao a Thai driving school', she thinks for a second and laughs.

It gets late so we go eat again, and head back to my condo where she gives me my birthday present she bought last month. We get showered and dressed and head to the Fun Factory, Da is right there behind us on her bike (where did she come from?). They buy a bottle of whiskey, the bar is all but empty 'too early'. Off to the pub again and it is packed with the marines and airforce people having their going away party. We eat more and sit with an airforce guy with his Thai g/f. I talk to him and he says those marine guys are assholes. I notice the white women are alone and the guys are either with a Thai girl or other guys. We drink beer and play around, Pao talks to this dark skinned girl that is with the airforce guy, but the girl doesn’t speak the same version of Thai as Pao and friends, Pao says she is a poor girl from up north. We go back to The Fun which is packed, I take some pics and movies of the sexy girls on stage dancing and singing. We move up to the 2nd floor and boogie our asses off. I see Nid and give her a big hug, she is a waitress at the bar and brings us our beer and I tease her a bit, she says she can't stay because her boss is watching. A Thai man that was sitting behind us and watching me dancing with these 2 pretty girls shakes my hand and tries to be friendly. He tries to give me some whiskey I say no thanks and ask Pao if he could be trying to drug me, she says probably not but might be a homo. Nid comes back and gives me a hug and goes over and talks to the Thai guy then brings me a beer and says she told him I don't drink whiskey and he buys me a beer. I thank him and shake is hand and give a big smile. Later he brings a full glass of whiskey over and sets it bye me and says 'I go home', smiles and leaves. Later we say our good-byes, Pao and I go back to the condo. She says her friends like me a lot and are a bit jealous, but say I am a very nice sensitive guy and Pao is very lucky. Da earlier dragged me aside and asked me if I loved Pao and said I better not hurt her.

Day 3:

CBD bangkok

It's up at 6 AM, Pao shuts off the alarm and goes back to sleep because it is very hard for her to wake up early. I poke her and say its 7 AM and she flies out of the bed. We shower and Pao puts the tooth paste on my brush (wow!), and packs my bags for our trip. We check out and take a tuktuk to the bus for BKK then to the airport for our plane to Phuket. We go to the travel agent and she says 10,000 baht for a taxi from the airport and the hotel for 3 days. I whisper in Pao's ear scam, and Pao starts talking to the girl and says 'ok now 5,000 baht ok we go now, I’m a smart girl with money'.

We check our bags, go eat and board the plane, it takes off and Pao grabs my arm tightly for the whole 1.5 hour flight. She has never been in a plane before and was terrified until we landed.

A taxi picks up up and takes us to the Montana Grand Hotel. We go to our room then take a walk to the beach and the first thing we notice are lots of signs saying room 500 baht with a/c. Pao says 'shit! damn travel agent no more, we just show up'. I laugh and say thanks Stick to myself. We look for a place to eat and Pao says all too expensive. We go to a restaurant before all the shops leading to the beach, and order prawn and fried rice, Pao has her spicy food, while waiting Pao starts to groom me. She gets a napkin and cleans the corners of my mouth, wipes my eyes, cleaned my ears, and pops that little blackhead, and asks 'are you ok?' ( hell yeah I’m a king, but uncomfortable). All threw this star treatment a farang girl was sitting at a bar up the street by herself giving me the evil eye. We share our food, she feeds me a bit and the bill is a whooping 600 baht and the rice was only 40 baht, the prawn 150 baht. We get a menu and look closely and notice the small print 1 prawn 150 baht each and I had 4 on my plate. Pao says no tip because they over charge. I says this place is a tourist trap. We go to the beach and are hounded the whole way by people trying to sell us over priced tourist crap and Pao saw something she liked and it was 400 baht so we leave and hit the beach, I drink beer which was still cheap. Some farang women were pretty and were taking their tops off, but no guys would pay any attention to them.

We head back to the hotel before sunset and the vendor did not remember Pao so she asked the price again and it was 250 baht, but still too high. We eat at a different place and go to the hotel and mutually decide that this is not as fun as we were told. Too many farang all over the place and katoeys.

wonderland clinic

Day 4:

Breakfast, and a long walk on the beach, we go check and send our emails and I talk to some Aussies that were having espresso. It was his friend's first trip to Thailand and he couldn't keep his mouth closed. We asked for some good places to go, but of the 10 trips there all he was interested in was hookers in the discos. So we book the James Bond half day tour and go back to a quiet part on the beach to talk alone. Her mom calls 'are you still in Phuket with the farang? You better not be alone with him'. 'No mom I have a friend with me'. She hangs up and says her parents are dinosaurs, and want her to go to the temple with them next week.

Pao says she is 27 years old and hates being treated like a kid, doesn't believe in all that religious crap, and hasn't been to a temple for 2 years. She does not wear a bathing suit and will never wear a bikini or tight clothes like I saw on all the other Thai girls there, instead she wears bright colour pants and a baggy long shirt. The Aussie I was talking to said there is something different about her compared to the other girls he has seen. We sit and talk, she asks if I want another beer, I say its too far away and we can get one later, she says no and gets up. She wades threw waist deep water to the beer stall 1 km away and back, I’m impressed. She comes back wraps my towel around herself and takes her pants off draping them over a rock to dry. She says she knows I love her because of the things I do for her, and likes that I don't constantly say it because it annoys her. She says that she may not say she loves me, but will show it the best way she can by doing. It gets late so we head back for food and go to a restaurant by the Thai boxing ring and bar. The food was good and cheap. We watched the sights and weird people, a lot of old men with young girls going to the disco. Pao says she doesn't know how any girl would want to go out with a man older than her father or grand father. Two Jamaican girls are sitting by us speaking French then a really pretty katoey walks by and one of them yells 'what the hell is that?', 'a katoey, lady boy' I say and the laughter is on. We were both kind of bored because we were tourists and not interested in the night life, but had to get up early for our tour, so off to the hotel after some walking around.

Day 5:

We go for coffee in the hotel lobby while waiting for the tour taxi, and more grooming for me. We take the tour and I recommend it, it is very interesting and a lot of fun. We met some American Thais that thought Pao was Chinese so didn't talk at first. It was a great time for us. I managed to ruin the tour guide's farewell speech by saying 'karaoke!' when he was holding up his big karaoke mic. He laughs then gets ready to say his speech, looks at the mic and laughed so hard he could only say thank you come again. We go back to the hotel. She was not interested in the rubber tree demonstration on the tour because her family owns a rubber tree plantation and its the family business. I thought they were farmers and never brought it up. I also noticed a lot of the other Thais treated her differently, and a lot of them waied her. We go to eat and chat and I ask questions about her education and her life. She tells me she has 3 university degrees, one being in communications witch landed her a job in BKK making 40,000 baht a month, but she quit after 3 week because it was too far from Korat, and she dislikes BKK. So she took a job working in a shop making 6,000 a month, but her family does not know that she is now unemployed, because they would make her work in their office as a secretary which is too close to home for her. So she says to make money she goes and works in a sweat shop for a few days and makes enough to live for the month. <I hate to interject, but this all sounds REALLY far fetchedStick>

It's our last day so we decide to go to a pub for some drinks and a live band. We listen to the band and talk. The bar is a farang bar and is full of them. I'm watching the bar girls work the men and we make a few jokes. Pao calls them low class girls, but most are forced to work to support their families, and they don't care what the girl does as long as they get the money, but some are there for fun and the easy money. She says I seem to know a lot about Thai people for a newbie and I say again that I read Stickman. So I invent the bar girl drinking game to pass the time away for some fun. We bet on how long it takes for I guy to come in alone and then have a girl warming the seat beside him. I win a Shiga with the bet of 4 mins to her 10 mins. then it was how long before the guy leaves with the girl, I say 15 mins and she says 20, I win again and we laugh more. I joke around a bit with our waitress and all of the sudden a farang katoey walks in the bar, the guy was ugly, 6'4 and very manly with a long blond wig on. I grab Pao and the waitress and point to him, both had never seen a farang transvestite before and the waitress takes a laughing fit and runs over to point him out to all the other staff. Her mom calls and Pao flies out of the bar like her ass is on fire and the waitress walks up and stands right behind Pao's chair seeming to guard me from the bad girls. Pao returns and the girl leaves, she said her mom wanted to check on her again and she told her she was in BKK saying goodbye to me, but she heard the music and freaked out. We do some dancing because we are pretty looped up after playing the bar girl game, Pao goes to the toilet and boom the waitress is back guarding her chair until her return. We go because we had to leave early again and I smile at our waitress and she gives me a hug and squeezes my hand and gives a big goodbye smile.

Day 6:

This is my last day in Thailand. We leave Phuket for BKK, and when arrive we go to Khao Sarn Road. The place is packed full of farang backpackers. We go to find a hotel, but all are full so far, and one that had rooms said it is for farang only. We go to a restaurant and I go to get a room myself at a dive. I am given the key to go inspect the room before I decide to take it and tell the guy I want it, and he wants my passport. I tell him my wife has it and I’ll be back. He holds the key for me. We eat and go check in, she has to show her passport as well. I tell her I said she was my wife just in case they say no, she said good idea, and we drop off our bags.

It's Friday and we want to go to the palace so we walk and there are cops all over the place saying its closed for an event today, we walk around to the park and didn't realize it was a Bhuddist holiday, she didn't know, the kids were all flying kites, and we were laying in the grass. A cop walks over and taps me on the shoulder selling me to get up, then her (what’s going on?). We stand up and all the traffic is stopped, the kids are pulling down their kites, Pao's mom calls again, she puts the phone to my ear and I say 'kup mai', Pao freaks and says I’m lucky her mom didn't hear that over all her gabbing. Then a motorcade drives threw and wow its HM The King and The Queen going to the palace for Bhudda day. Pao looks at me and says its a very lucky day for us to be there together at the right time to see this, I took some pics. Then we went to Khao Sarn Road for some shopping, give a few baht to the beggars and the blind singers. We stop to eat before going to the hotel, kids are selling flowers and are showing a card in English saying buy a flower to support my family, I say kupem kap and shake my head, the little girl gets a surprised look on her face and says kupem kaa. I look at Pao and she is smiling and says 'look the monkey speaks and speaks Thai'. The only time I was uncomfortable was walking to the park and everyone was staring at the big monkey holding hands with the small girl. They would make eye contact and stare right in your eyes, I turn my head and they are turning their heads and still staring with no smiles. We go back to the hotel for our last romp in the hey, a shower, and a taxi to the airport. I check in and check my bags, we have some snacks, and go outside to smoke, talk and hug for an hour before my flight, She says 'no be sad, this is not sad time, but happy time, I’m happy and will see you again soon, we had good time together". She gave me one of her gold rings 24 karat gold and very soft, stamped 98.8 percent. It weighs at least 1. 5 ounces or more. It's heavy. She said to get it resized and keep it for her. We walk to immigration and she gets my boarding tax slip for me (what is that all about?) she gives me a kiss, waves and walks away with my passport hehe. I chase her down and our last kiss, then onto the plane home.

I can hardly wait until September when I return for my long visit. She said she will have to teach me more Thai before I can meet her parents and I say 'kup mai' (yes mom).

Stickman says:

When I first started reading this I thought that I would have to pull out the reject stamp, but in the end it was quite interesting because it shows something different, something we don't see in submissions so much, the modern Thai woman who plays the Internet game.

While some things don't quite add up with this girl – especially knowing Korat, it is still a good report nonetheless. Believe me on one thing, the poor girl's mother would be horrified if she knew what she had been up to! Pretty much every mother I have met in Korat is ultra conservative!

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