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Land of Scams. "Let's scam the farang" game. Heard it so many times, seen it so many times on this web site, and now, I get to contribute a couple of stories.

A friend of mine was on expenses for a customer, in Chiang Mai. His hotel was paid for and the hotel offered to provide a Thai massage. Sure, why not? A girl showed up to his room, and after 5 minutes of massage decided that she wanted to fuck with him, and kept insisting for the whole duration of the massage. Being on expenses, my friend didn't want the bill to show the price for this kind of massage and the girl was not that gorgeous either, so he refused and was released when she finally left.

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On the next morning, he finds out that his customer had been presented with a 1500 baths bill for massage, and had to go through a whole mess for an hour with the hotel, the girl swearing they had fucked together. Sweet.

Later on, in Bangkok, he decided to get a girl. Being smart, he left his valet and valuables in the safe, taking only the money he needed for the evening. Sure enough, Bangkok being what it is, he got boozed up and went back to the hotel with a cutie. Spent a good night, but somehow the awakening was a little cold. Yep, really cold. The sweet darling had gone, and with her, his pants, shirt, underwear, shoes, watch, coat. leaving only with the socks. I bet he had a fun time going around, draped in the bed linen! 😉

Yes that says it all. They will scam a farang at every chance they get, won't they?

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Actually no. Here is the point of this article. My pal is Thai. Not farang.

There are scams around, and when you are a farang, it's easy to victimize and say "F. them, they hunt the farang. Not fair." Nope. No, sir! Scam artists hunt ANYONE who gives them half a chance. We need to get rid of this "that's because I am a farang" idea. There is a lot of this type of thinking in different places and it's often wrong. A black guy getting scammed in Pattaya, that's racism. A white guy getting scammed, that's "because he is a farang". Sorry, but most of the times, it's just a scam and has happened because YOU were not careful enough. Unpleasant as it may be, in most cases, you are the one who pulled it in, or didn't see it coming because you were boozed up.

One of my friends has been here since well before I was born (I am not really old, but still…), speaks Thai fluently and runs a few corporations here and there. A few times, some folks tried to steal from him. Bad employees, scam artists. He got evidence, called the police and told them to arrest the guys. They had evidence. They arrested the Thai guys concerned, went to court and the Thai guys were sent to jail. No tea money or anything like that. Just worked the way it is supposed to.

Anyway, my point is, there are scams around. They don't necessarily happen to you "because you are a farang", but mostly because you made the wrong move / decision. And truth be told, I believe there are just as many scams in other countries. For every Thai
scam you can come up with, you will find similar scams or worse back home. Please think about that before you call Thailand the "Land of Scams". It's a nice place around here, nice living, easy going, and that's more then we can say for a lot of places back in the West.

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Like someone else said (forgot who) "Shame on you if you scam me once, shame on me if you scam me twice."

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