Stickman Readers' Submissions February 24th, 2004

Where Did That Thai Woman Go?

This submission is a continuation to the previous ones I sent in studying the personalities of Thai women. You may want to read them before reading this so you would have a background on the characters. They were submitted in two parts on 29/9/2003 and 30/9/2003. This is mostly a curiosity piece as to find out what happens to them, how they have evolved as you get to know them longer and the effect they have on me in my studies of the Thai woman’s behavior. My conclusion is that I am clueless! That is what makes the Thai woman all the more unique. Their unpredictability after I thought I had it figured out is refreshing.

Anne: Is now engaged to the same gentleman who stole her away from me. She still works at the Isetan Department store and I am planning on giving her a wedding present.

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Beth: I cannot get a hold of her as she does not have a working phone number and did not answer any of my emails. I worry about her as she has lost 8 kilos since the last time I saw her. Judging by her behavior the last time I saw her she is very depressed. She still managed to keep a good expression but that is from her talents in marketing and that is only around others. When we were alone she is holding back tears. My sources tell me that she owes a lot of people money.

Carol: Has now taken the stalking role that Suzie used to and calls me at all hours of the day and night. We are still good friends and I saw her in good spirits as she had a Japanese man pay for the nose job (15,000baht) that she has been longing for a long time. Frankly I don’t see any difference. She also seems to be gaining a lot of weight from when I first met her.

Debby: That marriage to the retired Belgian guy apparently did not work out and the bakery I met her in is now a pool hall at Soi San Sabai Phuket. I bumped into a friend of hers and was told that she just hangs out at the Tiger Disco or Taipan Disco getting customers when she can.

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Eve: is apparently back at her Salon at the MBK which complicated everything and now I cannot go there as I was dating her co worker Ginger. I do not really know if she ever did get married and I don?€™t want to stir things up. She is now supposedly one of the better hair stylists instead of just an assistant washing hair.

Fanny: is now working three doors from Eve?€™s Salon as Eve?€™s Salon took over Fanny’s! at the MBK. I still get massages from her and use their facility for facials. Apparently with the gossiping Thai way she knows of my going out with Ginger and is disappointed but is still very Pakwan (sweet mouth) with me as she knows she can get me to buy her dinner or go out to the movies or something. She also has no boyfriend that she is telling me about. As I always asked Stick, why do they lie about that so easily.

Ginger: I have a problem with as she does not trust my interpreter and thinks that she is bad mouthing her to me. I cannot pursue this one in any intelligent way as long as I cannot speak and understand more Thai. Last time I called her she just said Mai Kochai and hung up!

Hillary: Talk about more trouble, she and Ginger are no longer roommates and now she has her own cell phone and that Thai competitive fire in her is at work as she told me she just broke up with her boyfriend from California and is trying to get sympathy from me and unfortunately though I am aware of this, it is working. She deflects any conversation concerning Ginger which is a bad sign as she also just wants to go out alone with me. Double trouble!

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Irene: Finally decided to tie the Knot with her Singapore Boyfriend and has moved permanently to Buriram until he finally sends for her to relocate with him to Singapore. She says she is now a good girl but hints at coming back to Bangkok and spending some time with me to say hello. As friends to say hi and have dinner would be okay with me but the fact that she no longer has her room, where would she stay? I do NOT want to be a bad influence on her as she is already set and I do not specially want to be her second husband! That would be really bad for my karma!

Jenny: has not returned any of my calls but her cell phone number is still working. Irene told me she is doing fine and still hooked up with her English boyfriend who lives and works in Bangkok!

Kathy: Is hard at work at the Isetan Dept. Store. She still hardly speaks any English and I struck a deal with her and offered to be her Ajarn and teach her English if she can be my Ajarn too and teach me Thai! Then I learned that she is being pressured by her parents to marry her former 35-year old Thai boyfriend in Buriram who happens to have a respectable position as a teacher. She tells me that he cheated on her and that is why she does not like him anymore but will still apparently marry him so she can please her parents as she loves them very much and that she is a good girl. So much for Thai culture getting that western influence!

Linda: No one knows what happened to her as she just stopped coming to the Dollhouse and did not even pick up her last check.

Mary: Boyfriend from Hong Kong did not work out (Do they ever?) She told me she has moved back to Buriram and is just helping out her Mom. She has no plans on coming back to Bangkok. She was a bit heavy for a bar girl anyway but is the best cook I ever met and cooked everything from scratch!

Noreen: No longer goes to the Thermae, instead is working on Sukhumvit at the no hands restaurant that just opened near Soi 2 above that pool hall I cannot remember the name.

Oprah: no longer works at Gulliver’s and I assume was 86?ed out of there for her temper but she actually is just a misunderstood girl and we all went out bowling together with her and Noreen. Towards the end of the night she was quite pissed at me and my friend when we were trying to say our goodbyes as we were tired. The trouble with these types is if you don’t take them for the night they feel like they wasted their time. Noreen was a bit more understanding and told me that Oprah can barely get a customer a week. I wonder why! Noreen who is more personable gets an average of 4 a week. And still all Japanese! Oprah just works with Noreen and actually just hangs out downstairs most of the time outside the pool hall! Once in awhile if she is strapped for the rent she says she goes to Soi 7 beer garden. Oprah actually looks way more provocative and seductive than Noreen but seems to have a very negative attitude and drinks and smokes like there is no tomorrow! And I have seen her drunk and she definitely gets very rambunctious!

Paula: Just sold me 30,000baht of Antiques when all I wanted to do was say hello! She is going to show me and my friends around the other way of Thai life which is close to the western snooty way as we will be going to Club 87, Bed supper club and the up scale venues. I always thought those venues make me feel like I never left America as the prices are comparable. I guess I will also meet a bunch of local?€™s hell bent on impressing me with their English language skills. Oh I can?€™t wait to hear about all their business plans as I get pitched left and right on business opportunities.

Quixandra: is rarely at her shop anymore and the one time I spotted her she was a bit distant. Also her eyes looked a bit glazed. Overworked maybe!

Rita: Just returned from her trip in Australia as she has promised to shack up with a 49 year old gentleman who is madly in love with her and wants to whisk her away permanently to Australia. I told her I was very happy for her and she answered me back with a lets get together comment! Together for conversation is all I am hoping for at this point! Somehow I doubt that is all she wants out of the meeting.

Suzie: Is the reason I no longer go to Gogo Bars! I went to her bar in Nana plaza with just the intention of saying hello as I was with friends. I was greeted cordially with "I miss you and you come pay bar now! I said I couldn’t and would try to call her later. She stammers off to dance at the stage and I even bought a few of her friend?€™s drinks. She waves me to go away when I was trying to say goodbye. And when I try to talk to her again she tells me she hates me. I guess because I did not bar fine her. A few days later my attempt to say hello was greeted with a Fuck You and then hung up! I find it so in humane to just go to a bar and bar fine someone when all I wanted to do was say hello and how are you! This is the same girl last year who sent me very flattering text messages. Could it be that she has been working too long after 2 years?

Tina: Is now an administrator at the hospital in Bangkok, tells me her English boyfriend worries her as he is depressive and tried to commit suicide from an overdose of pills. Asks me if her friend who also works at the hospital can meet me as she is depressed too as she just broke up with her Thai boyfriend. I just wondered since when did I become a psychiatrist? I am not qualified for this! Obviously its nothing but a set up!

Uma: I have no idea on how to get a hold of her as she never gave me a cell phone number!

Vicky: Internet business is just doing fine and no changes to report on.

Wendy: I was just on her dive boat and she makes comments like her boyfriend is not handsome and does not want to marry her unless she converts to becoming a Jew. He is from Israel. I do have a crush on her. But I just leave it at that!

Xiomara: My Thai Masseuse is very vulnerable to my advances and flirtatious behavior. She is a very good person and sincere friend so I no longer tease her as I do not want her to take it so seriously and then get myself in trouble leading her on when all I want is a really good Thai massage! She still works at one of those foot and Thai massage places at Ambassador Square, 6 days a week from 10am till midnight!

Yolanda: My travel agent in Phuket no longer works there and I cannot locate her or her co-workers as the travel agency has closed down! It seems like there is a lot of turnover in businesses in Patong.

Zima: My trusted interpreter is a godsend but sometimes can complicate things when others I meet suspect her of sabotaging my efforts to get closer to them. I don’t know if its only in their heads or if it is true. The nuances of the Thai language are still a long way from my grasp of comprehension and understanding.

Stickman says:

It is a brave man who maintains contact with 26 Thai women. Hell, one can be enough to give you a killer headache.

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